Nintendo finally reveals the Switch console


I haven’t heard that the levels were any different. There was a rumor that there were fewer enemies on screen in some places, but that was shot down by blizzard.

I wouldn’t know. I’ve just jumped into the season as a Necromancer. But I am level 13 so look out…


I haven’t noticed any difference in the size of the levels.


Man, it’s so nice having a proper, pausable offline mode.


Yeah, from what I’ve read and played myself, the game is basically identical on Switch. I do remember some zones in the PC version being a little smaller though, maybe it’s just that?

Also, the 360/PS3 versions were identical to the PC version gameplay-wise, and the switch is more capable than those systems. So it wouldn’t make sense if the Switch version was cut down at all.


Huh. I see now that I posted in the Switch thread and not the Diablo Switch thread.

I’ve probably just lucked out and hit the zone transitions earlier.


I’m waiting on Diablo 3 for Switch until Blizzard releases cross-console play.


I’m buying a family member a Switch with Zelda. I plan on getting the Mario Kart $299 bundle next week. Any other mandatory accessories? Screen protector, USB cables, etc?

Probably going to hold off on the pro controller, if he wants it he can get that himself.


Doesn’t come with an HDMI cable IIRC.

You may want an additional USB C charger so the kid can plug it into the bedroom or something. It only has one charger, which is normally connected to the dock.

Personally I never use it on the dock.


I just bought a couple of USB A to C cables on Amazon so I can use my iPad chargers to recharge it. Apparently those chargers are rated as ‘Good’ for the switch according to reddit and will actually charge the Switch while playing, though just barely.

I also picked up a case, the big brother of the wirecutter recommended brand’s smallest size but it won’t get here till tomorrow. Just in time to travel.

Also picked up Mario & Rabbids but I am guessing Diablo 3 will be sucking up all my free time.


It does come with an HDMI cable, but I support the suggestion of an additional USB C charger. It’s nice to be able to charge the Switch anywhere you’ve got an outlet without having to use the dock.


Wait, what about memory cards? I think I bought a 32 GB when it was on sale. I assume the little one included is good enough for save games, not good to download games.


Yeah, a USB A to C cable makes sense. Obviously everybody has tons of phone chargers already.

Is a memory card compulsory? It comes with 32GB of storage, is that not enough? I know most people buy games digitally.


It’s enough for a few games. Switch games are generally pretty small.

One of the better decision on the Switch was supporting existing standards on storage. A 128G card for $20 or so would suffice for most people, but if you worry go for 256G at $60. Prices keep sliding down…


Okay, I was mistaken. I bought a [64 GB Sandisk $18] ( It seems the switch has 32gb internal.

Here’s a sample of game sizes:

Nintendo Switch Game Download Sizes

Puyo Puyo Tetris - 1.09 GB
I Am Setsuna - 1.4 GB
Snipperclips: Cut It Out, Together - 1.6 GB
Nobunaga’s Ambition - 5 GB
Disgaea 5 - 5.92 GB
Mario Kart 8 Deluxe - 7 GB
Dragon Quest Heroes 1 and 2 - 32 GB


Yeah, so right now I’m leaning towards the $299 switch/mario kart bundle, Zelda, the screen protector recommended by the Wirecutter, and a USB A->C cable. That ought to be a good starter set.

I figure if he uses it docked he’ll probably get the Pro controller at some point, but a lot of people primarily use the Switch mobile. And if he really likes it he’ll need more storage at some point, but not at the start with two games.


You do not need to buy a memory card and honestly, the people telling you to buy a charging cable are being a little silly too IMO. You charge it in the dock for the most part. Everything you need is in the box except a screen protector. I would get that.

If you want to throw in something else, get them a $10 or $20 card to buy some games from the eShop instead of the extra charging cable.

I buy most of the big games on cart. I also buy eShop stuff, indies and arcade games. I still haven’t needed to upgrade the storage. Downloads I own include… Hollow Knight, Enter the Gungeon, Capcom Beat 'em Up Collection, Space Dave!, Golf Story, Neo Geo titles Last Resort and Top Hunter, ACA Donkey Kong, ACA Excitebike, Kamiko, Gunbird and probably a few more I’m forgetting. I also have Fortnite installed and Pokemon Quest, too, both free to play.


Get a memory card if you’re buying games on the eShop. Get a charging cable for those times you aren’t carrying your cradle around with you.

Get a pro controller for adult gamers.


Having lost plenty of DS and Vita game carts, I’m absolutely in favour of getting a big memory card.

I also recommend one of these, though I admit it could be seen as overkill. Switch batteries will not last for a long flight though.


Oh yeah, well I think the extra charging cable is useful and you’re silly. Checkmate.


So maybe skip the cable, but definitely go for the screen protector. Makes sense.