Nintendo finally reveals the Switch console


I’ve mentioned in the past being annoyed that the eShop wishlist doesn’t do something useful like notifying you of sales on your wishlisted games. Fortunately, Deku Deals looks to be filling that gap.


I’m pretty sure it’s all one pool linked to your account now – it was just the Wii and DSi generation that was stranded in the old store architecture.


How so? The circle colour indicates the likelihood of success.


Sure it does. Sure it does.


Heh… well with a yellow circle, you can usually guarantee a 1 in 3 catch rate on a good throw, surely! ;)


Bought PK:LG, actually my first “real” Pokemon game, since I’ve never had any of the Nintendo handhelds.

This is actually a game where it’s significantly better to play in handheld mode than on a TV. Playing with the controllers in handheld position makes aiming and throwing the ball hugely easier, since you just need to center the screen and press a button, rather than do a throwing motion. I play almost exclusively this way (whereas the kids play together on the TV), and it’s just a lot, lot better.

Have to admit that I really, really don’t get the hate for this title (it’s been being review-bombed on Amazon, metacritic, etc). But then I’m perhaps the “wrong” target audience, because I’m not really a fan of Japanese RPGs - way too grindy, IMO, and the combat systems do not have the kind of depth to make this anywhere near fun enough. PK:LG hasn’t budged that opinion.

It does, however, succeed in being a game that I’m OK with playing (got to stay ahead of the kids, so that I can help them out), because it has been streamlined just enough to make the grinding tolerable to me.

The big complaints I’ve read are that: a) Catching is too simple, because apparently people prefer to fight 2000 catch battles rather than the catching mini-game - which just seems insane to me. This is much better. There are more than enough “trainers” dotted around the map for me to get tired of the combat. b) Some combat mechanics (mostly items) have been removed. Hard for me to judge, but I don’t see how a few items would add significantly more depth to the combat mini-game, so I’m skeptical that this is really all that important. c) Difficulty is too easy. I’ve not had any trouble so far, but then I almost never do. My kids have run into a few battles where they had to do it over - even with the OP partner pokemon - and even I’ve found it tough to win some battles if I’m at the end of a long, grindy “dungeon”, low on revives/potions, HP, and run into a trainer who counters my party strengths. I really fail to see how this would be improved by having players run back to the hospital/store multiple times during “dungeon runs” (or having us stock up even more on potions/revives), which would essentially be the consequence of increased difficulty. Want more difficulty, play without the OP partner (as mentioned above), or without using potions/revives/running back to town, and I’m sure most people would find the difficulty quite challenging.

The kids love it. They don’t mind the grind/filler encounters as much as I do, and just enjoy running around catching and battling Pokemon (biggest weakness is a lack of native language support, but that’s to be expected - Scandinavia is a small market). It’s succeeds at being a good game. It unfortunately also succeeds in demonstrating how the “gaming community” is becoming stupider and stupider each year, because while it’s far from perfect, none of the “hater” complaints about this game I’ve read would make it a better game for its target demographic.


Mainline Pokemon games typically do have a decent depth to them.

One of the great things about the series is that the depth is largely optional - hence traditionally it has been popular wiith both the casual and the more ‘hardcore’ players.

Casuals can collect and evolve the critters and experience the story. Hardcores can go super deep into breeding the perfect teams for end-game competitive play.

I mean, it’s still mostly a kids game but it does usually have that layer there for the dedicated as well. I guess this time it doesn’t*, and the competitive players are a bit miffed - first the mobile game is not for them, then this is not for them either. Grr! :)

So yeah I think we’re seeing this passionate part of the base that loves Pokemon and feels neglected having a bit of whinge. Then add to that the internet dogpile mentality and you get the frankly embarrasing hater review bombing that seems so prevalent today.

*I wouldn’t know if it actually does lack an end-game or not, because I’ve always been on the more casual side and am not that far. Which is probably why I’m fine with Let’s Go as well as Sun/Moon. :)


Not only that, but you can migrate your progress from the PC version!

