Nintendo finally reveals the Switch console


Exactly… although I haven’t had any issues connecting yet. I haven’t really tried to do much online content (I just picked up FAST RMX)

Now though, I’ve found the weak ass connection the joy-con controllers have. I put my switch right behind my TV on my table (since I can’t lay it flat. . … that’s another whole gripe) But I can’t play from my couch 8 feed away with the Joy-Con’s with the console behind my TV. Kinda annoying. and forces me to put the console in a not ideal location.

So both the wifi and the bluetooth(?) connection of the joy-con’s appear to be pretty frickin weak sauce.


Nintendo knew all this ahead of time. Doesn’t that make you all kinda mad? Because let’s be honest, if you have most of these issues and Nintendo won’t keep replacing Switch units, you are paying insane gobs of money to keep buying stuff aftermarket or propads or workarounds etc. honestly it just seems insane. And some of it is simply greed on a level I didn’t realize Nintendo had in them. I’ve heard Zelda is great, but yikes that is a lot of bull crap to have to put up with and generally Nintendo is throwing your money in the trash every time you reach for Amazon to try and make one more defect right.


Anyone thought about testing out the region-free?

Disgaea 5 Complete doesn’t launch until May in the West for some reason (localisation would have already been done for the PS4 version) but has English text and voice support:


yes and no… I mean I don’t plan on going that far from a wifi connection - I gave Fast RMX online a try and didn’t see any issues (although I’m really bad at it)

In terms of the joycon’s not connecting. That was solved by moving the base system next to the TV instead of behind it. I do wish I could lay it flat though :/


What’s stopping you? Just load it in the dock like its an nes cartridge.


Gamestop is getting a large enough stock in on Wednesday that they’re advertising it and bumping up trade values on a few consoles.


FYI, they also have some other good stuff, like 50% bonus on all tech trades and up to $50 extra on any iPod or iPad. Looks like my iPad 4 is worth 120-130 with the bonus.


Is that $150 for a 3DS trade-in? That’s really tempting if true. I bought a 3DS last Christmas and while I really like it (and it’s massive back catalogue), half off to upgrade to what would basically be an HD handheld replacement is very tempting. My only issue is that the only game I’m interested in for at the next 6 months is Zelda and I’m already 10 hours in on my Wii U.


Note the switch is NOT a 3DS replacement - I wouldn’t do it, if I were you.


Has Been Heroes has my attention as does Binding of Issac. I think the Switch might turn out to be a pretty cool indy portable/tv hybrid machine. The Nintendo titles are bonus.


Well it’s not NOW, but isn’t this going to be their handheld of choice going forward? I thought I read somewhere they were pretty much done making 3DS games now


Nintendo stated this is not a 3DS replacement, I’m not just pulling that out of thin air. The handheld part only has a few hours of battery life, for one thing. This is a console first, a hand held second, from what I have been able to gather.


Hmm ok yeah that does not sound like a replacement. I guess I’ll be keeping my money for now.


It may be a handheld replacement someday. Scott’s right that they’ve said that’s not the plan, but plans can change, or maybe they’re just being cagey about admitting to it. Because if that’s their plan down the road, it’s still in their best interest to not tip their hand while they’re trying to sell 3DS’s until they’re really ready to position the Switch as the replacement.

But yeah, I definitely wouldn’t gamble on that this early. I just wouldn’t rule it out for the future. We also still don’t know what the Virtual Console landscape will look like. One would hope the VC will at least match the capabilities and library of the 3DS, but again—better to be certain before pulling the trigger if that’s what you want it for most.


Nintendo also stated the DS wasn’t a GBA replacement – if the Switch catches on they’ll quietly sunset the 3DS. Looking at the announced upcoming 3DS lineup, that looks like a system that they’re about to move on from.


Beat me to it. Nintendo is not above “expectation management” statements that allow them to move forward or back out as they see fit.


Really the only reason I was considering it is because I don’t really use my 3DS outside the home. I don’t have a commute, I don’t really travel for work (at least right now) so all of my handheld time is at home (which honestly between Zelda, H:ZD, Nier, etc my 3DS is kind of forgotten at the moment). I figured the switch would be a great way to play while the wife is using the tv but again all I would be playing is Zelda at least until the holidays so I might as well wait until then.


Yep, they famously claimed that the DS would be the “third pillar” of their lineup. Their focus is clearly on the Switch going forward, but they’ll let the 3DS ride out whatever portion of its long tail remains before pulling the plug on it. Especially since the Switch is priced well out of their normal handheld range. I wouldn’t be surprised to see a $180 Switch Mini in a year or two that’s more like a traditional portable.


Thing I didn’t expect:

I’m loving Zelda (on my Wii U) so much that I’m now more excited to buy a Switch, not less, because I can’t wait to play this game again in a different form factor. I’ve literally never done that with an open-world game of any sort before, and certainly nothing that I’ve spent 55+ hours with.


If Switch continues to do as well as it has, I would not at all be surprised to see a quiet sunset on 3DS development with many titles being available on both Switch and 3DS. Then later on see cheaper portable only version of the Switch (like the 2DS) that runs the same software as the Switch. Or something like that. But, I doubt we will know or have hints one way or the other for a very long time.