Nintendo finally reveals the Switch console


That’s exactly the item I have in my basket at Amazon right now, but it still looks a little lacking. What I want is the Switch version of this:

Overkill? Perhaps. But you have not seen the raw, destructive power of their negligence. I’ll probably go with the one you linked, but I wanted to know if anyone else here had any personal experience or recommendations.


I totally get it. I worked retail. Saw lots of stuff get destroyed.


The Switch doesn’t have an OtterBox case unfortunately, that Mumba seems closest. I’m a little surprised that there isn’t a Nerf case either.


I should probably already know this since I’ve owned a Switch myself for almost a year, but is there any way to use my profile on someone else’s Switch?

I’m assuming there’s no way to do this, but with several friends getting Smash Bros. tomorrow, it would be great if we could use our own profiles no matter who’s Switch we were using.


Yes, if your profile is synced to a My Nintendo, you can link an account on your switch to an existing account. You might have to create a local account first, and the go into Options->Link account, at which point it will say “create account vs. I already have one”. The “I already have one” option has a note that you can, e.g. use it to transfer cloud saves between Switches using the same account.

You’ll probably have to do this n^2 times (i.e. for each account on each Switch).

This shouldn’t impact their “Primary” Switch at all, although if they do have cloud saves, you may want to disable auto-backup cloud saves on those accounts on your Switch just to make sure they don’t accidentally over-write their cloud save.


Do you have hardwood floors? I think the Switch, even with eight year olds, would be ok if your floors are carpeted, but I guess I’d be more inclined to get some kind of case if the floors are laminate, wood, stone, etc.


This is kind of the killer use case for the Switch. Even if I rarely take the Switch anywhere, just the fact that I’m able to makes it the most appealing platform. I’m even rebuying games I own on other platforms, just so I have that option in the future!


Diablo 3 is apparently 40 bucks on the eshop right now and I am seriously resisting the urge to triple dip. I beat it on the PC when it first came out but didn’t go much further than that. Played act 1 on the PS4 hoping it would scratch a nostalgia driven gauntlet legends itch, but it didn’t. Portable however has me intrigued, I think that’s what gets it to click, but I just really don’t want to triple dip. If only I didn’t buy the ps4 version at full price!

Edit: Caved like a weak weak man.


Into the Breach is on sale! Of course I just dropped a bunch of cash on SSBU so it’s going to be tough to justify… Aw, who I kidding? I got a bunch of gold coins for use on the eshop with my digital purchase, gotta use them on something!


Into the Breach is such a good game. Worth way more than what they’re asking.


Joker, the protagonist for Persona 5 is the first DLC character in Smash. Let the Persona 5 Switch rumors begin!


If I vpn to the east coast can I play smash bros?


The internet says it’s a midnight EST unlock no matter where in the US you are but I can’t confirm that.

I’m actually in the EST zone, and it wouldn’t launch for me at 12:03 am EST, so that’s when I went online and looked around for what people were saying and when I tried again at 12:09 am it worked. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Yea it worked for me eventually too. I guess the servers were melting.


I would like that dive I really don’t have the time or patience to sit in front of the TV to play the PS4 anymore.


Well it only took 3 years for FFVII on Switch to be announced after they added Cloud to Smash so don’t hold your breath.

Joker has been on a Nintendo platform before, in Persona Q2. P5 would be a nice addition to the Switch, though. Great soundtrack, impeccable style and a really intricate combination of battle system and social relationship sim. Shame about the misogyny and homophobia but idk, Japan I guess.


Picked up Smash Bros today, but will have to wait another 2 1/2 weeks before playing it. Bummer.


I picked up Diablo, which I think is the 3rd time I’ve bought this game… and have been playing it on the switch. It’s like it was made for the switch. Very good type of game for mobile mode.


Yeah, the Persona games are one of my favorite series ever, but I was really disappointed to see the same bullshit in an installment released almost a decade after the last one.

I know no one here has a crystal ball, but if I intend to get this, say, in the next year, does anyone think it’s stupid not to jump on the $40 sales right now?


Blizzard’s been very stingy with their sales on Diablo III given that it’s a 6 year old game now. It will go on sale again, but I’d be surprised if it drops much lower. Black Friday sales were the first time the Eternal Collection hit $20 on the other two consoles afaik, and those came out mid-2017.

All that to say - if there’s a chance you’ll play it sooner I’d probably buy it now. If not, there’ll be another sale at some point.