Nintendo finally reveals the Switch console


I’m not either. No idea what makes one eligible vs not.


I got the offer, and was able to use it with no issues - ended up buying Spelunker Party while it’s on sale, effectively getting it for half price.

I also just finished Golf Story tonight. Very good game!


I didn’t get it either. I already had my Paypal hooked up to eShop, maybe that’s it?


I don’t think so. My PayPal was not linked to my Nintendo account. Maybe I had to click the link from the email (which I did not receive).


You need to receive the email and click the link within. That takes you to a page where you can apply the discount to your Paypal account.


I used the offer over lunch today. Put $20 on my eShop account and Paypal only charged me $15. Nice!

I bought Gunbird and Top Hunter which both came out today.


Good, Bayonetta 2 on Switch. Now we just need The Wonderful 101 and I can get rid of this WiiU.




What happened? They’re porting Wonderful 101 as well?


No, Bayo 3. If they don’t port TW101 then I’ll need to keep an entire system around for one game I don’t even like that much. Hmm.


Breath Of The Wild’s Champion’s Ballad DLC is available for download now.



I still have the Bayonetta pack on Wii U. Haven’t played the sequel yet though. Between Nier: Automata (which I’m currently playing), Star Fox Zero (which I just picked up), and the possibility of starting Bayonetta 2, Platinum have got my time cornered. I don’t think I’ve played so many games by the same developer to be honest.


I am shocked, shocked! That the Game Awards cross platform sales are nowhere to be found for Switch…


It’s almost as if Nintendo thinks long-term value is more important than short-term sales.

The idea that the year’s best games should be available for a massive discount to celebrate receiving awards is absurd in the first place, but expecting it from a company that’s known for rarely discounting their marquee titles in the first place - because they have no problems selling said marquee titles at full price for years after release - is just hilarious.


Yeah, the games are selling without resorting to sales pricing. Odyssey hasn’t been on sale yet at all. Why should it be? It seems like everyone will buy it regardless? At least they offer full value for the MSRP price, too. There’s no hidden costs there. You just get a great game.


Any gems in the last few weeks of releases? XC2 kind of weirds me out with the near-naked girls. Anybody pick up good smaller indie games recently? Teslagrad? etc?

Also, how is Disgaea 5? Worth $50?


If you like grinding/gear hunt games, there aren’t any games better than that IMO. If you don’t like how XC2 looks you might get turned off by its dialogue and character designs, though.


If you want a vertical shooter, Gunbird came out yesterday. You can play it in TATE mode (vertical) by turning the Switch on its side in portable mode (or your TV if you’re so inclined… ;). Nine Parchments is by the Trine/Has Been Heroes guys and that looks pretty cool.


Is Nine Parchments kid appropriate?


Everyone 10+ is the rating, due to “Fantasy Violence”. Looks appropriate for kids, and the co-op is probably a great time.

It seems to have some bugginess at launch, but these guys make pretty solidly fun games and they support things well.