Nintendo Switch

Haha wouldn’t expect anything less from this forum! ;)

OK, after 3 weeks I noticed yesterday night an issue with the left control stick during Golf Story. When I setup a ball, the aiming line/arc drifted on his own to the right!

it only happened when I made small adjustments with the left stick controlling the aim.

I went to the console settings stick calibration, and there I could see that if I do small adjustments to the right, the dot on the screen stays right of the center, causing a drift in game. It snaps back to the center if I nudge the stick a bit, but I could definitely reproduce it . Tried this with the right stick, but it was OK.

I thought, that maybe when I turned on the switch a couple of minutes before, after I inserted a new memory card, that the left stick was a bit off center, so I turned it off and on again, didn’t help.

I recalibrated the stick a couple of times and it looks like now I cannot reproduce it anymore. But a warning shot has been fired, thanks Nintendo! I will be paranoid now concerning the left stick …

Why is there no dead zone calibration and what does the included calbibration really do?

It’s a well known issue at this point. Seems to be a design flaw/material erosion situation. The good news is Nintendo is kind of owning up to it by allowing free repairs on affected joy cons, even out of warranty.

Unfortunately, new units continue to use the same inherently faulty stick design and will, inevitably, degrade. Until they change the design, they’re just throwing bandaids on the issue and forcing customers into an obnoxious cycle of returns :-/

oops, sorry, I meant to write I have this issue with the new Switch Lite. I hope it was just an calibration issue.

People are reporting the problem on the Lite also. I’d really like to get one but I’m leery of spending money for a console that’s going to have control problems.

It’s coming on the 18th!

Hooray! I’m there. Excited to play coop with my kids. They’ve been watching lots of YouTube videos to prepare.

Let’s hope that delay was only to aim at an Halloween release, not a sign of deep issues.

I’ve been taking the demo for Mistover out for a spin and have been really, really liking it. Basically, it is a chimera of Darkest Dungeon, Etrian Odyssey and the Mystery Dungeon games. Because I love all of those things, it is unsurprising that I’m having a really good time here. I may be forced to throw down 30 for this…

Thanks for mentioning this. Hadn’t heard of it before. Looks rather cool. Ofc, I’m only in the third month of fire emblem…

Oh hell yeah, thanks - this looks right up my alley, taking the demo for a spin now too. It’s on Steam also.

Some of the reviews are saying that the RNG makes the game very unfair.

I have a hard time trying the demo after watching the horrible Japanese presentation movie that makes it look like something that… I am the opposite of fond of. It’s marketed as usual there as a dating sim with children.

Whaaa? I don’t see any dating Sim stuff? I didn’t pay attention to the movie but it seemed to be just “in a dark world, dark stuff is happening etc etc”

Yeah that movie is weird, and reading the steam japanese reviews, it seems the people expecting that sort of game are leaving negative reviews about being disappointed, so I should probably try it!

Ugggh if there are any gross elements I totally apologize to everyone!!!

I’ve fired up the demo and apart from the (put your prefered adjective here) artwork, it feels really close to Darkest Dungeon. As far as weirdness, well the healing little girl seems to really enjoy being hit by monsters. But there is no awkward tea so far.
I find the combat pacing excruciating though.

Pine just dropped on Steam, not seeing it on Switch yet though.

Well, I just got a copy of YU-NO for the Switch. I’ve been interested in seeing what all the fuzz was about for what seems decades now, so I was really curious to finally play it.

So far:

  • I guess Steins Gate was really inspired by this… Like reaaaaaally inspired. The main character is equally annoying too.
  • The age of the game shows. Most specifically the game’s origin as an adult game is obvious as hell (although this is a remake of an already sanitized version, the dialog is full of teenage “edginess” and sex jokes. Which works for the unlikable protagonist, but still…) and make it so that you need to play it with a historical mindset to get over some questionable stuff.
  • Other than that, it is very, very promising, with much more “gameplay” than other VNs (certainly way more than Steins Gate). It’s a pity the remake didn’t change some of the badly aged stuff, but at the same time it’s good that it preserves more or less the same experience, I guess?