Nintendo finally reveals the Switch console


The Xbox controller was based on the Dreamcast controller, right?

Interesting that Xbox changed the colors around though. Looks like they kept the location of the X/Y/A/B buttons.

And here was the SNES controller in Europe:

Same Primary colors as the Dreamcast and Xbox. But the colors don’t line up with the letters


Have you tried TumbleSeed again more recently? They completely overhauled the difficulty curve and introduced a bunch of new stuff with their “4 peaks” update back in August:

I didn’t buy the game until after that update came out so I’m not 100% sure what changed before it. I do agree though that many of the powerups take a lot of time to master.


I found this list of all the BF Switch deals:

All I need now is a switch.


Haha, yeah neither did I! I still couldn’t beat the 4 peaks (or ‘tutorial hills’ as I called them in my vague post). I’m pretty pig-headed with tough games but this one well and truly beat me. I remember saying to myself ‘Okay Gregg, this time you’re going to do it!’ 30 minutes later or so and I’m like ‘Fuck it, I’m done’. It’s very rare a game does that to me, never mind inside of 5 hours.


Nice. Thanks for that link. I might have to pick up NBA 2K18 at Walmart.


I really need to invest in some new Switch titles. So far I just have Zelda, Arms, and Bomberman.

I love:

  • building defenses (including tower defense games like fieldrunners on iOS – but not plants vs zombies, hate the subject matter of plants – I’m more into scifi settings and games with a puzzle element )
  • RTS and turn-based strategy games
  • open-world games

…but I’m not sure where to start.


Mario + Rabbids would seems like the obvious consensus pick here.


Try Mario Rabbids or Disgaea for your turn-based strategy fix. Whichever one seems most appealing. Lots of impressions of both around here.

Zelda is probably the best open-world game at the moment, but Skyrim did just come out, if you’ve never played it or want it portably. Lego City Undercover also fits, or LA Noire maybe.

Not much in the way of tower defense, I don’t think. If you’re willing to expand to base building, there’s Minecraft or Lego Worlds.


LA Noire really isn’t an open world game. It’s a point and click adventure in which you happen to be able to drive around and punch people.


Mario + Rabbids and Disgaea 5 for strategy. Those are easy options.

Super Mario Odyssey for a sort of open-world action game. It’s more structured than Zelda but much less structured than all Mario games before it.

It sounds like you enjoy puzzles, so have a look at Picross S.


Yeah, I was hesitant to include it in the category. I think it only technically fits the definition. It’s such a wasted open world. It’s this beautiful moment-in-time set piece, and the only thing they did with it is scatter twenty or so collectible cars around the place. Once I realized there’s nothing to do other than drive to my next mission, I just skipped all the travel from that point forward.


I just realized after scanning the store that there are already 40 Neo Geo games available on the Switch store. That’s fantastic.


It’s too bad that there aren’t deals like this for digital. It’s far too covenient to not have to deal with cartridges.


Nintendo does do eShop sales, but you won’t get as good a deal as you’ll get on physical games. They’ve had Black Friday things on Wii U and 3DS so they might have something next week. The system is hot right now though. It doesn’t make sense to do a lot of discounts.


I’m expecting minor discounts for Black Friday. They’ve definitely done that in the past for Wii U / 3DS, just perhaps not as deep of discounts as Xbox and Playstation get.


Looks up some videos on Had Been Heroes. It is a rogue-like, conveyor belt type sort of tower defense. I’d say it has a lot of similarities to PvZ, but rather heroes that you build up in a “run” against different skeletons notated often by their hats.

Also Ironcast is a fun little matching game with an exterior combat ecosystem and progression sort of like Puzzle Quest or maybe Build a Boat.

My most recent find, Spellspire, is a side scrolling hero building game with timers and combat heavily influenced by Scabble or Boggle. It’s surprisingly addictive.

Besides that, there are several solid twin stick shooters if you are into that genre. I believe there is a modern military turn based strategy game (like Advance Wars maybe) hitting the eShop this week.


Broke down and preordered the digital version of Skyrim. In my defense, I have never come near finishing it - I was planning to with the Special Edition, but ran into a corrupted save issue combined with computer issues that made me rage quit. I was totally loving it until I quit, though. It looks great based on several accounts from people who have had a chance to try it early.


Digital Foundry has a comparison for Skyrim on Switch to the PS4 version and it really holds up well. I am sorely tempted. I managed to resist the siren song of DOOM, but Skyrim, well, that’s something I still have never actually finished even though I’ve put in close to 100 hours on it between the 360 and the PC.The HD rumble being used for lockpicking is super intriguing to me, too. I was surprised to see it has actual (optional) motion controls as well.

Between this and DOOM, I think it’s clear that 3rd parties can include Switch in their plans for many games.


I caught this collection of Xenoblade Chronicles 2 previews on Reddit.

Bullet points the reddit poster put from all the reveiws:

The combat seems to start off being a little slow for the first hour or so, but then gradually becomes exciting to play through, and what many previewers are calling the most fun to customize Xenoblade combat experience yet.

The story also seems to have a slow start, but it soon becomes interesting and heartfelt.

The world makes this a rule of three, it begins as being pretty linear until the next few chapters of the game open it up as fun to explore and breathtaking to look at.

The characters are at their most expressive compared to any other Xenoblade game, and their interactions have charm similar to the first game.

That being said, the story isn’t quite hitting the levels of the first Xenoblade so far for some previewers, but it has still been a good ride so far. Some see potential for a great RPG story once the game fully realizes itself in its later stages. A lot of previewers are eager to continue watching the story unfold, they are very invested.

The sidequest management is much better than X, you won’t be confused as to what you’re supposed to do.

One previewer says there are a few cringey moments with designs and animations, but they’re not by any means prevalent or distracting.

The enemies feel like a natural part of the ecosystem, there is still the classic sprinkling of higher-level foes into even early parts of the overworld, it’s easy to get defeated (even one-shotted), but death is easily recoverable as usual.

The music is beautiful, and very robust.

Game feels fresh and different from the first due to the quirkiness of the Blades and environments.

Two previewers comment on the English voice acting, one says it’s actually pretty good, the other pretty much says the same thing, but also seems to like the diversity of accents.

No loading screens outside of fast travel. Game looks good graphically, but there are some hits to portable mode.


That sounds good to me. There are simply too many good games to play this holiday season.