Nintendo Spotlight E3 2017

Starting in five minutes. Thirty minutes long. Discuss!

Thanks for the link! I’m watching this on mute at work. Hopefully I won’t need sound to figure anything out.

Hoping for virtual console for Switch, but anything Switch related has got me interested…

I expect a ton of ARMS.

Earbuds are in. Here we go!

ARMS is preordered! Can’t wait!

I wonder if I should look into ARMS. It seems fun. Is it multiplayer only?

I’m surprised, the reviews have been mixed. Though if you know lots of other Switch owners, OK, yeah… Multiplayer is where it’s at.

That chat is going crazy. You can’t even read it.

Hiding it made me happier. And no, ARMS has a single player component but the reviews of it haven’t been very kind.

ARMS was awesome during the TestPunch. I loved it.

Thank you!!

Xenoblade Chronicles 2!

Never played the first, but this looks pretty good.

Holiday 2017?! What?

Wait, not YOSHI. Whatsisname.


Kirby. This looks cool.

I could see playing with my son. Kirby is a good pull.

Someone tag me if there’s a Platinum game.

There it is. Core RPG Pokemon on Switch.

We all thought it was coming, but with Nintendo you can never know.

EDIT: Sorry Tim, that wasn’t aimed at you