Nintendo Switch

These may be the worst load times I’ve ever experienced. Sure, at 16+ GB it definitely had to go onto an SD card, but so have several other games and I’ve never seen this before. On first load I stared at the splash screen for at least 40 seconds. Maybe it was closer to a minute. I nearly forced the game to quit.

Seems pretty smooth once you’re playing. The co-op play is both appreciated and problematic at the earliest (non Seal the Deal) levels where it’s clear that it’s not true coop, but rather Hat Girl is very much primary and Bow Girl is secondary. Only Hat Girl can activate dialogue, for example. And the camera is really pinned to her. If you’re playing Odyssey, it’s more like the Mario / Cappy relationship that your typical Mario / Luigi partnership.

More impressions to come.

Dang that’s a shame. Loading times are really a big showstopper here as I can’t stand them in the least. Thank you a lot for telling me.

Hyper Sentinel is 12 cents for now on the Switch.
It’s a sort of very retro shmup (probably drawing inspiration from a C64 game whose name I forgot). You are swiping a level left and right, and you have a small invulnerability window when you are changing direction/looping. It’s a bit too fast paced for me, and the power ups don’t feel balanced from what I played, but I kind of like it as it is a genre I’ve never been quite exposed to.
Here is the Steam store page which holds more info than the Nintendo one. The trailer was so horrible I almost passed on it though.

I think that discount is to try to promote the release of their Silk game.

Looks just like Andrew Braybrook’s Uridium.

Thank you! (again)

Dang, this thing is, in fact, a workout.

I did the setup and the first three missions, which I think was the first complete “world”. So I fought Dragaux once. As you said, it’s all incredibly polished, as almost only Nintendo games can manage.

I’d say you might need slightly larger than a yoga mat area, but what do I know, I’ve only just begun. I would add two warnings. Watch for ceiling fans. I didn’t do any exercises that had any rapid overhead movements, but I did raise hit the fan the first time I was stretching with my arms above my head. And second, you probably do want some kind of mat, because you will sweat. You probably don’t want to drip sweat all over a carpeted living room floor, for example.

I just picked it up as well and agree it’s a pretty good workout. I haven’t been doing much exercising in the past 4 or 5 months and a ‘moderate’ workout set for ‘someone who doesn’t exercise much’ had me sweating and worn out after about 13 active minutes. I hope it’s got just a little more depth as a game than what I’ve seen so far but I’m fairly confident it will meet my low-ish expercations. It’s already easily the most fun I’ve had working out at home, so I’m hoping it will continue to keep my attention at least until I feel like I am back to “decent” fitness shape. Either way I’m happy to financially support this kind of idea and I’d love to see it take off and get this genre off the ground.

Why-oh-why does Ring Fit require a ROM card? I get that it comes with one and that you might not want to let anybody buy it alone via eshop. but no download code in box seems kinda short sighted for those of us who use only downloads with our devices.


The upside of only ever downloading games is that I can just leave this physical cartridge in the Switch and still not have to swap games out.

I agree with the general sentiment but I don’t mind it for Ring Fit, specifically because you also need the ring and the leg strap to play it. So it’s not like I’m going to want to play this on a plane and then realize oh yeah I left the card at home. You can just leave the card with the other physical parts.

But yeah cartridges are gross.

Yep. Except that mine is already permanently used for Breath of the Wild :-)


Same, this is only my second physical game after BotW. But it feels like time to finally take that cartridge out.

Annoyingly you can order the ringcon/strap together with a eshop code in Japan but not elsewhere.

5 days in to adventure mode and it is slowly unlocking more features.

As someone who hasn’t worked out in… let’s say a while, Ring Fit has been great so far. There’s enough game there that I don’t think about the workout part and it’s given me a good workout the first couple days. The real trick is going to be sticking with it and not falling off the wagon.

Yeah I’m in a similar situation. I was going super-well with daily exercise for a year or two. Had the BMI in the normal range, was fit considering I’m 50, etc. Then i had a bit of a depressive episode followed by root-cause-still-not-determined kidney stone-like attacks. Fell off the wagon and can’t seem to get back on.

Hoping the game acts as an on-ramp back to a fitness regimen (assuming I can get the pain under control, don’t have some kind of cancer, etc etc etc).



When playing ring fit, be careful with your “ab guard” form. Keep the ring level, and do not hold the outer edge of the ring too high. The ring pressed against your stomach could slide down and it sucks.

Not the only warning for this I have seen!

Haha, exactly. I’m laughing only because I can sympathize.

You guys convinced me to grab ringfit. I was planning on starting working out again today, but if this helps make out of shape people sweat then it’s good enough for my out of shape ass.

Anyone monitor their heart rate while doing Ring Fit? I’m looking to replace running as my main cardio to take it easy on my feet. Doing step ups on a plyo box for 30+ minutes gets boring. I like to get into the 140-165 bpm range.

This is my first time seeing a physical switch cartridge. I literally laughed when I opened the case. Why are the cases so big?