Nintendo finally reveals the Switch console


According to Nintendo:

We are unable to guarantee that cloud save data will be retained after an extended period of time from when your membership is ended.

That’s pretty vague, but it does sound like some sort of window exists.


The real issue is the requirement of cloud saves to get any backup at all; the deletion after a lapse of any significant duration is something you should pretty much expect from any paid cloud service.


I’m glad you’re enjoying Mario + Rabbids, it’s the most enjoyable and consistently surprising experience I’ve had on the system so far. If you’re left wanting more then the Donkey Kong expansion pack is well worth it, particularly if you like Rabbid Peach.

(I didn’t enjoy Breath of the Wild even after sticking with it for many hours.)

I’ll second the Splatoon 2 recommendations, it’s such a clever and unique shooter. I’m also a big fan of SnipperClips which I think is often sold short; it’s a great coop game with a very cool core mechanic that’s explored thoroughly and satisfyingly.


Ok, let me old man mode for a minute;

So i made a “child account” on and restricted access to child level. However i don’t see any evidence of the existence of this account on the Switch, nor any apparent way to log into it. When i Add User in the System Settings -> Users menu it’s clear that not what i should be doing.

Any ideas?

Thanks for any help, i’m taking this to my niece and nephew tomorrow!



Could Nintendo actually be outflanking MS and Sony with the streaming console concept?


In Japan, where Internet access is generally much better and where people are far less likely to even be interested in owning the other consoles in question, yes, absolutely. In the rest of the world and particularly the US, maybe not so much.


Tried looking up various lists of the Final Fantasy rankings, but there is little agreement. Like 7 was important, but perhaps dated. 9 is good, but never the best. 6 has some champions but that one isn’t available and the opinion is still a minority one. Some are even all about 5.

Kinda leaning towards 12, with the gambits. Maybe.


Some are all about 5 because it has a cool job system like Final Fantasy Tactics or Fire Emblem where you grind out a bunch of different jobs for each character and then combine skills to make them super OP. People like jobs. It’s a good game but I got sick of the grind and never finished it.

6 is still the best, but find a good version to play; the one that came with the snes classic is probably the best. For some reason Square really likes to mess up ports of that one. The soundtrack kicks all kinds of ass, the sprites are Square at their best and this was before someone decided RPGs all needed to be 80 hours long.

7 looks like ass, is full of terrible minigames and all of the summons have long unskippable animations that play in their entirety every time you use them in battle. I loved it in '98 but there’s no way I could stand to play it today. Cloud is alright and Sephiroth is an edgelord. Back in the day some of those cutscenes were amazing but now most of them look goofy. The soundtracks to 6-9 are all incredible, though. Skip the game and play the music in Final Fantasy Theatrythm Curtain Call.

I really liked 9 back when it came out. I guess people thought the story was too simple but then at the end it gets kind of goofy and there’s a bunch of hey I’m a character you’ve never heard of and I’m the real boss or whatever. But Vivi and Freya were pretty cool. Plus I really liked Tetra Master. I don’t know how 9 holds up but it has to be more fun to play than 7.

X is pretty good. Plus I’m told that it’s the game that defined a generation. I don’t know which generation, but that’s what they say. Auron is my dude and Lulu is all about some belts. I may be in the minority here but I really liked turn-based underwater soccer and I would still buy a yearly Madden-style game of it featuring characters from all of the other FF games. The post credits scene was kind of lame but up until then I was into it.

I’ve never finished XII because I like to play 3rd person games with inverted Y axis but for some crazy reason this game had inverted X axis and non inverted Y axis, completely opposite of what I’m used to. And of course you couldn’t change it at all. That’s been corrected in the remaster along with a bunch of other cool changes that were previously only available in the deluxe JP release. So I might be getting this one.


Well, actually at the time 6 was one of the longest games made. That’s part of why the twist works - people thought they were in the final dungeon. So you could argue they started the RPG length arms race :P


You could, but I’d argue they got it just right :)


I think IX gets a bad rep. I haven’t played it since the PSX, but it is the one I enjoyed the most of the PSX era ones. Probably because it is the one that is most similar to VI in some ways.

Hm, I might pick up the Switch port!


I replayed FFXII last year, when the Zodiac Age remaster came out. I had a blast! So much so, in fact, that it’s the first game I’ve ever platinumed on the PS4.

I'm late to the Nintendo Switch party - what did I miss?

I’m excited for this, though I think I preferred the first sequel. Katamari + Switch motion controls is going to be amazing.


Account question for the Hivemind:

So right now, I’ve got my Nintendo Account linked to my Switch and three user profiles—one for me and one for each of my kids. When any of us play, we use our personal profile so that our saves and progress are maintained separately (e.g. Splatoon 2).

If I sign them up for their own Nintendo Accounts, and then link their profiles to them, does that mean they would be able to transfer their saves and progress to their own Switches somewhere down the road while keeping my stuff in tact on Switch Prime?

If so, it now sounds like I have to do it before their current profiles get inextricably linked to my Nintendo Account on the 18th. Is that right?


Chocobo Dungeon.

I’d throw my wallet at the screen if it would give us Chocobo Fables 2


If all the users on your Switch are linked to your Nintendo account, then yes - on the 18th you won’t be able to unlink them.


Anyone playing AOV?
Is it down?


I know there was some complaining in this thread that the Neo Geo games are $7.99 and never on sale.

Many are on sale right now. It’s mostly the early stuff that I already own on AES cartridge, but there are some great games in there. $4.79 each. Check the eshop under deals and search ACA Neo or just ACA

EDIT: Nevermind… they WERE on sale, probably for at least a week, and are now not on sale as of noon EDT today.



So finally a few basics.

  • Cloud saves
  • You can actually go to another switch and use your account.
  • Access to weird special offers
  • A couple NES games you’ll play for 10 minutes
  • Appropriate pricing. The family plan is actually really good, if you don’t have family you can Venmo your way to $5 a year

So some progress. But the real news is Valkyria Chronicles 4.