Nintendo finally reveals the Switch console


Yup. I owned a PSP and a Vita. Pretty sure I’ve already used the switch more than those two combined in just a few weeks.those were fine systems, but didn’t fit how I wanted to play like the switch does. Not only can I dock the switch, but I can use it in “handheld” mode on a stand.


I am definitely in the group that uses it as a console first and handheld a distant second. The fact I can do that is seriously awesome.

Also, you said you were playing in a crowded room which is not a typical handheld usage case in my experience. More often than not I use it on the sofa or in the bedroom. If it is on the go, it’s at a Panera or at my desk at work. Same game I was playing at home, fast boot from sleep mode, can’t beat it.


Yeah, I mostly use it docked. For some games, the screen seems too small handheld, but I have been okay playing Zelda quite a bit on it.


I’m in the 90% handheld, 10% docked camp. I’m so used to playing handheld that using the pro controller feels weird in a way that makes games like Mario Odyssey more difficult. I’m sure it’s just because of the amount of time I play it as a portable but that just feels more natural for everything. XC2 May change that however as that’s really the first game so far that is noticeably compromised in handheld.


This comes out of the Switch next week and looks fun.


Did you try the demo, @clay? My son and I gave it a go and can’t say we were too thrilled. I have a feeling, though, that the controls will feel much better if the joycons aren’t split like we had them (1 each)


No, I can’t pry the Switch out of my kids’ MARIO-addicted hands for long enough to try.


Frozenbyte makes good stuff. I am definitely interested.


Picked up Golf Story because of good word-of-mouth. Wasn’t on sale. Have been having fun with Jydge (from makers of Crimsonland and Neon Chrome). Might pick up Neon Chrome soon too.

Also tried out the Puyo Puyo Tetris demo, but it’s not worth the current price. We still have Tetris Party on the WiiU (Wii BC).


Didn’t care for Jydge. I much prefer Neon Chrome, myself.


Did you get very far in Jydge? There’s some pretty cool unlockables in there, and the scenarios get pretty challenging, in a good way. Once you get into act two and have to start playing the hardcore medals, there’s a lot more “game” in Jydge.

Neon Chrome is more accessible, but Jydge is their answer to Hotline Miami. I really like it.



Well, I don’t like the reliance on speed and not taking damage for medals. Beyond that, I find it to be difficult to play in handheld mode because of how small and dark everything is. It’s not a bad game or anything, but I prefer neon chrome (which may have same issue in handheld mode on Switch, but I haven’t played it on that platform)


By the way, the controls for Jydge drive me crazy on the Switch. Why can’t I rebind the goddamn reload buttom to a shoulder button? So aggravating.

Yeah, it gets very “puzzley” in that regard, doesn’t it? But that’s where I start to really appreciate some of the unlocks. There’s a sense of setting up the right loadouts to chase specific challenges. And all the while, you’re grinding away at the improvements that make the challenges easier.

It’s a pretty cool gameplay loop, but it’s definitely not for people who want an action RPG like Neon Chrome. Have you seen their Time Recoil game? I don’t understand the point of that one.



I haven’t played Time Recoil or Neon Chrome, so no opinions on those, but I fired up Crimsonland on Steam for the first time in a couple years and was reminded how great the gameplay and weapons felt and decided to go for another game from them. I settled on Jydge based on a couple reviews that dinged it for a lack of story. Because I put gameplay over story in these games (which is why I prefer Wolfenstein: Old Blood over New Order, and am skipping W2), I considered that aspect a selling point.

As for my Jydge progress thus far, I have 33 of 54 available misson medals so far, and I’m up to Act 2 mission 9.

I really enjoy the upgrade system, both for my character and the Gavel. I also think the gavel-shaped weapon and barrister wig is a funny touch, although I tend to think of myself more as Judge Dredd as I run through blasting everybody.

I never took to Hotline Miami, but that can probably be attributed to initially playing on PC (Steam) with keyboard controls. I much prefer these types of games with controllers.

I think 10 Ton has perfected the feel for top-down shooters, and I’m really interested to see what they do with the upcoming Tesla vs Lovecraft twin-stick arena shooter I got a notification about a couple days ago. It looks a whole lot more swarmy than everything I’ve seen by them since Crimsonland.

The weapons and mods/upgrades feel quite rewarding to use. I plan to pick up Time Recoil next, but probably on Xbox One. I’ll get Neon Chrome on Switch later.


Normally I like puzzley, but While I like twin-stick shooters, I’m not great at them and Jydge is a bit too hard for me. Time Recoil, being a game with zero room for error, is definitely not my speed.

I am quite interested in a game I just noticed on the e-shop a couple of days ago, called transcripted, which is a mashup of a twin stick and zuma. Interestingly that one has independent difficulty settings for the shooting and matching aspects.

@kerzain I’ve been following Tesla for a while. What sort of notice did you get?


A pop-up in Crimsonland, which I hadn’t played in forever.

I used to enjoy Zuma quite a bit, I will check out Transcripted later.


@Rock8man Misguided has the right of it. Despite having owned nearly every portable “console”, and even loving the technology of the Vita, none of them really stuck. The Switch however is just super nice and I’ve already used it more than the others combined.

I think a good way to think of the Switch is that it’s not a “portable console”, but rather it is a console that is portable. It’s a subtle but important difference. The Switch is just so flexible that you sort of need to play with it or experiment as it’s quite different and open to user preference. “Portable” gaming habits can and should be broken.

While away from the tv, if more than a very short burst, I actually prefer the Switch in a stand on a table or an armrest as I hold the controller (pro, dogear, or free handed) separate from the machine. I rarely hold it in front of me like a Vita or a 3ds as I find that uncomfortable or distracting.

Anyway, food for thought.


So I’ve found another eShop gem. I picked up Portal Knights and I’m really enjoying it on the Switch. It’s a sort of Stargate-Minecraft-Diablo or a more combat focused Dragon Quest Builders. Anyway, I posted some thoughts in the Portal Knights thread.


Kind of annoying the switch version has a 10 dollar price bump. Got it for 20 for ps4 digitally.


Took my switch with us on vacation and all the games I had. However, Skyrim stole the show for me. Even though I have played the regular on PC, special edition on PC and some of the SE on Xbox1, none of them had the freedom of the switch version. I was even telling myself that I didn’t need to order it, but now I have to get my fill before Xenoblade comes out Friday.