Nintendo finally reveals the Switch console


The Wii-U and 3DS both now use the Nintendo ID, so I’d predict that it will apply to stuff bought using those systems.


This I actually don’t fault them for specifically, it’s just sort of the inevitability of other circumstances and how they develop stuff. It’s not that they’re cutting off development for Wii U, it’s that there already basically wasn’t any. Nothing new or exciting on the 3rd party front, and their slow pace with first party titles means the single major title of overlap (Zelda) makes sense, because the next really major franchise (Mario) for the holiday season would at that point really be strangely late in the game to still support the Wii U.

So yes, it’s a bummer there isn’t more stuff coming out for the Wii U, but that’s been a problem with the Wii U all along, not something new I blame directly on the console transition.


Well, if we’re gonna be using our phones and tablets for Nintendo voice chat, matchmaking, and more, we might as well use them for Netflix and Hulu too. I mean, at this point Nintendo thinks of my phone as an extention of Switch anyway, so they might as well say they DO support Netflix… and Hearthstone! And Skype! And Smartglass for Xbox One! All from the convenience of my Samsung S6 Active official Switch peripheral!


Microsoft’s known for doing exactly that with both of their preceding consoles.


It’s not just lack of new games. I got a number of message slowly stripping the Wii of online App, MH server was taken down, and then the Wii went online dark entirely. It doesn’t make me want to buy a console from Nintendo when they shift like this… and let’s keep in mind, they don’t really even do this with the DS. The DS, DSi, 3DS, new 3DS… all of those kind of shared for a bit… not oh the new one is here all the rest of you out.

360 servers are still up… right? And I remember side by side comparison between 360 and One for games that hit both systems for… months.


Why do you keep bringing up servers as if it refutes the argument that “this other company stopped first-party game development on their old system when the new one came out,” which was what that GameSpot article you linked was specifically talking about?


The other consoles have strong third party support. When Nintendo abandons their hardware, there’s not much a lingering tail is there because they can’t seem to get third party support. It makes a bigger difference on a Nintendo console that seems to have rehashes of existing games from third party at the gate, some trash titles and then not much else… assuming the support for the Switch is like it was for the Wii and the Wii U.

Do you have a reason to believe that’s going to be different this time around?

I remember looking for games for my Wii… there weren’t any to buy. Hell I had Nintendo Power magazine… and it just talked about the 3DS. They couldn’t even talk about Wii games in that either… they barely existed, especially towards the end.


This made me laugh out loud.


Hmmm. Xbox One launched on Nov 2013.

Microsoft ceased production of the Xbox 360 in April of 2016.

Every single month Microsoft releases at least one Xbox 360 game through its Games With Gold program. Sure, the majority of that is used by Xbox One players using BC to play them, but if you have a 360, you can plug it in, download any of those games on your account and have at it.

The last first-party game developed for the 360 was ScreamRide which launched on March 2015. They also published Rise of the Tomb Raider for the 360 the same year.

Doesn’t sound like Microsoft did what you said.


Unrelated: realizing the PS4/XBONE launched in 2013 feels crazy. The PS4 still feels “new” to me, in a good way.


Again, the subject was first-party game development, none of which has anything to do with console manufacture or servers or any of this other stuff that keeps getting brought up.

The last Microsoft-published original Xbox game was released in October 2005, a month before the Xbox 360 came out. When was the last first- or second-party Xbox 360 game released?


ScreamRide. March 2015. They also published Rise of the Tomb Raider in 2015.

2014 (one year after Xbox One launched) here’s what they published:

Fable Anniversary
Forza Horizon 2
Warface: Xbox 360 Edition
World of Tanks: Xbox 360 Edition
Halo: Spartan Assault
Magic: The Gathering – Duels of the Planeswalkers 2015
Max: The Curse of Brotherhood
Project Totem
Super Time Force
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Training Lair

I have no idea what Sony did, so you might try that route. You’re wrong on 360 support ceasing as soon as the Xbox One launched.


I was going to toss in Minecraft: Storymode, offering episodes on 360 as recently as last September, but I guess Telltale licensed and self-published that.


They got better on that front, then, and I retract the statement for that console.

It was a big deal when it happened with the original Xbox, mostly because it was just under four years after the console’s launch. Of course, that meant it was only the second-shortest-lived platform of that generation!

For comparison, Nintendo’s last GameCube release was Twilight Princess in 2006, and their final Wii game was Kirby’s Dream Collection, a couple of months before the Wii U’s release. (Slight oddity there: the Nintendo-published Pandora’s Tower, released in 2011 in Japan, didn’t get an international release until 2013, but XSEED handled that in the US. More odd: there was an official Wii game released in 2015 that wasn’t a licensed game, Just Dance, or Skylanders.)


Yeah, I won’t argue for the OG Xbox to Xbox 360. Microsoft cut bait and motored off immediately. It sucked.


Yeah, they couldn’t drop the OG Xbox fast enough. It was always sold at a loss.


You’re likely correct, as the Switch is too slow to emulate Wii games. It could do translation rather than emulation, but my feeling is Nintendo would have talked about that already if it was the case.

Dolphin emulator runs on the ShieldTV, which is clocked 25% higher than the docked Switch, but from what I’ve seen it can’t even run Gamecube games at 60fps.


Could the Gamecube run Gamecube games at 60fps?


Depends on how fast it’s moving relative to an observer.


It varied by game. I think the F-Zero game they had was 60fps, for example.