Nintendo finally reveals the Switch console



Some sort of kid friendly peripheral? Maybe specific like bongos or general like a small big button gamepad?

A more kiddie version of Mii’s? Or Miitopia?

A kid exercise app, but more casual? Or music creation?

I guess the megaton version of this is a kid version of the switch itself, no dock, smaller, non detachable controls on sides, cheaper. But no way they kept something like that under wraps.


Seems plausible, actually.


Maybe they’re announcing GTA V Online coming to the Switch.


lol “new play”. Taking literal translations to the extreme


Maybe it’s a brand new control scheme that allows complex grand strategy games on the platform.


I… don’t even… wow. I wish my kids were a little younger.


Please, you know you’ll be buying all of these things for yourself.


Looks super cool, but if they expect me to put my Switch into a cardboard visor and hand it over to my kids, they got another think coming. :)


I hate this!!!


That thing seems absolutely brilliant, will sell millions, and I have absolutely no desire to get it, but am happy that it exists.

That ability to stimulate creativity and imagination in kids through building physical objects is always cool.

I don’t think any of the demos showed using the Switch as an actual visor in your face, did it?


I thought they did with the robot, but I just went back to check, and it’s empty. Whew.


They do expect you to put your Joy-Cons on their head, though. :)

It’s a really neat use for the hardware. Totally unexpected. Very cool. My boys are probably just too old to tinker with it. I envy those with younger children.


That’s exactly how I feel. :)


Yeah it’s like a fake visor but the Switch isn’t actually in there.


So cool


I mean, if you’re a kid, you want the visor so you feel like a robot too! The Joy-Cons are in it, though. At least one of them is…

Now we also know a little more about why that IR sensor is on the right Joy-Con. It was for the Toy-Cons!


This is awesome and my kids will LOVE it. Yay!!


It…what the what?

This is amazing, though.


This article has more info and explains it well from hands on experience.

You guys with kids in the 6-12 range and a Switch are going to go bonkers. Nintendo also expects hacks! I think there’s more to this than just the pre-made stuff you will receive.


Let me join the “I don’t know what to make of this, but I’m glad it exists” chorus. You go, Nintendo.