Nintendo finally reveals the Switch console


Keep your eye on the cheaper Nintendo Shop stuff…some really good games there, and just going to get better. Also, Mario Kart Deluxe is great stuff, and I say that even having played tons of Mario Kart (and Mario Kart 8 on WiiU) over the years.


I think this new one has the potential to be something really special… we’ll know for sure in only a few short days! :)

But so far - 10 from Edge, 39/40 from Famitsu, a return to the open style of Mario Sunshine, a technical marvel (up to 1080p @ 60hz docked), and from what we’ve seen it’s chock full of character and imagination!


I’m not generally a fan of the Mario games, but I have enjoyed watching some video of Odyssey. Each area has its own self-contained little puzzles, which I like. Yeah there’s some platforming stuff, but the overall impression is more of an adventure game with platforming elements than a platforming game to me (a positive in my book)


I share the same feelings, Misguided. Typically, the Mario platformers are not something I get very excited about, despite the games being extremely well executed. After watching some videos of Odyssey, and seeing that in addition to new abilities, like the Dishonored-style mechanic that lets you possess creatures and inanimate objects, there’s a significant amount of hub-based exploration rather than just discrete levels, I’ve decided to give it a shot.


Cool. I will be particularly interested to hear impressions from someone that isn’t a big platforming fan. It’s not something I’m planning to pick up at launch, but will definitely keep an eye on it.


This is out on Switch in 3 weeks:

Dungeon Master style game. Apparently short with not much story but could be worth a look. There’ll be a demo out soon too. Interesting to see how they do the UI.


I feel like we should have a new thread for the Nintendo Switch now that it’s available, but in the interest of thread consolidation, I’ll put this here…

Yup… “Whoo!” says it all!

That sure looks like the Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE engine which is pretty great. Looking forward to it!


Maybe we can do a 2018 thread when the time comes.

This is no big surprise, but I’m glad to see Atlus following through on Switch support, and I hope it does well for them because I really like Atlus’s weirder back-bench titles. I am kind of assuming that the eventual “Golden” release of Persona 5 will show up on the Switch, since there isn’t a viable PSP / Vita alternative, but that’s a long way off. (Now, the question is: will they port TMS #FE as practice?)

I stalled out on SMT4 somewhere between forgetting to save and losing progress, fusion analysis paralysis, and putting it down until I forgot what I was supposed to be doing, (aka, the way I always stall out on SMT games.) I’d probably play another Devil Survivor / SRPG, but I’m not entirely sure I’ll play SMT 5.

I wonder if they’re using the same models from persona 5, since I think that’s the first time they had them in full 3d? I assumed they were doing the work up-front to be leveraged in future games.


I think 2018 make sense, or when they run the Nintendo Direct for the beginning of 2018 in December. I think that’s how it went last year with the Switch reveal?

And yeah, they have a lot of 3D assets now in HD that they can use for this one. TMS #FE seems like it should get a second chance, but it just might be too niche to bring it over. I didn’t finish it, but I loved what I played of that. It’s so much goofy fun.


Switch exclusive! Like the 3DS games were exclusives I guess. It’s been over 10 years since the series was last on a big screen - now we need a release date… :)

Well, since they teased a HD 25th anniversary SMT Switch game back in January, no it’s not a huge surprise. :)


I did not know this was a thing and had to look it up to see what you guys were talking about. I might have bought a Wii U just to play that.


Omg! You still should! It’s beautiful, and crazy, and yet as hardcore as it gets when it comes to the dungeon crawling combat! One of my favorite Wii U games. The music is super too.


Eeehhhh…agree to disagree. (I enjoyed the performed J-pop songs, but felt that much of the generic background music was just that.)

But I do agree that the combat is really good, and puts a very welcome new twist on the SMT-weaknesses systems. I have a save right at the end boss but have never bothered to actually finish it.


Hah! That was me with Wizardry…8? There are multiple games where I didn’t want the experience to end so much that I simply never finished. They don’t call me Misguided for nothing, I suppose


It’s usually more of a weird inverted completionist thing for me.

  • if I beat the game, I know I’ll never come back to it
  • but, I kind of want to maybe get more side quests or unlocks, or whatever
  • so, I stop at the point of no return (or the final boss) and just never get any farther

I have a Breath of The Wild save in this exact place as well. I don’t really want to 100% all the shrines…but I don’t want to beat the game, because I kind of want to beat all the shrines…and i know that once i see the end cutscene I will never open the game again …so I just never beat the game.


The v4.0.0 update that keeps on giving…


Too bad I traded in my wavebirds with the Wii years ago.


Excellent, and hope that is indeed sign of impending VC of some kind … but really the only part of 4.0.0 that I’m immediately concerned with is this:

A pre-purchase option will be available for certain games. This option allows pre-load of the game to your system for quicker play when the game is released.

and specifically in how soon that applies to Mario Odyssey. Come on! :)

*is it normal to be firing up eShop and checking every few hours?


I’d say that Gamecube controller support is more likely to imply an upcoming (re-)release of Smash Bros. for Switch than it does Virtual Console. My guess is a Mario Kart 8-like Deluxe version.


That’d be a nice Christmas surprise gift.