Nintendo finally reveals the Switch console


Yep. Black Flag came out for both the previous generation and this one, so I think it would be a good one to port over.


If games are being built with UE4 or Unity, there’s no reason what you are suggesting willl necessarily be the case, at least once all the kinks are worked out with those (some games have been delayed). If they use their own engines, they probably won’t make it to switch.


The Switch became the fastest-selling console in Nintendo’s history just about a month after it launched, and it’s showing no signs of slowing down. Nintendo’s flagship console was the number one selling video game hardware device in October, according to new figures from NPD Group, a market research firm that tracks U.S. video game sales.

Between the Nintendo Switch, Super Nintendo Entertainment System [SNES] Classic, and the company’s line of 3DS handheld devices, Nintendo accounted for two-thirds of all video game hardware sold in the U.S. for the second month in a row. The news also comes just after Nintendo announced that it expects to sell 14 million Switch units by the end of March 2018, which is up from their initial estimate of 10 million units.


Well I finally convinced the wife and picked one up at Target last night. It’s for Christmas so I won’t get to try anything out for a while but I was just glad I talked her into it her while I could still find one easily. Now to load up on some Black Friday game deals and we’ll be having a Merry Nintendo Xmas at my house.


You’ll want to wait for the turn based Fire Emblem coming in 2018 (I think). This one is more of a shootemup than a strategy game, it’s just using the Fire Emblem characters. I played the last turn based Fire Emblem game for the 3DS about 5 million hours, and I would think the upcoming edition will be up your alley.


Valkyria Chronicles 4 next year. Will also be available on those other consoles. :)


Ah yes, posted that in our VC4, but not quite thread.

Switch is the perfect system for this.



Does anyone know how much it ties to VC3, since that one was never released in the West? And I don’t suppose they ever revised the end-of-battle ranking system to be less based on completion speed?


It apparently takes place in the same timeframe as the original game, but with a different group of characters. The trailer just seemed like random snippets cut together for no particular reason, so hard to get much sense from that.


VC3 was based on a “black ops” type squadron, so it by its nature is sort of isolated, and this is unlikely to have any direct connections, other than probably a mission or two crossing paths with the events of the other games. All 3 games have been more or less self-contained (VC2 being set at an academy after the war ended), with characters from other games being involved mainly as cameos.

It’s been a while since I played VC3, but IIRC, they kept more or less the same grading mechanisms, but they did fix the super-scout problem (by making Orders more expensive, I think, and increasing the AP hit for repeated actions). However, based on the limitations of the PSP, they introduced other min-max-ing problems (teleporting snipers between bases).


We are getting a Switch for my son (and me) for Christmas. I am seeing them in stock at various stores around here. Has anyone read anything about the stock situation for Christmas? Do you think it will be harder to find after Black Friday?


There aren’t really any specials on them for Black Friday, but I predict it’s going to be a HUGELY popular gift. Whether that causes stock issues or not, it’s hard to say. But if you’re planning on getting one and you have room in your budget, I’d pick one up this week.


Since the price isn’t going to change between now and Christmas, your best bet is to purchase ASAP. If you wait, you’re tempting fate on stocking problems as they get closer to the holidays.


Oh, wow. One step forward, one step back?

So would you say VC3 was an improvement over VC2, even with the PSP limitations? It would be nice to know that they’re headed in the right direction, even if there were some additional missteps in VC3.


Even though you’ve been able to walk in and pick up a Switch for a local store for a while now, my experience is that there still aren’t a ton in stock. I generally see 2-4 on the shelves when I visit. So to echo Sadley and Dave, I would get one before Friday just to be safe.


I think it’s also notable that this IS a portable to a lot of folks. Some people will buy more than one. I know that sounds crazy, but when you have two or more children, depending on your level of affluence, it does make sense to buy a second machine. That’s going to drive sales over the short and long term in ways we haven’t seen with consoles before IMO.


Saw this earlier in the week:

Sumer, the game of divine strategy, is coming to the Nintendo Switch console.

Sumer is a digital board game for up to 4 players. As Sumerian nobles, you’ll compete with your friends to best please the goddess Inanna and be crowned the first-ever ruler of ancient Mesopotamia.

With its fast-paced, real-time platforming, Sumer puts a twist on classic board game concepts like worker placement and competitive auctions as you rush for resources during simultaneous turns. You’ll be challenged to plan strategically, execute skillfully, and adapt to opponents on the fly. And, with the portability of the Nintendo Switch console, setup is now quick and convenient!

Sumer will be available in the Nintendo eShop on the Nintendo Switch console this Winter. Following its initial release, Sumer will receive a series of free updates throughout 2018, including online multiplayer.

Tom reviewed it earlier in the year although I’m not sure whether he played it against other people. That’s where it really shines to be honest. I suspect with this announcement it will be leaving Early Access soon.

My friend and I also covered it in our local multiplayer YouTube series Side by Side. That’s one of our most recent episodes and probably our favourite in the entire series too so thought I’d share it.


Just saw this interesting graph over at ResetEra… here’s the thread/post it came from. Username jariw for the credit.

I would love to see some breakdowns for all the consoles on this sort of thing.


Personally, I feel it’s been steady steps forward. VC3 was better than VC2 in every way that I can think of. The teleporting problem was introduced in VC2 and wasn’t entirely fixed in VC3, but I don’t think there was an easy fix for it given the limitations of the PSP and the core design.

(Long version: The PSP didn’t have enough memory to render large battlefields, so each battle was split into multiple small sub-maps. In order to make this work, you could extract units that were in a base from a sub-map for free. Deploying is also free (although you take the turn with the character deployed).

So, there’s a degenerate solution to use 1 unit to knock all enemy units out of a base, capture the base, and then deploy a sniper / stormtrooper from that base in the same turn, basically teleporting them behind enemy lines and ignoring AP movement limitations. The sniper could then take as many shots as he had ammo. However, this feature was actually important for strategy on some maps so it would be difficult for them to have nerfed it significantly. (Some camps were connected so capturing a camp on one sub-map also captured the linked camp in the other sub-map. So, they couldn’t penalize extraction / deployment too much or those maps would break).

They did mitigate this somewhat from 2 to 3. I think they increased the buff imparted by crouching behind barricades, which made it slightly harder to dislodge an enemy. I also think that crouching enemies couldn’t be dislodged by grenades, they took one turn to just destroy the barricade and stand up.)


Wow, I played most of VC2, and I don’t recall using teleporting snipers. I wonder if it didn’t occur to me. :)

Glad to hear you think they’re taking steps in the right direction. Having the scope and beauty of the first VC with the portability of VC2 sounds irresistible.