Nintendo finally reveals the Switch console


Video grab from the guy who got the 2 week early pre-order shows purchases tied to account, rather than hardware:

edit: added full image


Awesome. That’s a step in the right direction. I wonder how hard it is to unlink… mostly thinking of when you get rid of or lose a console.


That was definitely a huge hassle with the Wii U – the unofficial solution was “don’t sell or lose your device, idiot” which was way better than the official solution of having to call support and wait a few days to a week to use your new device.


Well you can initialise to unlink, as seen above… that covers selling. Losing, I’m not so sure. :)


Nintendo used to have some of the lowest fail rates with MSFT at the top end. I assume that hasn’t changed, so it isn’t a huge issue but… I also didn’t walk around with my Wii in hand.


Yeah, I’ve never had a failed (or dropped) Nintendo handheld either though… and I’ve had most of them!


Giant Bomb played 1-2-Switch. Definitely fun to watch, no clue about playing it:


That’s a great demonstration of how accurate the joy cons are, and do much better than Wiimotes but lol at paying $50 for that game


Apparently Drew is now a bona fide meme. It was on Mashable and everything.


I totally agree - it soooo seems like a packaged game like wii sports…
makes me NOT want to get it day 1.


When the bundles discussed above finally come, a game like 1-2 Switch or Arms is what I would expect to see bundled with the Switch, not Zelda or Mario.


Turns out the ‘early pre-order’ Switch in the wild recently was from a small batch of stolen units, illegally resold.

Nintendo has determined these units were stolen in an isolated incident by employees of a U.S. distributor, with one system being illegally resold. The individuals involved have been identified, terminated from their place of employment and are under investigation by local law enforcement authorities on criminal charges.


I don’t understand why someone would risk their job and their freedom over something so small.


Stupidity is one hell of a drug.


I mean, people go to jail all the time for stealing gum or candy. At least this was a $200 electronic device they were trying to resell.


Please, I wish we were living in that world.

299.99 USD.


I get that but it’s not even a years salary even at the lowest wage. It’s just crazy. The kids I know who got in trouble for candy and gum were just that, actual kids.


I don’t know why one of the initial titles would launch so big and not really be accommodated out of the box like that. It is a launch title right?


Just buy the physical cartridge? It’s usually cheaper anyway… :P

But yeah … even with a 128gb card, Dragon Quest Heroes will take up a good portion of it.

edit: note that Vita and 3DS both had digital download games that exceeded their shipped SD card sizes (4gb).


The original 3DS came out 6 years ago. We’ve shifted more on the digital front since then. If the expectation is to buy a new card with the console… that’s just another expense. It’s quickly adding up. I just thought it was an odd launch problem to have… .maybe something you’d see mid/end life as bigger games come out.

My 3DS Mario game would have fit fine on the card it came with, but of course I uppoed the size. That was an option though, not a requirement.