Nintendo Switch

Into The Breach - I played it on PC until I beat it with one team, but did not play other teams. I always thought it belongs into a handheld …

nobody playing Tetris 99?

Tetris 99 is great. It’s free with Switch Online though so that’s probably why it doesn’t get discussed much here.

Wii fit + rpg

(plus slightly phsycotic looking male host)

Make sure your defense is ab-solute!

They both look like indoctrinated wackos from a terrifying cult.

Hosts aside, it looks like fun! It’s less about balance and more about motion than the Balance Board and if the adventure game is of Nintendo quality, then that’s probably going to be a fun playthrough.


…and there’s the headline they were looking for…

Ring Fit Adventure is the first fitness-focused game I’ve ever played with an actual story. You play as a hero dressed like a gym rat, and you partner up with a sentient ring named Ring to fight off an incredibly swole purple dragon in a leotard, who is infecting the fantasy realm with darkness. (Nintendo says that the dragon was designed to represent the negative aspects of gym culture, like ultra competitiveness. In other words, he’s a fantastical bro.) The experience is structured sort of like a Super Mario game, as you go through a series of levels spread across different settings, punctuated by boss battles.



A Nintendo rep told me that if you played for an hour a day, it’d take between three to four months to finish the campaign.

That’s a serious RPG!

Breath of the wilds is a must own title for the switch… not sure if anyone said that, since we’re talking about another zelda game, but BoTW is one of the best games ever made.

He said he played it on Wii U, so really no need to get it on Switch.

I think Golf Story might still be my favorite Switch game.

The Nintendo Ring Fit Adventure™ looks perfect to bring up to my hipster rooftop parties.

This looks interesting.

That looks really cool, but at this point I’m wary, since games like that always tend to be a disappointment thus far.

If you’re not opposed to platformers, Donkey Kong: Tropical Freeze is excellent, assuming you did not play it on Wii U. As mentioned, Mario Odyssey is great too. Both work well enough in handheld mode.

Golf Story is also solid. Even if you have no interest in golf.

Steamworld Dig 2
Golf Story
Mario + Rabbids

Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate is the game that kicked Diablo out of my Switch here.

I think Tetris 99 is a good enough reason to subscribe to the online thing to get it.

Otherwise: Virtua Racing!!

Sega Ages line is soooo goooooooood.

Steamworld Heist is amazing on Switch, and Steamworld Quest is also a blast. Super fun games.

I got some of the games on Wii U (DK, Steamworld etc)
I am starting Monster Hunter World on PS4, so MH Switch not yet.

Golf Story I will put on my list.
I found Katamari Reroll in the store. This will be great again.

also, I cannot buy any games during the sale in the eshop until I have my switch lite connected to my account … 7 days to go

Will it not let you buy them from the web at I didn’t try before my switch arrived so not positive.

no, it shows a message that I need a switch … sales seems to end before sept 20 when the Lite is released. Katamari is 50% at the moment