Nintendo finally reveals the Switch console


I was having intermittent disconnection issues with both controllers, even at very short range. Search turned up this article, which proposed a non-invasive fix that seems to have held for me. (However, I use the Pro controller mostly.) May be worth a try.


Also in the System/Controllers and Sensors menu, make sure you Update Controllers.

It doesn’t seem like the System Updates do this automatically, and the user is not informed when there are controller updates available.


If you’re having problems with your controller just call Nintendo for a replacement. Far easier than trying to discover tiny nuances between revisions and spending a lot of money on speculation


I finally hooked up my Switch to my TV for the first time and I’m definitely enjoying Super Mario Odyssey more this way. Maybe I’ll give Zelda another shot this way.


The games look amazing on a big TV. I’m definitely a majority TV player with the Switch.


Wii and Gamecube games on Nvidia Shield for Chinese market:

Have to a think they’d be a shoe-in for quick Switch versions?


There’s a Kickstarter demo for Wizard of Legend. Not much content, just a way to check out the mechanics.

Unfortunately, from the videos it looks like another progression roguelike. Run through procedural levels, die, but retain special resources to upgrade over time. Yuck. I hate that structure. But I put it on my wishlist anyway to keep an eye on it. The combat could be good.


I bought this yesterday via Amazon…

…because the word is that Gunbird is coming on Thursday to the eShop.

This is an excellent shooter from the '90s made by Psikyo.

Like Strikers 1945 on Switch, it will feature a TATE mode so you can rotate your Switch vertical for pixel perfect vertical cabinet-like play. The Switch is quickly becoming an excellent arcade gaming system on the go without resorting to hacks and emulation.


Great move Nintendo. Make your own stand shitty, then license a third party to make one that’s actually useful so you can make some extra cash.


You mean the kickstand on the Switch itself? I can’t really complain about that as I’ve used it up to now. I got this so I can go vertical. Check out the pics…


Every time I try to use the built in kickstand in a useful setting (ie not on the table in front of my telly), I give up after a few minutes and just go into handheld mode.


I’ve found that my kickstand no longer holds flatly against the unit when not extended. It’s a bit loose due to the amount of time it has been utilized I think. Pretty annoying. I’ve thought about calling up Nintendo to gripe. Perhaps it’s the stand? Perhaps it a clip inside that I can replace? Something they can replace maybe.


Some reliable insiders/leakers in a ResetEra Nintendo Direct thread are suggesting we should be hearing news about a Dark Souls 1 remaster in the near future. I would love to playthrough it again on the Switch!


My primary annoyance with the switch is that I cannot age-restrict my kids’ accounts on the system or put my profile behind a password to prevent them from using it. Granted, they have the app that allows me to enforce system-wide restrictions, but it’s an immature model compared to other platforms. For example, while they’re free to play Mario and other age-appropriate games, I do not even want them to see the icon for games that are out of their age bracket: Skyrim, etc. If they see it, they will beg me to play it. Hence, I don’t buy those games because I know it will be too much of a temptation for them.

I hope Nintendo addresses that in the future.


As I’m a PC gamer only, is this something that Xbox and PS4 do? Or is this something that you wish all consoles would adopt?


Xbox and PS4 do it. They make it feasible to totally lock down the console, or a certain profile, etc.


If that’s true and they reworked the netcode it’d be well worth it. Dark Souls 1’s covenant system had some cool MP ideas like the Gravelord one that never worked out because the matching code in DS1 was so bad. It’d be interesting to see how it works out with the technical difficulties resolved.


Gravelord mostly didn’t work because it only affected players on NG+ and that’s a pretty small group of people. Outside of when I got my platinum I’ve never bothered to go past NG and I play through DS a few times a year.

So yeah I’d totally buy that, but my favorite From rumor is the one I just made up which is that Miyazaki is running Metroid 4. He’s said a few times that he’d like to try sci if next, From’s logo was on the Switch reveal, and exploring the ruins of a dead civilization on a lonely planet full of creepy monsters is kind of his jam.

If From doesn’t announce anything at the VGAs or PSX I’m considering it official. Hell, even if they announce BB2 it could be a DS2 situation where the B team runs it while he does something else.


The cool thing is that Nintendo directly supervises the design games it outsources to external studios (even to the point of overriding design decisions with their own), so you would get Miyazaki’s take while maintaining Nintendo’s design consistency and accessibility.