Nintendo finally reveals the Switch console


It does mean that likely the ROM was ripped using an “illegal” emulation tool. Most emulated ROMs have no header when stored on the cart, or on site in backups, and it is added via the particular emulation program used to package the rom for an emulator. Nintendo’s ROM’s sold have nintendo proprietary headers, Mario 3, which the sold to customers, did not, it was using iNES’ header, which was a popular NES emulator, showing pretty likely evidence that the ROM was downloaded illegally. (I think it was updated after the fact to remove this iNES header) It was pure and simple laziness by someone working there. I am sure Nintendo has the source ROM, but that probably wasn’t as easy as downloading it from coolroms.

That tweet is insane,

THIS IS FALSE, except for the one example that shows evidence that something from pirates was used. Just because this game has an inkpack attached to it in the special best buy theft proof case doesn’t mean I stole it from Best Buy. Besides, I already own this game, why would I steal it?

Pretty weak defense.




I’m curious, as I always am about Pokemon games, but reading a bit makes this one sound like Pokemon Go for the TV. That is there is very little game in the game as you just throw a ball at the screen to capture and battles are only against gyms. It seems the majority of the game is just running around waving at the screen to capture (like flicking a phone screen) instead of battles. There are also fewer Pokemon and not many evolution options. Am I off on this? I could actually go for a good Pokemon game on the Switch as my SO’s little girl would love it, but she is already over Pokemon Go.


A former iNES dev has worked at Nintendo for years and works directly on VC and other releases. That’s why their ROMs have been found to have iNES headers, not because of the ongoing crazy conspiracy that Nintendo just lets everyone else do the work for them (which, again, would be perfectly legal anyway, because THEY OWN THE IP).


It’s weird to me that a company would use a downloaded version of a ROM, if for no other reason than it seems to expose you to potential liability if the ROM was hacked or otherwise broken. How can you know it wasn’t without a reference ROM to diff it against, and if not, why not just use the reference? The only way that makes sense to me is if the developers used a downloaded ROM as a placeholder, and they simply forgot to replace it.

That being said, from an IP perspective, it’s perfectly within Nintendo’s rights to do so. Unless your argument is that they’re infringing on the iNES developers’ IP by using it without permission, or something, but you’d have to look at the user agreements for various ROM dumping software to figure that out.


You’ve mostly got it right. Let’s Go is a super-casual reimagining of the original Pokemon game. Wild Pokemon encounters are exactly like they are in PoGo – throw the ball, time it right, etc. The gyms aren’t the only battles, though – trainer battles still happen all over the place, and the battle system is the same as a normal Pokemon game. You can transfer Pokemon from Go to Let’s Go. My take is that it’s got way more meat than PoGo (there’s a world to wander around and explore, battles, and a storyline) but way less meat than the next mainline game will have.


The usual argument is little more than “everyone knows this is a clean dump because, uh, this particular group did it and they only release good dumps!” Of course, those same people then turn around and say “there are minute differences between every dump, so this one being identical means it was downloaded from the Internet,” as seen in that Twitter thread.


It all really comes down to the fact that people want to believe Nintendo is using ROMs from the Internet because then they can feel better about downloading the games for free instead of paying Nintendo anything to play the games.

That’s all it is and all it ever will be. Pirates just want justification for their piracy.


Bradley got it right from what I understand. There are fewer Pokemon because Yellow (the game on which it is based) had far fewer. I think it is brilliant because (and I’m not a fan) it will be a good game from a nostalgia standpoint, but also a great entry point into the series for a new generation of players to ease them into the more modern trappings of the newer games.


Hey hey, Towerfall is out!


Does the switch have a media player? Like can I just load a movie file onto it and watch it?


Nope. Just Hulu.


Anyone play the DLC for Overcooked 2? We picked it up, but it seems impossible for us to get the two stars required to unlock the second level. Really seems like the 2 player score goals are higher than they should be.


No, I’ve not got through the main content yet. Speaking of which, for online PUGs, is there any way to restrict the maps in the pool? I don’t seem to have any luck just hosting on a given map, and when I do the open matchmaking thing I have no idea what level it’s going to throw me into, which means half the time it’s one I’ve never played before.


New Switch Hardware in 2019


I’d consider buying a Switch-Mini, that only supported handheld-mode. Especially if they relaxed their eShop online-limitations where you can only have 1 primary console at a time.

Seems more likely that it would just be a parts refresh without a form factor change though.


Totally. Especially if it had improved battery life.

Agreed, although I think there may be a minor form factor change. I’m envisaging a PSP revision scenario here, not a DS to DS-Lite or DS Lite to DSi.


The Switch is my favorite piece of gaming hardware in a decade or more. I wouldn’t hesitate for a second to get a new iteration if it has any sort of significant improvements - whether in display quality, size, battery life, graphics, or otherwise.


Agreed. Someone tell me where I can preorder. I’ll get the details later.


I’m in the same boat. I’d pony up for another if there’s noticeable improvements.