Which is a bit misleading, because it’s not cross-platform. Instead, you can send a one-time-only snapshot of your PC progress to the Switch version and then pick up from there. At that point, you’ve got two entirely separate versions of Warframe that will never coincide again.



That’s better than Blizzard ever managed to do for Diablo.


Does anyone here have a second Switch, say for their kids? My oldest is 9 and is obsessed with Pokémon and has been asking for the latest Switch version ever since she saw the trailer. So far her (and her sisters) gaming has been limited to the Wii U and iPad (and the occasional spin in Forza Horizon 4) so this would be their first console. My question really is how does a second Switch work with your Nintendo account? Is it limited to the eShop? Can I download games I purchased digitally onto the second device? Can I be logged into my account on both devices simultaneously?

Really I’m just trying to find out if I can keep playing my Switch and my games while they’re limited to “their” games on their Switch. If that’s not viable I suppose I could just let them play on mine (the cheaper option) or give her my old 3DS with a Pokémon game on that.


Someone can give you a more comprehensive answer, because I don’t use 2 switches.

But I believe you can buy a second switch and have a kids ID on it, connected to you as a family member.

Downloaded switch games tie to the machine and the ID. So you could log into your kid switch and your games follow, or vice versa the kids games will follow them if they log into yours. The same account cannot be logged into simultaneously on multiple machines.

Nintendo also has parental controls for ya because Nintendo loves parental controls.

If you bought Pokémon under your account, I don’t think your scenario will work.


Hey, this thing is neat:
Flip Grip Unboxing: Make Your Nintendo Switch a P…:

Also, i want to say that while i was skeptical of what Nintendo was going to do with the virtual arcade, I’m happy with it now. Their originally announced thing was really bad, but the way it works now is good, and the selection of games they have is good.


I believe you have to link the 3DS Nintendo account (“Nintendo Network ID”) with your main (Switch) Nintendo store account, then it’ll all be pooled.


I think with the new Switch Online, if you buy a yearly family pass, you can have access to the games on multiple systems and they are tied to the account that way, which would make it possible for you to have software on both systems playable by everyone you designate as a family member with an account.

If you don’t do that, then the purchases will be tied to the account and the Switch they were purchased on. Everyone with an account on that specific system will be able to play on that specific machine but you can’t just go download on another Switch without the new Switch Onlline, which costs $34.99 for a family for a year.

I think Switch Online was their way of helping to “solve” the multiple Switch family household problem when it comes to digitally purchased games. You also get access to all the NES classics (and future games maybe not NES) that are available as long as you subscribe.

Now… you could also buy Pokémon Let’s Go on a cartridge and just move that back and forth and that would eliminate all the issues with online accounts entirely. Physical games are the easiest way to avoid dealing with any restrictions on digital purchases, obviously.


Nintendo just published a pretty great Black Friday sale for Switch:

Some notable games you shouldn’t overlook:

  • Steamworld Dig 2
  • Steamworld Heist
  • Mario + Rabbids
  • Dead Cells
  • Celeste
  • Towerfall
  • Bastion
  • Enter the Gungeon


Don’t forget Tropical Freeze, which is the best 2D platformer I’ve played since VVVVVV.

Edit: And Valkyria Chronicles IV for $30 just a few months after release (haven’t bought it, but I liked the first one and thought the demo was promising), not to mention other forum favorites like Disgaea 5 and Darkest Dungeon.


Those sound great too, just never played them. Kind of disappointed that tropical freeze is still so expensive considering it was a previous gen port.


I agree, but that seems to be standard practice for Nintendo. I’m actually surprised this sale is so good considering all the grumbling I’ve heard about Nintendo’s hesitancy to discount games ever. Of course, other than Tropical Freeze, I don’t think any of these titles are first-party Nintendo (no Zelda or Mario, not that I don’t already own them). Still much better than I expected since I rarely see digital titles discounted like this. Probably going to finally get Mario + Rabbids, maybe VC4 after some research.


Wow, they put a lot of 5 star games on sale this year.


I want too many things so I will get nothing.

I was hoping against hope for a diablo 3 discount. Yea it just came out two weeks ago but it’s also a really old game that is like 20 bucks on other consoles right now.