Nintendo Switch

Surely there must be some introverted kids out there.

My kid is kind of the same way. He does not like challenges so if he starts a single player game and cant figure something out within a few minutes…that’s it, deleted. He tends to use “creative” modes in all his games…says he just likes to explore game worlds without having to deal with any challenges.

Pretty sure that’s because we’ve golden spoon fed him all his life so far.

I paid for a Udemy course for Gamemaker Studio as he really wants to make a game (like everyone nowadays) and he had all summer to learn it and make a small game to put on the app store. NO, he wants ME to do it…says he is the creative director and is too lazy to code. OMG. I can see McDonalds in his future.

Back to Link’s Awakening….i love the cool new graphics and am really enjoying playing it again myself!

I wonder if I’d like Link’s Awakening. The only Zelda game I ever finished is Ocarina on 3DS. I don’t need anything to play right now (far from it) but maybe down the road I will give it a look.

It is definitely a throwback classic zelda. I only mention that because if you’re expecting modern day video game mechanisms and gameplay you are not going to find them here. That said, it’s a great filler game. I’m loving it so far.

Which is why I think I might like it a whole lot more than the newer ones.

Then I highly recommend.

You guys crack me up with your kids. My three boys roar through the Souls games like they’re made for babies. Toughen up your young ones with some multiplayer against Mom and Dad! Towerfall Ascension is a good starting point. :)

I started my kids on Spelunky until they could get to Olmec alone. It remains our go-to family game and we are super pumped for Spelunky 2.

I can’t really see the issue regarding frame rate drops in Links Awakening, was playing the starting regions, didn’t really notice it. It supposed to drop from 60 to 30, but whatever I did not notice it. Guess you need to run an FPS monitor. Internet is crazy as usual …

I think it happens when you come out of a house/dungeon and content is being stream/loaded. I’ve noticed a few times but it’s no big deal.

my wallet damage so far (regarding my new Switch Lite):

Links Awakening
Octopath Traveler
Disgaea 5 (used)
Wilmots Warehouse
Travis Strikes Again (used)
Untitled Goose Game
Tetris 99 with 1 year online

looking forward to rainy days and winter!

next tier of games should include

Into The Breach
Cadence of Hyrule
Golf Story
Dark Souls
Dead Cells

I went so far to get some new spectacles, that I already needed for reading. Maybe they will make a difference… now I really miss a TV out option on the Lite (don’t have OG Switch)

I’ve definitely seen it and I don’t normally care about these things. When you switch screens there’s a bit of stuttering/tearing when you move about the overworld.

I dunno if anyone else has played it, but Blasphemous is very good.

I’ve been trying to get my 15 year old daughter into RPGs for years, but she has no patience for menu screens and worrying about gear stats and leveling. Yet, she can spend hours building something in Minecraft. I don’t get it. Tried to get her into Zelda since that’s pretty simple, but as soon as she gets stuck she moves on. She did finish both Mirror’s Edge games which I could not get into.

And co-op games? Diablo 3 bores her after a short time, as do other action RPGs. She loves the shooters though, but I’m not really into FPS games. The only thing we seem to agree on is Overcooked.

I cannot wait to get this (when I pick up a Switch Lite, soon). I loved all the older 2D Zeldas, even the Capcom ones. Those had the “magic”. Aside from WIndwaker, haven’t really been able to get into the 3D Zeldas. And never got more than an hour into the two DS games.

Would love it if Super Metroid got a similar remake treatment.

I just can’t bring myself to pay $60 for a 20 year old Zelda game even with updated graphics. Fortunately I can get my fix while waiting for a reduced price by playing A Link to the Past for free on the Switch SNES library.

One of the all time greats.

There are few moments in gaming history better than the end of Super Metroid, when you get charged up by the metroid and murder Mother Brain with a freaking RAINBOW LASER OF DEATH.

Playing through Super Metroid on my SNES classic with my son was a joy. He was so excited to watch daddy ‘play your favorite game more’, and the Metroid mother moment had him gasp.

While trying in vain to preorder the Rune Factory 4 Special LE at GameStop the other day (they don’t have it in their computer yet because XSEED hasn’t given a real release date and it’s a smaller title), I flipped through their upcoming-games book and was reminded that the remake of YU-NO: A girl who chants love at the bound of this world. is out in a couple of weeks, so I got a preorder in for that.

For those who don’t know, YU-NO is considered an all-time great visual novel and has never received an official English release (though the old Windows version has a fan translation). While the prologue and epilogue are decently-long visual novels on their own, the main game is a meaty and rather text-heavy point-and-click adventure game based around time travel. The remake is apparently not as good as the original, but I don’t know how much of that is “this is actively bad” versus “I don’t like this decision made for the remake” - for example, most of the characters have new, somewhat more modern designs than the ‘90s original and its very ‘90s designs. Still, I’m willing to give the new version a shot.

Some of the appeal of the original was its esthetics, in the 16 colours pixel artistry (hey @jpinard ;) and the incredible soundtrack, and it seems from what I heard the soundtrack at least hasn’t been massacred too much (unlike the 32 bits remakes for instance). Still not as good as the original, but oh well.

On the scenario side, they probably dumped the loads of gratuitous “sex” that had nothing to do there for the better. But there are some aspects of the game that would be straight illegal in today’s Japan (not even mentionning the rest of the world) that weren’t back then, and I wonder how they got around them. It’s really the elephant in the room, and nobody ever seemed to talk about it in Japan — you don’t talk about games there anyway unless you want to be sued by Famitsu who holds the patent on the concept.

I didn’t play what was mentioned, ut I sure have a lot of love for a Rune Factory! Wish I had a Nintendo Switch for that.