Nintendo finally reveals the Switch console


Wait, the ball is good? I only do handheld, is it worth plugging into TV just to use a ball?


It’s a lot of fun. You can also take a Pokémon with you inside it to level up!

I think the game looks spectacular on the TV. It’s worth it for that alone, but the ball is nifty.


It’s amazing that you can bring pixels into a physical object. Sold! So it’s like this only I don’t have to feed my tamagotchi:


Got a problem with overcooked. I have one switch and I want to play coop, do I need to buy a second set of wiimotes?


You should be able to use 1 joy con per player – so for 2 player co-op you do not need to buy more joy cons


Ok only took me 20 minutes to figure out! You have to press the sync buttons on each controller.


Does anybody have a recommendation for a dock-replacement USB-C dongle? I’m aware that you can’t just use a normal USB-C because Nintendo did some kind of wonky protocol that doesn’t charge with a normal USB-C format. Are pretty much all of the Nintendo Switch-specific branded ones more or less the same?


Most high output USB-C chargers can charge a Switch. The problem is they can’t power the Switch when outputting to a TV in docked mode. So I’d recommend an official charger if that’s your goal. Otherwise any USB-C cable and recent USB charger will do.


Yeah, for charging I just use a standard USB charger. I was looking for one of the combined charging/HDMI output dongles, fully replacing the dock for e.g. travel.


In that case I did get my Sister’s family a Fastsnail brand replacement doc for their second TV. It was working for them until their Switch was stolen. I bought a second official A/C adapter to use with it rather than risking additional power problems. I think you still need to avoid the Nyko ones which had a huge issue bricking Switches after FW 6.0 released.


My Flipgrip arrived today. Very solid construction. I picked up Danmaku Unlimited 3 and it’s been pretty fun, seems forgiving enough for someone not super into bullet hell games.



Mine arrived yesterday too, along with the joycon stick extenders @Mike_Cathcart talked about. I did not have time to play although I have a lot of vertical stuff already. The new SNK 40th Anniversary Collection, Gunbird, Donkey Kong, Pinball FX… pretty much if it was a vertical arcade game you can rotate the game via a menu option. I also picked up the Namco Arcade Pac but that’s going under the tree.

I plan to be FlipGripping tonight so I’ll report back too.


Eww, gross.


I also received my FlipGrip, and it feels great in Pinball FX3. Though sadly, it appears the only vertical shooter I have so far (Shikhondo: Soul Eater) doesn’t actually support tate mode. I’ll have to keep an eye out for sales on others that do.

My other new purchase is the 8bitdo SN30+ gamepad, which has been a much better experience. I had gotten tired of trying to consistently hit Celeste’s diagonal dashes on the Joy-cons, and wanted a real d-pad. First tried a cheap SN30 (non + ), and liked the controls but had constant problems with reconnecting after sleep, so exchanged it for the newer model, which has worked flawlessly so far.



But Google translation of the red bit says

The product is only a reputation, but we think it will be announced at The Game Awards with launch in early 2019 (Feb?).


Oh, well that’s very disappointing. :(


“Reputation” is a odd translation in this context. It’s “rumor”.


Well, depending how 4 is being designed and what the story is for Samus this time around, it would make a lot of sense to release the Trilogy now on Switch before 4 hits next year.


I hope Nintendo repeat what they did with Bayonetta and announce a collection at the Game Awards with a early release the following year. Back in February, Eurogamer reported that Metroid Prime 4 was relatively early in development, and that Bandai Namco’s Japan team had recently taken over as lead developer, so I don’t know if that will make an appearance. I’m mostly excited for the year of Smash to be over.

UPDATE: Since publication I’ve heard Bandai Namco’s Japan studio is also working on the project, with the intention it will now take the lead on its development while Singapore moves to focus on another Switch game