Nintendo finally reveals the Switch console


Really the only reason I was considering it is because I don’t really use my 3DS outside the home. I don’t have a commute, I don’t really travel for work (at least right now) so all of my handheld time is at home (which honestly between Zelda, H:ZD, Nier, etc my 3DS is kind of forgotten at the moment). I figured the switch would be a great way to play while the wife is using the tv but again all I would be playing is Zelda at least until the holidays so I might as well wait until then.


Yep, they famously claimed that the DS would be the “third pillar” of their lineup. Their focus is clearly on the Switch going forward, but they’ll let the 3DS ride out whatever portion of its long tail remains before pulling the plug on it. Especially since the Switch is priced well out of their normal handheld range. I wouldn’t be surprised to see a $180 Switch Mini in a year or two that’s more like a traditional portable.


Thing I didn’t expect:

I’m loving Zelda (on my Wii U) so much that I’m now more excited to buy a Switch, not less, because I can’t wait to play this game again in a different form factor. I’ve literally never done that with an open-world game of any sort before, and certainly nothing that I’ve spent 55+ hours with.


If Switch continues to do as well as it has, I would not at all be surprised to see a quiet sunset on 3DS development with many titles being available on both Switch and 3DS. Then later on see cheaper portable only version of the Switch (like the 2DS) that runs the same software as the Switch. Or something like that. But, I doubt we will know or have hints one way or the other for a very long time.


I was really torn on whether to buy a Switch. I have a WiiU. And as you know, LMN8R, I have some issues with Zelda BotW. That said, I am enjoying that I can quickly and seamlessly transition to portable mode so that I can check out what is beyond that rise when on my lunch break, or from bed. And then come right back to surround sound TV binge mode later on (in seconds by the way as the console just goes to sleep mode). Zelda is a pretty good title for this with its endless, “huh, I wonder what is over there…” stuff.

I would never get rid of my PC or PS4. They have different roles. But damn if I don’t really like the Switch and its niche as well. It is a sexy piece of hardware filling a need that I only kind of knew I had. Also, if a title runs just as well on PC, PS4, and Switch, I absolutely would preference the Switch for the purchase. The hybrid factor is pretty darn awesome.


they really need the games coming out later (splatoon 2, mario) to big a huge hit with the switch base they have… if any of those flop, I don’t see it overtaking anything…


Not two words you usually see in the same sentence… :)

For some reason I’m kind of keen on picking up Stardew Valley when it releases on Switch, even though I own it on PC and didn’t play a hell of a lot. It’s not something I’d consider buying again on the PS4. It feels like the genre coming home to portable!


Mario Kart 8 is up next and it’s one of the best iterations of the series “fixed” by adding a much more extensive battle mode. I think that’s a solid addition to keep people excited about Switch.

Splatoon 2 is playable this coming weekend. Be sure to download the testfire now so you’re ready!

Also, cool ARMS video today showing how the different characters play. That’s a game I’m excited to play.


Secret of Mana on the Switch… might actually get me to buy one.


I’m curious to see what makes Splatoon 2, Splatoon 2, compared to Mario Kart 8, which is just “deluxe”.

Splatoon came out a year after Mario Kart 8, so it’s confusing why Splatoon is getting a numbered sequel, while Mario Kart is getting a re-release despite being a year older.


Can you read Japanese? Because there’s a pretty low chance that gets localized.

MK8 contains no new tracks, though it does have an expanded battle mode and the ability to hold two weapons in normal races. Still, it’s definitely not a sequel. It’s like a goty edition.

Splatoon 2 contains new maps, weapons, LAN play, spectator mode, new character customization and a revamped interface. It’s a new game.


Well we don’t know that for sure. Can I read it… not enough to game in it. I bet I remember the original one (SNES) enough to get by though. It’s mostly symbols.


Seiken Densetsu 3 was never officially translated so it’s highly unlikely this release will come west. They could license the fan translation, I suppose.


Legend of Mana was… but in any case, I thought it would be worthwhile to post this here because I am interested in the series, but nothing has been like the original.


LAN play? People are going to be wiring up their switches, GBA style?


Correct. There’s a Switch USB-Ethernet adapter, and Splatoon 2 supports up to 10 offline LAN connections over Ethernet.


Or, you know, over wifi.


Well that’s supported too, obviously. But I believe offline LAN adds e-sports cred.


I get the content, I just don’t get the timeline. Like, why did they have the time to create a brand new Splatoon game in two years, but all they can do is expand a couple of modes and such for a three-year-old game?

I hope at least that Splatoon 2 has a new single-player campaign. That was the most surprisingly great part of the first.


The obvious answer would be that they’ve been iterating on Mario Kart for a quarter of a century, and they probably have the mechanics right where they want them. But Splatoon was their first stab at a new concept, and there is probably a lot more low-hanging fruit they could see to improve on.