Nintendo Survey

Saw this survey link at Evil Avatar…

Early in the survey they ask your age, and here are the choices:

11 or younger

Which is great evidence that Nintendo is shedding their “kids-only” mentality and really thinking about a broader target audience. Jeez. Nope, I’ve never read any news reports/articles about 40-50 year-olds playing online puzzle games, or would have any reason to differentiate them from someone who’s 31. Nope. But whether you’re 13 or 15 is very important!!!
<I don’t know how to /sarcasm at a time like this>

In fact I can imagine that clicking the “30+” button automatically consigns your survey to the bucket labeled “Old geezer, we don’t care about this one”.

Pokemon Online would be awesome.

Nah. I took it again as a 30+ and it is the same thing.

How very “Logan’s Run” of them.

Interesting to think about the differences between the age groups listed. Is the GBA most popular with non-driving age youth? Are most DS units in the hands over the 30+ age group?

Oooh, please check Zelda for online play, that would be awesome :).

That would make a good .sig