Nintendo finally reveals the Switch console


So the Resident Evil Revelations games were re-released on Switch this week. Anyone know if either of them is worth checking out?


Any word as to when the Switch version of Darkest Dungeon is coming out? I’ve Googled around a bit, but all I found was one unsourced reference to Red Hook trying to deliver it by Christmas. I spent a lot of time with the game during a short period, but I think I would get more out of it on a mobile device (yes, I know it’s on iOS, but I like the idea of being able to play it on the big screen whenever I want).

And you know what would be great on the Switch? The Cryptic Comet catalogue. I’ve fallen back into playing Occult Chronicles over the past few days, and what I wouldn’t give to have it on the go with a pick-up-and-play sleep mode. Is Vic still out of the biz? If so, can he please license his games to some scrappy indie to do remakes?


Especially since I find it more or less unplayable on iPad. No idea how they plan to make it work in portable mode.


I played Darkest Dungeon on the Vita, which is basically the same as the switch, controls wise (plus or minus a RL/ZL button, which would probably just map to the back-touch panel).

It was fine. Awkward and never actually good, but you eventually got used to it.


Text is too small for my old man eyes.


Oh yeah, well there is that. It’s a legibility nightmare.


More confirmation that Switch is a good place for independent developers…

Based on the ReserEra thread, that means about 250k+ sales on Switch.


That’s absurd, given the install base size for each. I imagine things will slow down as more titles appear on Switch, but wow.


I think it depends on how Nintendo changes the Switch eShop over time. They do a very good job of highlighting the weekly releases and for the most part the indie games arrive only on Thursdays and the retail games on Fridays (Thursday at midnight). It definitely gives consumers a good way to see what was released in any given week and puts stuff right in front of you in a way that I think Steam fails to do.

Nintendo has been doing a really good job of this even from the launch of the Wii U by consolidating everything into a single day. It keeps me coming back to see what’s new each week. They’re still putting Virtual Console games on Wii U every week, too! If you put “Nintendo Download” with the date of a Thursday into Google, you can find the release list for each week going back for years.


I honestly had not heard that the game was going to come out on Steam. All the marketing had led me to believe that this was a Switch exclusive.


There are many reasons for Steamworld Dig 2’s success. Right place right time, new platform with few other games, etc.

But don’t forget that Steamworld Dig 2 is also one of the best games of the year. So that helps a lot too.


That’s weird. I mean, Nintendo did promote it as one of the big Indie releases, but it was always coming to Steam and PS4/Vita the same day. I guess blame Steam and Sony for not letting you know?


Matt Peckham, a very talented writer at Time Magazine, has joined Nintendo. I think he was a guest on one of the QT3 Games podcast episodes.

Jose Otero, of IGN fame, also left games writing earlier this year to join Nintendo.


Congrats to Matt, a really fine writer. He always seemed high on Nintendo games, so he should be happy there. I will miss his articles at Time, though.


Sure, for now, until a few years in when the catalog is saturated. The early days on a popular platform are always a gold rush. See: iPhone App Store 2008, vs iPhone App Store 2018.

Good luck releasing that Switch fart app in 2020, my friends.

(If Nintendo is smart they will gate the hell out of the store, so it doesn’t grow to grotesque anything-goes Steam levels.)


Nintendo will carefully feature a new fart app each day so none of them get lost in the shuffle.


It was being heavily promoted as “First on Switch”. Most people probably did not realise it was coming out like 4 days later on Steam/PS4/Vita.


Or it’s fun to buy stuff for your new toy as opposed to your old toys. : )


Some new trailers hitting today from Nintendo…

This looks pretty awesome. New developer, Contingent99. Two guys. “Presented by Humble Bundle”.

Shin Megami Tensei V has an official US trailer and localization confirmation.


Hm. I’m not much for the recent rash of SmashTV / Gauntlet-like top down shooters (Nuclear Throne, etc)., but that Wizard of Legend looks like it might have a bit of a 2D Castlevania combat feel, so I’m intrigued.