Nintendo finally reveals the Switch console


I’m not sure many here in this thread care too much but since it’s Switch… I pre-ordered the SNK 40th Anniversary Collector’s Edition when it was announced and it arrived on Sunday (two days before release date… wacky!). It’s only available on Switch and I think it’s awesome.


The GPU in handheld mode only has two options: The default clock speed and a battery conservation mode. Unless the game is so resource free it can turn on the conservation mode all the time, it’s going to use roughly the same battery as everything else. The device can’t dynamically adjust the clock speed for the content, either; the game has to tell it what it needs. Most developers probably just leave it on the higher speed all the time.


OK so the game type doesn’t make a difference, understood. But why is the battery draining so quickly?

For example, yesterday, 5 minutes Blaz Blue (bit confused by the fighting, not sure I like it tbh) and 10 minutes of Sky Force, took the battery down to 72%.

Is this normal or am I correct in thinking something is not quite right?


Sounds like either the battery needs to calibrate or your Switch is defective. Try playing in handheld until the battery runs out to see if it recalibrates? Do you have screen brightness cranked up or are you in an area with sketchy WiFi? You can see if it’s better with WiFi off and the screen dimmed a bit.


Hello Clay. Thanks for replying.

The wifi is good, because the switch si located near the router, usually within 4 metres.

Screen brightness…I can’t recall but I think it’s usually quite bright.

When I get home I’ll follow your suggestion of hand held draining to see what happens.

I acquired the Switch in summer but since, say July or so, it wasn’t used for a very long time, until about 2 weeks ago.

Might that have affected it?


I’m not sure, to be honest. It shouldn’t, though. See if draining and recharging helps and maybe set screen brightness to auto. Also make sure it has updated to the latest system version. I can play Diablo 3 for an hour without losing more than 30% of the battery and my Switch is 18 months old, so it sounds like yours might have a defective battery.


SD card sale - compatible with Switch


Picked up the new Pokemon game and played a few hours. Its been a long time since I’ve been so conflicted about a game. Since you don’t have to battle pokemon to catch them, it feels a little too streamlined (though they can still be a pain to catch). However, it has also removed a lot of tedium from the game, especially since there are no more random encounters. I really just wish the overall difficulty was tad bit harder. Still, I wouldn’t be surprised if this is Nintendo’s top selling game this year.


Has anybody tried the new civilization VI release and how do you feel about it? Assuming you like it in the first place and Ignoring the Civ sucks issues of course. Mostly concerned with how the port runs, controls, etc and whether worth it for mobile use vs say the iOS version.



I was almost going to get it until I learned it doesn’t include the Rise and Fall expansion…

Reviews say it runs well. It can use joycons, as well as touchscreen in portable mode. As usual, if you’d also like to play on a big screen sometimes and not just portably, Switch is the go.

One thing I saw mentioned on the iOS side is that battery drains really fast and they recommend playing with a power cable! Interested to know how this aspect is on the Switch version.


From what I understand, this is one of those games that doesn’t really start until you beat the main questline, even more so than usual.


Does the eshop usually do Black Friday sales? I can’t remember if they did last year. Was this a really stupid question because it’s nintendo?


Warframe’s out on Switch:

It’s nice that you don’t need the Nintendo Switch Online membership to play. :)


I think they’ve done some sales the last five years or so since the Wii U shop became a thing. I suspect also with so many indies that you’ll see many of them offering some deals. The infrastructure is there for it and they’ve definitely had sales at other times.

That said, I wouldn’t expect deals on Zelda, Mario, etc., at least not yet anyway. Maybe by next year you’ll see some sales on those. From Nintendo, maybe ARMS, Mario Kart or some other stuff from closer to launch will get a little discount.

Also, this thread title ought to be changed to just General Nintendo Switch Discussion or something like that @Telefrog.


Which sounds perrrrrrrfect for my kids who have never played a Pokemon other than Go. I was afraid the core RPGs might be too intimidating for them, but this seems like the ideal gateway dru…game.


OMG, Pokémon Let’s Go is incredible.I bought it yesterday. It is so simple and yet so entertaining. It has the perfect mix of chore minimization alongside the actual fun of the series, the battles. Catching Pokémon is the same as Go essentially… throw ball, hope for a catch, influence the result with berries. The depth comes from the trainer battles and it still has the exploration of the world and thrill of discovery that has captured kids of all ages for twenty years.

For anyone with children, or even those of you with need of a game to relax while playing, it has my highest recommendation. The Pokéball accessory is not required, but it is a lot of fun to play with and really adds to the value of toting Pikachu around. :)


Some funny news stories, apparantly dogs are going crazy with that ball, because the motion is that you “throw it”, but it’s attached to your wrist via lanyard so it doesn’t go anywhere. This confuses the heck out of your dog.


Yeah I’m enjoying it far more than I thought I would. Never a huge fan of random encounters so having Pokemon always visible is great.

Difficulty-wise, it started out very easy but side-lining the (OP) starter and levelling a bunch of different Pokemon equalises it out after the first couple areas to the point where it feels just right for me.

Really cool; I do wish we had the Sun/Moon auto-type on moves though. :)

See on Metacritic the game is getting review-bombed by users for not being a full new mainline game. :P


One thing i hate about the new Pokemon is how capturing them seems entirely random.


So I just turned on my 3DS after a year and see that I still have $17 left on my account. Will this transfer over to the Switch store if I happen to get one sometime in the future or will I need to purchase some kind of 3DS software to use it up?