Nintendo finally reveals the Switch console

I don’t know, do you really think something called “Game Boy” could catch on?

Sounds like a sketchy gay bar to me. Go with something safer, that makes sense, like Wii Poo.

Maybe “Wii Puu”?

Hey, Nintendo is still a synonym of ‘fun’ to me. I’ll buy one of these long before I pick up a PS4 Pro. And I have a 4k TV.

That GIF was like watching all of the internet concentrated into 3MB. Thank you for posting it!

I do not get why they won’t just explain what the system is, instead of teasing it like a banana to baboons - some call that marketing, I prefer to call it disdain.
@Telefrog Seems IGN is enforcing geolicalization, and I get a wonderfully Google-translated version of the original English article you posted here. Not sure what to make of it! We live in strange days.

At least the video will make some for some nice captions in 10 years for the best of threads.

Local shop already has pre-orders up, based solely on what looks like info gleaned from the trailer. :)

I must admit that i’m not surprised and not impressed.

A bunch of people, myself included, thought that they would just release a 3ds with an hdmi out, which is basically what they did, except with the gamepad gimmick Transformers is something becoming more and more common with laptops turning in to desktops and phones turning in to desktops. This is a good idea in theory, as long as you don’t sacrifice required functionality.

However, my concerns are…

  1. The gamepad looks like someone asked a panel what makes a gamepad ergonomic and then did the exact opposite. The wii u Gamepad is not a great feeling gamepad (in my opinion), but this looks way worse. To me this means they are requiring you to buy a regular gamepad to use this comfortably while in tv mode. If they are doing this, they should have just left the gamepad sides attached and then they could have made the handheld itself more ergonomic (again, it looks very unergonomic)

  2. Nothing to reassure people it wouldn’t be another first party only console. I know and i can hear it already, if you’re happy with buying a console just for nintendo first party games, good for you, but that does not apply to everyone.

Also the launch titles are kind of underwhelming. I feel like i’ve seen this lineup multiple times in the past from Nintendo. The launch of skyrim on a new console that isnt even out yet adds to this feeling, especially since more likely than not, this system will not have the next installment of elder scrolls.

Beyond that i’m still a bit salty they abandoned the wii u.

But they showed a big list of 3rd party devs/publishers, and haven’t announced any launch titles yet. :/

I’m not sure how other people use iPads, but the one that I have, I use almost exclusively for stuff that I could do just as well on my phone (Facebook, email, QT3), to the degree that I don’t really miss it at all when I’m traveling. Also, considering how much phones have grown over the past couple years, I don’t feel like I’m losing all that much on my phone. I do travel with a work laptop essentially 100% of the time, so anything more involved than phone usage, I can use the laptop instead.

Basically, I could easily see myself traveling with this instead of an iPad.

I’m not 100% sold on it, since I would like to see battery life and get a sense for how it actually feels in my hands to see if it’s worth bringing on my 40 minute train commute.

If it was anybody else, id worry about the click mechanisms wearing out, but if there’s any company I trust with the physical mechanics of the controller snap ins, it’s Nintendo. They know how to make some seriously durable child-proof hardware.

Unfortunately, as mentioned above, the inevitable 1.5 release is going to be so much better…but that’s probably another 2 years out, so it’ll be difficult to wait.

So like, this would have to be more powerful than iPad if it’s running Skyrim, right? Which means it’s gonna be about in the same price range, $500-$600? And yeah, what would battery life be on something like that?

I don’t know, Nintendo don’t traditionally do high spec hardware. It’s possibly going to be in the same ballpark as Nvidia Shield, which used similar hardware.

I never count Nintendo out. This looks pretty good, like something the eldest nephew could have. I am… concerned about how well it’s going to last and how much those two little pieces of easily last plastic will be but for me… i picked up a 3DS… not my favorite actually, but I love the games. I would prefer it on a console now I don’t have to… choose?

Hopefully just legal bs in that they cannot answer definitively.

My brother got really nervous after he saw the announcement trailer. He thinks if he gets one, all four of his kids will want one of those tablets each to carry around, which get really expensive really fast.

How can they almost exclusively show gameplay for a game that it sounds like isnt even on the console? That sounds pretty shady.

Yeah, this no-comment on the touch screen is just crazy. You’d think after the Wii-U disaster they’d want to have a crystal clear message about what exactly the Switch is.

What video did you watch. The official video/announcement I saw had maybe 10-20 seconds of Skyrim at the end.

And it was a on a device that very clearly did not have / has no need for touchscreen. :)

Skyrim was featured several times during the clip. Particularly during the sequence where the dude takes it on his plane trip. He plays Skyrim on the plane then puts it on the bigscreen when he gets where he is going.

Hard to believe it being that clearly showcased without almost certainly being in the works.