Nintendo sells a DS every 5 seconds

And that’s in America only. DS sells 6 million units since start of the year, beats former Thanksgiving record set by GBA, and has increased its annual sales every year since its launch in 2004.

I don’t even know what to say to these Nintendo news anymore. Don’t they ever get tired of selling incredible quantities of consoles for gigantic profits?

It Prints Money

Every 5 seconds, a Dave Long gets its wings.

NTDOY is around $75 now. Think it’ll hit $100 by next year?

shrug I’ve bought the 6 of the things myself this year.

Fuck you. I’ve bought six today, bitch.

I got one for my Dad.

They see me rollin’, they hatin’…

luxuriates in a castle wallpapered with nintendo ds’s

You built that place out of the ones I threw out for being too old. I like my DSs like donuts. A day later they gotta go!

I’ve single handledly caused the statistic to go “from every 4 seconds” to “from every 5 seconds.”

FOH, you probably still wear shoes, I just throw down a brand new ds anywhere I want to go and skip across them barefoot like lilypads.

Heh. It just sold two more (and seven games, all first-party) just now. Two of my friends just got bought one.

I received one for Christmas in 06 and have since bought 2 for others as gifts. I’ve only bought one 1st party game, New Super Mario Brothers. I do love me some Phoenix Wright.

I’ve personally bought three. All for myself: A DS on launch day. A DS Lite on it’s launch day, and a DS Lite to replace the stolen DS lite.

If I bought a DS… could I still play Pokemon Red on it?

I got one for my daughter for Christmas. She wants one because she’s jealous of her brother’s. There’s two.

Personally, I’m a PSP kinda guy. I like the game selection better. I have no idea how often Sony sells a PSP (probably one a week or so) but I have purchased two.

Nope. DS only supports GBA not GBC, but you could play the Fire Red remake for GBA.

I’m sorry, but I leave no Pokemon behind!

Sale denied.

You can play your old gameboy games on any of the GBA flavours: GBA, SP, or Micro. Why not buy one of each?