Nintendo finally reveals the Switch console


Seeing how many people are complaining of this issue on the Nintendo forums gives me hope that they will be able to patch in a fix.


I have used a unit very similar to that one and you might benefit from changing the port order of the devices. Mine allowed a higher priority port to take over the HDMI from a lower one when powered up, so switching the order might make a difference for you.


Dumb question - is there a place not on the system to see all and only Switch eShop releases (preferably EU)? The website is terrible, and the only official list of all releases I can see is cross platform.

This filterable page of games purports to let you select a release date range, but it doesn’t actually work.


So I might have celebrated the closing for the sale of my house by buying a Switch.

Gamestop only had bundles, which was fine because the zelda bundle had everything I was going to buy anyway. Only shady thing is they had a sign that said “Switch now in stock” but it’s in stock at the warehouse, so I have to wait for it to ship to me, but oh well.


Minus the HDMI switcher thing, I have been very happy. I just played some Disgaea 5 demo at lunch today. The screen was so crisp and detailed even while in fairly notable sunlight. Most portable consoles dissappoint me quickly. This one has done the opposite. I think that is because it is not really a portable, but rather a hybrid. I think you made a good move. Enjoy. :)


Wow. So glad I don’t have a Switch. What an unmitigated disaster.


I can’t tell if you are serious. It’s an irritation that I liken to the 9.0 iOS patch that broke the sleep on case closing feature on my iPad. It was eventually patched back. I am assuming the Switch will see the same quiet patch fix at some point. Which is way easier than the alternate reality of not having enjoyed the Switch for the last few months. Or not be able to play Disgaea on it next week. Or Play the Arms beta next weekend. Etc. It is a cool little machine. If a super light sleeper.


Nah, not serious.


I was almost certainly going to buy this, but after trying the demo I’m not sure…

It looks nice and crisp on the handheld, but comparing it to the PS4 when docked it doesn’t seem to scale to 1080p. Much blurrier. Also when in either mode, the scrolling is not smooth, it stutters constantly. :(


That’s really odd - I’ve been playing the demo all day and it’s been really, really smoth - no stuttering. I haven’t tried it docked on my TV yet though, I’ll do so just to see how it holds up.


It’s particularly noticeable to me when walking around the pocket netherworld map, in either mode. Perhaps it’s the EU vs the US version? Are the versions different?

My version has English and French language support.


Not sure - but when I was playing on the hand held I was in the pocket dimension and it felt like 60 fps to me. I’m docked on my 49" Samsung 4K TV now and it looks real, real good - I was kind of surprised, honestly - the art and such is scaling quite well. I’ll try to wrap up this fight and test performance in the pocket dimension on the TV.


I didn’t notice any stuttering on mobile either, but have not tried on the TV. I went ahead and preordered from Amazon, so I hope I won’t regret it.


Yeah, it looked good to me on the TV, and the pocket dimension ran the same for me, so not sure what that might have been. I have up until now put 2 hours out of 2.1 hours into it undocked with no problems.


You are liking it, I take it? I played around with it and was a bit put off by the over the top anime/characters, but bought it because it seems like it could be deep and fun.


I 1,000% agree this this. I also find the “zany” a little bit much, but I did grin at some of the dialog and I’m enjoying some of the story elements, and the actual combat and mechanics seem like they could really engage me for hours and hours, so I figured, let’s go for it. Plus, it’s kind of a cool game I think for the Switch’s handheld.


I find these kinds of comments … super-reckless! The aesthetic and zaniness are an acquired taste but before long you’ll find the characters and dialogue quite endearing. :)

Anyway, the performance issue, maybe you guys aren’t sensitive to it. I know I’m overly sensitive. But there is some mention of performance issues in some reviews:

There’s also a small performance issue where there is some minor stutter when you walk around the hub world.

Aaaanyway, it’s a great game with lots of systems and content and I’d snap it up without a second thought if I didn’t already have the PS4 version, and it looked as good docked. I still may get it for the portability.

Tom played a bunch on PS4 and live-streamed it a few months back btw:


That stream is why I put it on my wishlist (originally the PS4 version, of course) on Amazon, but I’m glad I held off because while I’m sure it’s fun on the PS4, I love the idea of taking this to the couch while I watch TV or on a trip, or even just on the back porch when the evenings get warm. SRGP’s on a hand held are the dream, man.

I am generally pretty sensitive to hitching and stuttering myself, and i just haven’t experienced any yet. Considering the hardware is the exact same, it could just be that I haven’t experienced it yet but if it’s going to be that rare I don’t think I’ll mind much. And it really did look amazing on my TV at whatever resolution it’s playing at docked, so I’ll probably play on the TV quite a lot as well.

I wrapped up the demo and enjoyed it quite a bit more than I had assumed. Enough that I pre-ordered it anyway. I read that I can import my demo save into the full game, which is (edit - NOT TRUE).


Unlikely, as it struck me almost immediately (I skipped past the intro stuff and into the hub), and consistently. Like it drops a frame every couple of seconds while you’re walking around. A frame-pacing thing. I’ve seen it reported in a few different places now.

I wrapped up the demo and enjoyed it quite a bit more than I had assumed. Enough that I pre-ordered it anyway.

Excellent! :)


Oh man, I just came here because it turns out I was reading a thread on GameFAQs talking about the PS4 game. I did more research and it sounds like it was confirmed via Twitter the Switch demo does NOT carry over. I updated my original comment about that.

The demo does not seem to carry over, so you’ll have to redo the first 90 minutes or so of the game, FYI to everyone.