Nintendo finally reveals the Switch console


So, does Dark Souls remastered have an easy mode? Asking for a friend.


Yes, the same easy mode every From game has: co-op play.


Anybody else try the DQ Builders demo? Semi-clunky controls aside, I really enjoyed this. Thinking of preordering.


I played enough Dragon Quest Builders on Vita to know that I’ll gladly buy it on Switch, though probably not immediately (for money reasons).


Any opinions on The Escapists 2? It looks sort of fun, but I’m not sure how long it will hold my attention.


That’s great news. I love Mario Tennis, doubly so now that Virtua Tennis has been MIA for years.



It’s the toy you want to buy more toys for.


Yeah seriously. I’ve bought the following hardware accessories since getting into the Switch two months ago. I think (hope) that I’m now all set for home and mobile use:

  1. Pro Controller
  2. Glass screen protector
  3. 200GB flash drive
  4. Anker PowerCore 20100 battery pack
  5. Bluetooth audio transmitter
  6. Waterfield Cityslicker case

Never mind the expensive games…



Damn, those water field cases look gorgeous. But I’m only going to use a case on rare occasion, so I went for cheap/practical. Would love something like that if I were going to commute with it regularly.


That was my biggest disappointment with the Switch. Hopefully it will get fixed in the next hardware revision.


Eh…not sure how viable straight up Bluetooth audio will be considering how frequently that introduces lag. As far as I know, none of the other consoles support it directly, and all the serious wireless headphone setups are using something proprietary in place of or on top of Bluetooth to make sure the experience is okay.

With the Switch being mobile, it looks like an omission compared to other mobile devices that we’re used to using mostly for video, audio, and “casual” gaming, but I think there’s more to it than just they forgot or wanted to pinch pennies. I wouldn’t hold my breath for Bluetooth support.


My Vita (and PSTV) will sync with my BT headest. IIRC, so will my PS3 and PS4.


While I have definitely noticed lag with Bluetooth on TV (using special adapters) I never noticed lag on my vita when using BT headphones. No idea what the difference was.


You can get your headset to work with Bluetooth on the PS4? Is it a special Sony brand? I couldn’t get my Bose ones to work.


Well now I have to try, BRB.

EDIT: PS4 says “Bluetooth audio devices are not supported by PS4.” So, wrong on that count.

EDIT 2: PS3 Slim would connect, but would not play system audio through the QC35 set. I thought I had synced a BT headset with my PS3 in the past, but I either mis-remembered or that was several system updates ago. Guess I did not RC.


The official Sony headset for Playstation 4 comes with a dongle, so even they think bluetooth is not ideal! ;)


I usually plug them into the controller. That works pretty well, all things considered.


The duel shock controllers use Bluetooth so the support is there, just not for third party devices I guess.


That is one slick case. Pricey as hell, but nice.