Nintendo finally reveals the Switch console


Surely it’s still more useful than adaptive sync on consoles as well, since it removes input latency associated with VSync when at/over monitor refresh?

In both technologies, when sub 30/60 you’re running VSync off. In Adaptive Sync, VSync is turned on when you hit/exceed 30/60, introducing input latency. In FastSync, when you hit 30/60 it retains the last frame and draws that, and input latency remains at VSync off levels, with no tearing.

And I misunderstanding how it works?


That is how nvidia fastsync works, yes. If you can ensure that your framerates will always be over refresh rate, it’s useful. But only if you’re super sensitive to very small amounts of input lag-- vsync at 60fps is a whopping 17ms of lag. Maybe an esports “athlete” could be affected by that, but I’ve certainly never noticed it.

For your second bit, you’re talking about adaptive vsync, not adaptive sync. Adaptive sync is a catch-all term for changing the monitor’s refresh rate to match your framerate, more commonly called freesync or g-sync.


Yeah, typo, sorry!


I still can’t get over the latest Breath of the Wild trailer from the Jan 12 reveal. I’ve probably watched it 30 times already, and keep seeing new awesome things to get excited about. This is sort of funny to me because the gameplay footage thus far, while interesting and all, didn’t really hype me up so much as reaffirm my decision to purchase. But this trailer pushes all the right buttons for me and excites the hell out of me (go music).

Anyway, after showing my wife the trailer yesterday, Youtube rolled over to the next video while we discussed what I’d shown her. This is the video that followed, a reaction video from some kid that more or less puts into motion everything I felt the first (and subsequent) time(s) I saw it. I can’t stop laughing at this video.

Of note, he’s watching the Japanese trailer, but I’ll link the english one after his video in case someone actually wants to see the trailer fullscreen.

And while my wife and I ended up watching and laughing at several hilarious (for various reasons) Zelda reaction videos after this one, this one hit me hardest. So funny to me:

Reaction video:

English trailer:


It is a fantastic trailer indeed. Seeing Zelda crying like that makes me feel the way I felt in the best of the Witcher trailers, which shows a brief scene with Ciri crying. Both are heartbreaking when you care about the characters there.

Breath of the Wild is easily my most expected game for 2017, and I can’t wait to finally play it in my Wii U.


Ugh, I don’t even know why you’re bothering to play on the Wii U. 720p? Will you even be able to tell what’s happening onscreen?!?


Yes, because resolution doesn’t matter.


Seriously though, I’ll no doubt be playing it on the Wii U too. I’ll save money and get a second screen! It’s going to be some time before I see myself picking up a Switch, if at all.


Heh. I was shocked when I found out that Super Mario 3D World is actually 720p upscaled. I could swear it was it was 1080p.

So, in other words, I’m not worried at all. I played games in 320x200 back in the day, I can handle 720p just fine.

(I know you were being sarcastic, BTW) :D


This resolution talk is funny. Right now I’m playing WW HD on the Wii U gamepad itself (wife is usually watching the TV that the Wii U is hooked up to) and I’m perfectly happy with it. Isn’t that like 480p?


Yea but pixel density and blah blah blah.


It’s especially funny coming from Andy. @Murbella owes me a drink and a towel.


Sorry, why is it especially funny coming from me?


Red & blue controller console now available for pre-order at Amazon (this won’t last).


Pre-Ordering the Switch through that link is only available to Amazon Prime members.

I’m a Prime member, but still think that reeks. No idea what impact it will have on scalpers though.

Edit: Looks like it’s out of stock again anyway. I think it actually takes longer to sign up for Amazon Prime than they even had these available. But hey, buy Prime now to be prepared for the next allotment… duh. So dumb.


I feel the same way as a Prime Member itself. These Prime Days and Prime Exclusives just… bother me.


Pro Controllers are in stock at Best Buy for pre-order.

$70 though? I hadn’t realized they were going to be $20 more than the DS4 and XB1 controllers. Have they announced any premium features that kind of makes it better quality than those? I’m not being snarky or anything, just wondering. From what a friend of mine has told me, the build quality of a Xbox Elite controller totally makes it worth the cost at $120+, so obviously a controller can have premium features and be worth more than the standard $50, so I was genuinely wondering if they’d talked much about the Pro Controller yet.


Well, it can be broken into two controllers for 2-player gaming. Has motion controls. Has an IR sensor for looking at objects and hand signs. Has “HD rumble.” And it, uhh. I forget what else.

Oh yea, an Amiibo NFC sensor too.

Oh wait… PRO controller… yea, no idea.


It has the Nintendo logo on it.


Well, it has all the features of the joy-cons that XB1/PS4 controllers lack … ‘hd’ rumble, ir sensor (unconfirmed but almost certain), NFC for amiibos, a 40 hour battery life.