Nintendo finally reveals the Switch console


I’m okay with the higher price, since I’m not in a hurry to get it. I’m sure it will come down in price for the holiday season 2017. That’s when we’ll see what the real price is. The price next month is just the early adopter price, which is expected to be high, I think.


I have to buy the damn thing…so says my 11 year old.

With this he will now have:

Wii U


Do Nintendo consoles see decent price drops? I feel like they don’t really, but I might be misremembering.


Hmmm, you might be right.

Price Cut wiki shows N64 and Gamecube got good price cuts pretty fast. Wii didn’t get one for 3 years, and then another one two years after that. And WiiU only got one price cut a year after launch.


Yeah, it seems to me that modern Nintendo is interested in preserving the value of the brand by not slashing prices. MS and Sony are similar really, in that they would rather add a bigger hard drive or a hardware revision these days than drop the price considerably.

Still, based on that historical information if you are willing to wait you might see one for $250. I bet it won’t be until holiday 2018 that the Switch drops in price though.


I’m sure it’ll vary depending on the device’s success, but I bought my Wii U in January of 2014, about 14 months after it came out.

When first released, the “Deluxe” version was $350 and had 32GB storage, and came with Nintendo Land.

When I bought it 14 months later I got a brand new bundle through an eBay sale. Deluxe version, no Nintendo Land, but it came with the Wind Waker special edition console and game, Ninja Gaiden 3, and The Wonderful 101. Paid only $270 for all of that.

The Wii U hasn’t dropped in price much, but it has been bundled with more and more stuff has time has gone on.


Bundles are the name of the game these days; we’ll probably see a $300 bundle with Zelda/Mario/whatever before a price cut (and for my sake, hopefully this holiday). Also, not sure how much we can place on the Wii U not seeing a drop since it barely moved any units.


Didn’t the 3DS get a price cut a few months after release?




On Bundles, bundling is the name of the game, and in the case of Xbox One, unbundling too. They took out the Kinect. So I bought one at launch at $500, and this holiday season you could have the Xbox One S for $250 with a game or two or three, depending on what bundle you got, sometimes with an extra controller. But it was that much cheaper also because it no longer came with the Kinect.

I bought a PS4 at $400 at launch, and this holiday you could get a slim for around $250 with Uncharted 4.

3DS did get a price cut pretty early from $250 to $200 that LockerK mentioned upthread before we knew the price of the Switch.

I was just thinking the Switch will probably come down to the same price as a Xbox One S/PS4 slim this coming holiday. But LMN8R’s scenario actually sounds more likely. It will probably still be $300, but bundled with something. Maybe the Pro controller, or with Zelda. Either way, if you want those things, that still counts as a price cut in my eyes.


I’m just not much interested in a “full sized” console since I already have a gaming machine (the PC). The connect-to-TV option of the Switch is nice though.


That’s the first time I’ve ever seen an unboxing video. And it was just as mundane as I imagined it to be.


Price drop? were talking Nintendo here. The WiiU was basically the same price several years later still even after the poor sales. They just don’t hardly ever drop prices for consoles or games.


The Wii-U got pretty heavily discounted by retailers, at least in the UK. It was £300 for the Deluxe version with NintendoLand at launch. About 6 months later I bought a retailer bundle for £250 including Zombi-U and Lego City Undercover.

And of course the 3DS famously got a massive price cut shortly after launch.


Yes, six months into its lifetime.


Toss in a game and a Pro controller and we can talk, but it would take some seriously disappointing sales velocity to get them to throw together stuff that costs $430 at launch for around $300.


That is really the problem, for me, about the Switch. It is just too damn expensive at launch. 360 bucks minimum on launch day.

If they had said, all VC titles you bought on the 3ds and Wii U can be played on this new portable system Day 1, I would have pre-ordered.

I just know they are going to fuck over the people with large VC libraries again.


The fact that this system is less than one month from launch and Nintento still hasn’t provided any official statement on this question does not inspire confidence.


I really want to like you Nintendo, but you are making it really hard.


And yet that’s what happened with their last two hardware launches.