Nintendo finally reveals the Switch console


They’re certainly pushing them at Walmart, especially. They’ve even got one with a Mario skin. It looks nice. And it’s always right next to the Switch units. There are no Pro Controllers in sight, so I’m not even sure if Walmart carries any.


Yeah, I would trust anything Hori makes without evidence to the contrary.


The deadzones on the joycons are just insanely big, and the acceleration curve at the outside of the deadzone is too steep. So the joycons aren’t great for precision analog movement. I only ever play in tablet mode so the Pro controller doesn’t really help me, but would seriously consider getting a pair of some kind of “Pro joycons” if they were released.


I’m sure it depends on use case too. Not sure a college kid will care much unless she’s a pro Splatoon 2 player.


So I’ve decided to get my daughter a Switch for Christmas. It looks to be impossible to find the one bundled with Mario? At least the regular ones aren’t hard to find.


So this is a pretty famous SNES JRPG that never quite made it West before (does the mobile version count?). Out on a bunch of platforms now:

Anyone played it?


Best buy in the US are giving you $30 off retail if you buy Mario v Rabbids plus one other. More details in this link:


So how is the setup process with this thing?

Do I need to get this out of the box before Christmas morning and get patches and install stuff? I’m all for making the kids wait about 30 minutes but anything longer than that and I’ll fell like I’m torturing them.


It depends on whether you’ve bought physical games or download games. If mostly download games, then you’ll for sure want to setup first, download them, setup accounts, etc.

There ARE patches, OS updates, and etc (even for physical games) but those are GENERALLY small and fast compared to other consoles. Some games are exceptions though. DOOM for example, downloads the multiplayer mode even if you buy a physical copy.

Short answer: I’d do the setup first just to make sure everything is updated and ready to go.



Yes. Set it up beforhand so they can just turn it on and play. That includes a Nintendo account. If you want any digital games you need one, and games like Minecraft will nag the shit out of you until you make one.


Thanks. I’m sticking with physical games for now (mario kart and mario odyssey to start).

I’ll have to get them out of the house for a few hours to do the setup. Can’t do it while they are sleeping, little shits have 6th sense for when I’m trying to be sneaky. Parenting is hard.


Sounds more like an excuse so you can play it early. ;)

TBH the console system update should take under 5 minutes, I don’t think you need a Nintendo account on the very first morning (plus you can make one online ahead of time?), and those 2 games have not had significant patching.


If you bought physical games, don’t bother opening it first. It also sounds like you’re still doing the Santa thing, so any obvious tinkering with menus and adding accounts just blows up the idea that the Elves put it together.

You will have it up and running easily in that 30 minutes IMO.


I guess the only thing would be if you wanted the handheld mode pre-charged? I think it comes 3/4 charged though, can’t recall.


I did a pre-setup on mine. Logging into my (existing) Nintendo account and applying the update took under 10 minutes. If you’re not downloading games from the store, you should be fine.


Oh hell no. I’m getting full credit for this. Santa ain’t stealing my glory on this one.

If I can skip the pre-setup and let them have the full unboxing experience that would be best.


Yeah, let them have the full experience. Nintendo has been really good about downloads save the stuff mentioned above which is mostly third party games.

Another cool thing is it also happens behind the scenes after you’re using the system regularly. Updates are pretty much seamless and games like Splatoon 2 and ARMS have added a ton of free content since launch. It’s great!


So I bought Vostok Inc a little over a week ago and “beat” it a couple days later. The game doesn’t seem to actually end, but I’ve unlocked every building, on every planet, in every solar system, and I’ve defeated all the bosses. And though I can continue upgrading buildings and shooting asteroids if I want, the ship upgrades can’t seem to keep up with the enemy difficulty at these levels, as I’m getting one-shot by pretty much everything at levels 500+, and gold income from asteroid mining at this level is a paltry sum compared to just upgrading planets. Although, at this point gold isn’t the goal from asteroid mining so much as executive luxury items, as those will reap HUGE rewards in the form of raising your bonus income multiplier.

I can keep trying to upgrade my ship, but at this stage my level and upgrade costs are going up too fast compared to my income, and I can’t boost my income without going up in levels as a result (and since enemy levels are tied to my own it’s a bit of a catch-22.)

At the moment I’m collecting about $401,275,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 (401.275 decillion) per second galaxy wide, without bonuses. All ship upgrades and unlocks have been completed except for the basic health/armour and loot upgrades which don’t seem to have a cap yet (I’m at 61/61 and 25/25 respectively at the moment, and will have to let the game grind a while to upgrade further.)

I don’t think there are any actual goals left unless I want to chase some sort of in-game achievements, or just raise my income for the sake of it.

I enjoyed the game, but it is much, much more of a clicker game than twin-stick shooter or rpg. It was worth the $15, but I do wish there was a more fleshed-out endgame, especially since there’s only 4 actual buildings that make any difference whatsoever on my income at this level.


Totally goodnews/badnews.

I can’t hit the eshop reliably this morning (Christmas Morning)

I was able to connect once for 90 seconds seeing very slow refreshing before it went down again. I haven’t been able to connect again since.


Hope folks aren’t having difficulty with updates.