Nintendo finally reveals the Switch console


I didn’t notice any stuttering on mobile either, but have not tried on the TV. I went ahead and preordered from Amazon, so I hope I won’t regret it.


Yeah, it looked good to me on the TV, and the pocket dimension ran the same for me, so not sure what that might have been. I have up until now put 2 hours out of 2.1 hours into it undocked with no problems.


You are liking it, I take it? I played around with it and was a bit put off by the over the top anime/characters, but bought it because it seems like it could be deep and fun.


I 1,000% agree this this. I also find the “zany” a little bit much, but I did grin at some of the dialog and I’m enjoying some of the story elements, and the actual combat and mechanics seem like they could really engage me for hours and hours, so I figured, let’s go for it. Plus, it’s kind of a cool game I think for the Switch’s handheld.


I find these kinds of comments … super-reckless! The aesthetic and zaniness are an acquired taste but before long you’ll find the characters and dialogue quite endearing. :)

Anyway, the performance issue, maybe you guys aren’t sensitive to it. I know I’m overly sensitive. But there is some mention of performance issues in some reviews:

There’s also a small performance issue where there is some minor stutter when you walk around the hub world.

Aaaanyway, it’s a great game with lots of systems and content and I’d snap it up without a second thought if I didn’t already have the PS4 version, and it looked as good docked. I still may get it for the portability.

Tom played a bunch on PS4 and live-streamed it a few months back btw:


That stream is why I put it on my wishlist (originally the PS4 version, of course) on Amazon, but I’m glad I held off because while I’m sure it’s fun on the PS4, I love the idea of taking this to the couch while I watch TV or on a trip, or even just on the back porch when the evenings get warm. SRGP’s on a hand held are the dream, man.

I am generally pretty sensitive to hitching and stuttering myself, and i just haven’t experienced any yet. Considering the hardware is the exact same, it could just be that I haven’t experienced it yet but if it’s going to be that rare I don’t think I’ll mind much. And it really did look amazing on my TV at whatever resolution it’s playing at docked, so I’ll probably play on the TV quite a lot as well.

I wrapped up the demo and enjoyed it quite a bit more than I had assumed. Enough that I pre-ordered it anyway. I read that I can import my demo save into the full game, which is (edit - NOT TRUE).


Unlikely, as it struck me almost immediately (I skipped past the intro stuff and into the hub), and consistently. Like it drops a frame every couple of seconds while you’re walking around. A frame-pacing thing. I’ve seen it reported in a few different places now.

I wrapped up the demo and enjoyed it quite a bit more than I had assumed. Enough that I pre-ordered it anyway.

Excellent! :)


Oh man, I just came here because it turns out I was reading a thread on GameFAQs talking about the PS4 game. I did more research and it sounds like it was confirmed via Twitter the Switch demo does NOT carry over. I updated my original comment about that.

The demo does not seem to carry over, so you’ll have to redo the first 90 minutes or so of the game, FYI to everyone.


Ah well, looks like the demo wasn’t tooo long anyway, if you only just met Red Magnus.


Let me give you guys new to Disgaea 5 a bit of advice from my experience with it on PS4. I gather the Switch version has all the original DLC content in it. That comes with characters who can overpower quite a lot of the story content. When I started out, I found myself using characters like Laharl and Flonne as a crutch, letting me squeak through fights I shouldn’t have been winning.

Don’t do that. Things got a lot better for me when I decided to double down on the core story characters. They have abilities that are tied into the progression , and if they’re underleveled because you’ve been using DLC characters instead, you’re going to miss out on some of the best moments in the story.


How will we know core story characters from the DLC ones?


Running off for lunch, but real quick. Story characters are: Killia, Seraphina, Usalia, Red Magnus, Christo, Zeroken.

My recollections are that the story missions are all numbered (“Chapter X: blah-blah-blah”), and unlock in sequence as you beat the previous one. The DLC missions are initially all unlocked, but have a different name pattern. Some DLC characters are initially unlocked as well.

Note that I’m not saying not to do the DLC stuff or even experiment with those characters. But make sure you have the story characters as part of your main team throughout the story. Once it’s done, use whoever you’d like.


Oh, one other thing, for anyone new to Disgaea. If you find something that looks like an exploit, use it. I guarantee you, that’s part of how the game is balanced.

For example, contiguous characters on the map can join in for a powerful team attack against an enemy. But having participated in the team attack isn’t necessarily the end of their actions in the turn. Try moving a character behind another, having the one in front attack, then canceling the first character’s movement. Then move him somewhere else and repeat.


Yeah. Besides really corny anime quips, Disgaea is a franchise basically about “breaking” the game. It is meant to be exploited if you can even call it exploiting. This is part of why the campaign stuff seems to fall apart as easy in these games. That part of the game seems to mostly give direction as you progress through breaking new systems. This is why some say things like “the story is the tutorial.” However, the game also gives you the tools to counter push your breaking by really upping the difficulty in other ways.

It’s all meaty fun as you find rabbit hole after rabbit hole to level up or change everything. Come for the “dood”, stay for enslaving one more accountant inside your 200 level epic dungeon of bubble gum.


So I guess Amazon doesn’t do the available on release day for console games? Order for Disgaea still shows that the ship date as unknown.


They definitely do - I’ve done it at least half a dozen times (most recently, Persona 5). Must be something else weird going on with Disgaea.


I’ve started playing Shovel Knight with my son. What a great game. It’s like Megaman with knights.

I’m really loving the Switch. I haven’t touched my Xbox One since we got it. Someone needs to refresh that gif of Miyamoto laughing with a DS printing money to have a Switch printing money.

EDIT: Thanks Internet!


The last few times I ordered from Amazon they didn’t get as much quantity in as they had been told they would. I’d open a ticket with them and find out where your order is at. I recently had this happen with Injustice 2 and they moved the shipping estimate out to mid-June to early-July. :(


Yeah, something is up with Amazon under-ordering new releases.The only way to not get bit by it is to order early as they do seem to fill the pre-orders based on when they were submitted. Everything I ordered really early I got as release date delivery and anything I decided to order within a couple weeks of launch hasn’t made it on release day.

My ARMS order is already submitted. I need to put one in for Splatoon 2 too.


So, I spent a bit of time with the Disgaea 5 demo on PS4 and the Switch last night comparing them. I mostly had the Switch in hand held comparing directly at the same time to the TV of PS4, but I compared docked to PS4 too. I focused on th pocket world town and the first combat.

I really didn’t see anything. The PS4 maybe felt (not looked) smoother at first, but then I used the pro controller and decided it was the difference in thumbsticks. I focused on watching the planets rotate around the fountain as I moved. I dunno, I’m not seeing it. But I’m not 4K either. While it is probably TV calibration, the Switch screen looked better.

And as a handheld/ tv hybrid, this game will shine. I can’t decide if I should get it now and dive down the 100s of hours rabbit hole or wait for Injustice 2 to simmer a bit as I’m really digging that game for its rabbit holes.