Nintendo finally reveals the Switch console


I guess a mini switch makes some sense. But I hope it’s a switch pro. Likely a pipe dream, because it’s usually 3+ years before a revision, but I’ll dream anyway.

Been hoping for an OLED screen version. I read somewhere that prices on that tech have come down because there is another big supplier on the tech.

And of course, the Tegra x2 is just sitting there. Completely compatible, draws half the power at the same clock speeds, and obviously could run higher for “pro switch” version.

I’d be excited about an OLED tegra x2 Switch with smaller bezels, larger screen in same form factor. Not that a mini isn’t cool, but you know…


Where did people get the idea of a mini from? What I had read was a better screen, possibly thinner as a result (which would be great).


I mentioned it because it’s what I, personally, want. It also makes a fair bit of sense what with the 3DS being at the end of it’s life without an obvious successor.


Ah, gotcha. Thought I had missed some piece of news, somewhere.


Best roguelikes on the Switch? (In the more traditional sense…) I have Unexplored and would like to check out any others that are good.


Dead cells is AWESOME


My girlfriend, friends and I finished the main campaign last night (three stars). Got a couple of Kevin stages left, not touched the 4 star NG+ stuff (‘higher steaks’!) but I can see that tempting us. Do you know if the DLC is after the campaign or can it be accessed at any time? Just so we know who buys it!

The final level is good but then kind of fizzles out before the outro. Fantastic coop game still, but I prefer the more defined themed zones and the simplicity of the original’s overworld. I think the difficulty is more evenly tuned and slightly tougher overall too in OC1 so you really have to focus for the three stars.

That, or it could just be that we’re a crack team of chefs now! :-) I made a team logo and most of us are close to Sheffield so the word play with The Blades football team was irresistible…


I have it and I agree. I was think more of the top-down dungeon crawling type. I also have The Flame in the Flood, which gets close, but I was hoping for more of an Amulet of Yendor type experience.


Guys, Super Mario Party is pretty damn fun. It pretty much plays like how you remember the good ol’ Mario Party games, without most of their flaws. It still is pretty much a luckfest, but there is a little more strategy with the custom dice. The boards also seem to be tightly designed (though there’s not many, unfortunately). Also, the rhythm mini-game mode is really awesome!


I’m looking forward to picking up Mario Party once I"m back in town!


Anyone playing Aov. I’m looking for players. Hit me up. Shieldwolf


Mario party is great fun. Me and the kids have been having a blast playing this together. The luck element is all good, because it means anyone can win - i.e., parents don’t have to hold back too much for the kids.

The co-op modes are also fun.


Soulblight just came out this week. Don’t know much about it


Guacamelee 1 and 2 officially announced for Switch.


Well, I wasn’t going to get it, but after watching this video I think I have to now.

M2’s Sega Ages line has been universally incredible and apparently these Switch releases are no different. Jeremy seems to think we’ll see Herzog Zwei eventually. That would be amazing.


Did anyone else pick up The World Ends With You Final Remix? I played through the first few chapters yesterday, and: it’s still got it! The remixed soundtrack option is really nice, combining remixes from the official albums with brand-new remixes and new songs altogether, and the single-screen gameplay works a lot better than I expected. I haven’t tried the Joy-Con controls or co-op yet, but one huge note for the touchscreen controls: the game was not redesigned to support multitouch, and a stylus is highly recommended for accuracy and to break yourself of multitouch habits.


Glad to hear the new controls are alright. I kind of want this but I don’t 50 dollars want it. The DS version still plays great and I just played it again last year. I’ll get to it eventually, though.


The docked mode controls are supposed to be not great. I also don’t want to pay $50 for it but would be happy to pay $25-$30.


I wouldn’t expect anything resembling a budget release from Square Enix at retail - this is the same company releasing Switch and Xbox One ports of Final Fantasy X|X-2 HD, a 2013 remaster of a pair of PS2 games, at ten dollars more than on the other four platforms it was already released on. The usual “Switch tax” excuse might apply if it were just more on there, but the Xbox One price hike says no on that one, and if they try to pull the same crap on Switch that they did with the Vita version (where retail copies only included a physical copy of the first game and a download code for the second), it’ll look even less like a “tax” and more like pure unfiltered greed.


These Pokemon Let’s Go reviews are not helpful for someone who’s never played a Pokemon. Is the gameplay as simplistic as Pokemon Go?