Nintendo finally reveals the Switch console


Account question for the Hivemind:

So right now, I’ve got my Nintendo Account linked to my Switch and three user profiles—one for me and one for each of my kids. When any of us play, we use our personal profile so that our saves and progress are maintained separately (e.g. Splatoon 2).

If I sign them up for their own Nintendo Accounts, and then link their profiles to them, does that mean they would be able to transfer their saves and progress to their own Switches somewhere down the road while keeping my stuff in tact on Switch Prime?

If so, it now sounds like I have to do it before their current profiles get inextricably linked to my Nintendo Account on the 18th. Is that right?


Chocobo Dungeon.

I’d throw my wallet at the screen if it would give us Chocobo Fables 2


If all the users on your Switch are linked to your Nintendo account, then yes - on the 18th you won’t be able to unlink them.


Anyone playing AOV?
Is it down?


I know there was some complaining in this thread that the Neo Geo games are $7.99 and never on sale.

Many are on sale right now. It’s mostly the early stuff that I already own on AES cartridge, but there are some great games in there. $4.79 each. Check the eshop under deals and search ACA Neo or just ACA

EDIT: Nevermind… they WERE on sale, probably for at least a week, and are now not on sale as of noon EDT today.



So finally a few basics.

  • Cloud saves
  • You can actually go to another switch and use your account.
  • Access to weird special offers
  • A couple NES games you’ll play for 10 minutes
  • Appropriate pricing. The family plan is actually really good, if you don’t have family you can Venmo your way to $5 a year

So some progress. But the real news is Valkyria Chronicles 4.


One thing about the new cloud saves: It will not automatically back up existing save files unless you play that game again. If you want to back up old stuff you need to go into the data management screen and manually trigger them all to upload.



Are there any games that scratch the same gameplay-itch as the Arkham Batman-games or Mordor-games on the Switch? I apparently suck at using the google-machine, because all I can find are suggestions for the Telltale Batman games and various LEGO-games.


The NES games are a good deal given they normally charge $8 for each.

I’m hoping they actually change the lineup monthly. There are a couple of good ones in the current lineup though, like double dragon and Zelda.


None I’ve seen. Monster Hunter is the closest I’ve played, but it’s really not that similar of a game, especially given the focus on grinding.

Another action game is Hyrule Warriors, but there’s no open world or location-finding anything. It’s a fantastic game though… again, if you like grinding for gear and parts.

Neither of those are in the Arkham/Mordor vein, but they can get your blood pumping during combat. But neither are open world or have parkour or anything.

The closest might be the new Assassin’s Creed coming out soon, but it’s exclusive to Japan on Switch because it’s a streamed game since Switch can’t run it. So maybe consider moving.

Oh yea, and Bayonetta 3 is due soon. But it’s a pure action & boss fight game, not as exploratory as Mordor etc.


Ok, thanks!


Digital NES games have never been $8 each. They’ve been $5 each on every platform they’ve been sold on individually, with a few rare exceptions, like EarthBound Beginnings, which had never been released in English prior to its eShop release. Maybe you’re thinking of Hamster’s ACA releases, which are $8 on every platform they’re available on?

Still a good deal, especially with online play added in for the multiplayer titles. (Speaking of, has anyone tried the online multiplayer NES stuff? I haven’t heard anything about how well they work, what kind of netcode they’re using, et cetera.)


All I know about the online is that it’s friends only - no general searching for players - so that makes it basically worthless for me.


They’re adding new games monthly, but I don’t think they’re removing any. :)


Hand of Fate 2 has similar combat, but lacks the exploration of those two games.


Yeah, that might be it. I seen to remember the original mario bros being $8.

$20 for a year of the service, with old nes games thrown in, is a good deal.


Yep, it is - Hamster’s ACA release of the original arcade Mario Bros., not any sort of home port.


Losing access to them after a week offline is a dumb decision, though. Why punish people for using their Switch in one of its intended modes? A month might have made slightly more sense.


This is a the closest one I’ve seen. If you like the idea of Arkham combat in an unusual RPG, check HoF2 out. Bonus is that it will soon be updated to ease the difficulty a bit.