Nintendo finally reveals the Switch console


I would like that dive I really don’t have the time or patience to sit in front of the TV to play the PS4 anymore.


Well it only took 3 years for FFVII on Switch to be announced after they added Cloud to Smash so don’t hold your breath.

Joker has been on a Nintendo platform before, in Persona Q2. P5 would be a nice addition to the Switch, though. Great soundtrack, impeccable style and a really intricate combination of battle system and social relationship sim. Shame about the misogyny and homophobia but idk, Japan I guess.


Picked up Smash Bros today, but will have to wait another 2 1/2 weeks before playing it. Bummer.


I picked up Diablo, which I think is the 3rd time I’ve bought this game… and have been playing it on the switch. It’s like it was made for the switch. Very good type of game for mobile mode.


Yeah, the Persona games are one of my favorite series ever, but I was really disappointed to see the same bullshit in an installment released almost a decade after the last one.

I know no one here has a crystal ball, but if I intend to get this, say, in the next year, does anyone think it’s stupid not to jump on the $40 sales right now?


Blizzard’s been very stingy with their sales on Diablo III given that it’s a 6 year old game now. It will go on sale again, but I’d be surprised if it drops much lower. Black Friday sales were the first time the Eternal Collection hit $20 on the other two consoles afaik, and those came out mid-2017.

All that to say - if there’s a chance you’ll play it sooner I’d probably buy it now. If not, there’ll be another sale at some point.


Slickdeals has Diablo III for the Switch at $30 at the moment.


Surprise! (Me, too.)

See, Tom? This is why the forum needs a Like button. Thanks!


Nine Parchments is on sale for $5 or so in the eShop. It’s a good couch coop game.


Is Nine Parchments any good single-player?


Not terribly. It’s a bit too grindy and it doesn’t play on its greatest strength, which is the interplay among multiple wizards. But it’s aces with someone else! I’d say even better than Magicka.



I ordered Let’s Go Pikachu for my kids for Xmas. I’d like to get them the Pokeball controllers so they can play cooperatively, but at $40-$50 a pop, that’s kind of crazy.

Is the game equally fun without the Pokeball controllers? Other than Mew, are they going to miss anything by playing with Joy Cons?


… how old are your kids? And… how poke-crazy are they?


They are 5 and almost 8. They’ve been interested in Pokémon and collected cards but I wouldn’t say they are Poke-crazy


I play it without the ball in handheld mode. It’s cool.


The ball is really fun to play with, and I bet at 5 or 8 it would be even more fun… like by a hell of a lot. Did you order a Let’s Go Pikachu with the ball included? That saves $10 I think?

They will not get Mew without the ball, and they can’t take the Pokémon with them in the ball without it either (obviously) which is a fun little addition. It can also be used as a Go Plus if you play the mobile game with them?

If they never see the ball, you’re probably in good shape because it’s not vital. If a friend has it then it might get a little more dicey for you.


Buying the ball seems like you’re just inviting it to go through the TV at some point.


I bought the ball, cancelled the order, bought it again, cancelled it again… Now it’s not even going to be in stock till Dec 18th. By then my sister would have already won the game, so I guess I won’t bother.

Yeah, next day shipping really helps with impulse buys.


Thanks to this thread I impulse purchased Nine Parchments yesterday. Now I just need the right occasion with friends to play it!

While I was buying Nine Parchments, I also saw that The Swindle is on sale for 50%-off. That game was an underappreciated gem IMO. It’s not the cleanest game technically, but it’s a really fun and fairly unique rogue-lite-heist game. I happily re-purchased it for Switch after previously playing it a lot on Xbox. It’s made by Dan Marshall - the funny guy behind the Ben There / Dan That adventure games and a few others since then.


I need to stop buying new games opening this thread. Bad for my wallet.