Nintendo rocks, Microsoft sucks

Financial statements for the last fiscal year are in.

Nintendo rules the world with 5.84 million Wiis sold to-date, a current production of 1 million units per month and plans to ship 14 million total in 2007.

If you think that’s good you should take a look at the DS: “23 million DS and DS Lite units sold globally during the last fiscal year, for a total of 40 million since the console first launched in November 2004.” The new Pokemon DS titles are the fastest selling Pokemons ever with over a million already sold in the US. Their total sales are 5.21 million… and then there’s 9.5 million of Super Mario Bros., 12 million of the Brain Age series, 13.6 million of Nintendogs… no wonder Nintendo profits soared by 77%!

On the other hand, there’s Microsoft.

While the traditional divisions are doing just fine, both Online Services and Entertainment & Devices are deep in the red. Ironically, Entertainment losses somewhat decreased as division revenues also decreased, underlining once again that Microsoft has currently no perspective of ever making money on its consoles. Where’s the class action lawsuit to force Microsoft to finally pay some decent dividends, rather than blowing its Office and Windows profits on such vanity projects? If this continues I’d also expect an anti-dumping lawsuit by the EU.

(See also Gamasutra on the same subject.)


… also snags up Monolith Soft (Xenosaga, Baten Kaitos).


Hmm, I’d think the Zune is more of a vanity project than the Xbox. After all the xbox was going into a fairly uncompetitive market at the time, whereas the Zune is going up against alot more competition, and it doesn’t seem to play on Microsoft’s strengths.
Sony’s results will be interesting when they come out.

Sony’s results will be good - but entirely due to sales of flat screen TVs. The games division is not doing well, the chip division worse.

Sony’s results will be good - but entirely due to sales of flat screen TVs.

Sony Pictures also happened to be quite profitable in the past quarters.


100 million PS1’s sold was uncompetitive?

And announces it’s currently working on 45 wii games and 79 DS games.

Haha… I thought the same thing!

I think he mean’t an uncompetitive market in the sense there was one overwhelmingly dominant player, that was operating on extremely high profit margins.

You know, like the PC Operating System market :-)

You mean he meant the definition of uncompetitive!?!?!

Also, Chris, those are some really deep and replayable financial results!

Ooo, burn!

You think that xbox competes against the PS1?
Regardless I would define competitiveness as a function of how many players are in the market. 2 competing companies ain’t much, at least compared to the mp3 player market which has far more than that.
Not to mention that they were at the beginning of the generation thus hadn’t had time to make a large userbase.

Is the OS market a competitive market to enter? I mean, there’s only like 4 guys who sell them

… over the next 3 years…

WTF are you talking about? Microsoft entered the console market when Sony was coming off a generation where they had sold 100 million consoles (PS1) and already had a 1.5 year start with PS2. It’s entirely analogous to entering the MP3 market and taking on Apple which has similar dominance in the market to what Sony did at the beginning of last generation.

Number of companies doesn’t really matter- Apple’s percentage of the MP3 marketshare is is pretty much where Sony’s percentage of the console market was.

If making almost 5 billion dollars in income means you suck then I can only guess suck is the new “bad” in the world of slang.

That’s still more then one first-party game a month on average for Wii, and more then two for DS.

That probably means ultra-low development cost.

Considering one of the biggest player is free, I’d say you might have to settle on a rather small profit margin if you wish to enter it.

So perhaps and after all pc gaming is not doomed?
The next generation consoles are burning money faster then a real fire ever could get. The exception to that is the wii but that couldnt be counted really next gen (in exception to the controler). So the answer is that consoles can not compete with a pc on a pure technology base and make a profit.
If and when xbox360 and ps3 will earn profit the pc will have far better games graphicwise.