Nintendo finally reveals the Switch console


It could mean Digital code for Nintendo Switch.


There is also no way they are going to release a Mario and a Zelda on the same day.


Well all will be revealed in 48 hours. Hopefully.


Bunch of Switch launch accessories from Hori outed:

The Zelda skins would indicate that it at least is likely a launch title.


I could see them doing a 2D Mario, or a port of Super Mario 3D World, on the same day.


I feel like a Nintendo console has launched before with accessories geared toward a game which didn’t launch until months later…maybe even a Zelda title.

So while I’d love to see Zelda at the Switch’s launch, it just doesn’t seem likely for that to happen given the other rumors about it being a Summer title, and I don’t think accessories being available changes any of that.


If BotW and the Mario game that was teased in the switch trailer come out day and date with the console Stusser or Tom can change my name to whatever they want for the remainder of 2017.


Weeell, it’s all about ‘launch windows’ now isn’t it, not launch days. :)

Which in the Wii-U’s case, was around 4 months after console launch.


I haven’t really followed the trailer detective work. Has anyone verified that it couldn’t just be a port of Super Mario 3D World? It sure seems like they’re going to have a bunch of Wii-U ports.


I think so. People who know Mario better than I have said it’s a new game, based on the footage seen so far.

For instance, this environment is new:


Nintendo tweeted that their NYC store will be open for preorders at 9am tomorrow. I’m assuming other retailers will follow suite but who knows.


I have to say, I’m actually contemplating pre-ordering a console for the first time ever, especially in light of the NES Classic situation. I just want some positive information on battery life and confirmation that either Zelda or some other proper original game will be available at launch and I’m in.


Preorders? Constrained supply? Artificial scarcity? Hahaha, oh Nintendo!

Here’s my next prediction. They produce 1/3 as many Zelda cartridges as Switch units. So, if you’re lucky enough to land a Switch, you won’t be able to get Zelda.


Fine with me, I haven’t bought a physical copy of a game in years.

Hopefully the internal storage can be easily upgraded like it was for, well, every home and portable device they’ve made in the past ten years. So that seems likely.


Digital games with a nintendo system? You sir are brave, very brave.


Well, it seems the Switch may finally do away with the regional lock and the hardware lock, so maybe there’s hope…?


Are they finally giving us accounts so we can take our games with us? Any mention of the online component? Everything I’ve seen pushes local mp, which is fine, but its the online experience that Nintendo continues to be awful at.


Well, all we have so far are rumors, but there’s a chance we’ll finally know the truth tomorrow. :)


Didn’t they already add this for the Wii U and 3DS?

(I don’t own either, so I don’t know).


The process wasn’t smooth. I don’t have a Wii U, but my online experience with 3DS is not at the point where I would want to buy my games digitally… aka what @Murbella said.