Nintendo finally reveals the Switch console


I saw fail0verflow managed to put linux onto the Switch; awesome :-)


Is there a separate thread on switch Friend codes? Would like to get some qt3 people on my list.


There are a few (very few) in this thread and a couple more in the gamer tag spreadsheet. I do wish we had a better / more complete list since so many have bought a Switch recently!

Here’s mine if you wanna add me:
Thanks, diego


I’d recommend people just use the QT3 gamer tag sheet rather than make threads. But so far there’s only three on there. :)

Search this thread for SW- to find a bunch. Well 4, including myself and @dgallina … :P


Clicking on a person’s icon will bring up their tags, if they have been added to their profile. I haven’t added my switch info yet - have to figure that out and update.


Yeah but then you have to go through every user and click their profile to see if they’ve even got a tag added there. :)




I started playing Dragon Quest Builders over the weekend, and wow am I hooked. I know it’s been mentioned a couple of times in this thread and the game has been out for a couple years on Playstation, but I want to make sure people who might be interested in it check it out. On the surface it’s a Minecraft rip-off, but really it’s a far more structured game. Yes you have the basic hit stuff in a blocky world to get materials to build things with, but add onto that quests and city-building with a little bit of tower defense.

Took me maybe 10-12 hours to beat the first chapter, and I was a little worried at the end as it felt like end-game. I was pleasantly surprised with how they reset you for chapter 2 with plenty of new stuff and a new focus for your town. That’s where I’m at right now and I couldn’t be happier I gave this game a try.


I feel like I got enough of this style of gameplay from Portal Knights (enjoyable game). Anyone know how that compares with Dragon Quest Builders?


Not sure how much Portal Knights is story vs just questing. This has chapters that you play through, each with their own story related to the town you are building.

The biggest difference is probably that while you can do the free-form building stuff from the other Minecraft-alikes(which I believe is also how Portal Knights does it), this is really more focused on you building different types of buildings that the game recognizes. These are either very specific blueprints you have to follow, but more commonly are just based on a generic recipe. An basic empty room has to have walls at least two tiles high, a door, and a light source. Add two beds into that and you have a basic bedroom. Put a chest and crafting table into a room and it becomes a workshop. As you get fancier items, you can create fancier rooms.


Ok cool, thanks.


I also picked this up over the weekend and have had a hard time putting it down. I’m just before the end of chapter 1 and having a blast.

I’ve long been interested in Minecraft/Terraria/etc, but never been able to get into any of the crafting games. This, with the structure, story, and quests is perfect for me. And for those who want the free form experience, it has that in a separate mode as well.


I’ll be curious what you think of the transition between chapters. I’m personally very happy with how they do it, but I could see how it would upset some people.


My least favorite thing so far is this series of fights at the end of the chapter, which don’t seem to have much point. I am now just before the last fight, I think. Rollo said something about making sure I had enough Cantlin Shields, which makes me wonder if I really need to farm the mats to make more of the darned things.

Oh, and pro tip: avoid setting off bombs inside your own base…

But I had read awhile back that you start fresh each chapter, so that won’t be a big shock or anything.

I haven’t really done that much exploring. I wouldn’t mind the ability to be able to make my own warp points.


You really can get by with one Cantlin Shield. I had three, but I’m not sure it benefited me at all.

Also, there is a little section of text on the screen during the boss fight that tells you what you are supposed to be doing when fighting him. I didn’t notice it right away and ended up having to replay the battle.


That could be trouble…the text is tiny in portable mode.


Blizzard seem to be teasing something Diablo related for the Switch.


Certainly seems to support those earlier rumours! Poor Tom. :)


So, I’m on to chapter 2. Watched a video on the boss fight first. It was a bit messy, but I got through it.

I actually like the rest with the new chapter. Finding food was a real struggle at first. The one thing that’s annoying is the lack of a colossal chest, and I haven’t found a source for wood or fur, despite a fair bit of exploring in the initial area.


It definitely messes with the flow and structure in the chapter, which I do like. I was incredibly happy in the first chapter when they reveal the colossal chest, and I agree that it’s frustrating how long it takes to get in the second chapter. I think I randomly got some fur in the opening area, but you really have to get through the first teleportal to get the materials for it.