Nintendo Switch

In the Gamecube original, everyone was in the same town on a single memory card. You could start a new town if you had a second memory card (or three, four, etc.) but myself and my kids all lived in the same town and it was a lot of fun.

The game is all about socializing, whether with the animals or your friends who visit when you’re not there. It’s a good time. Just don’t mess with the clock… Resetti will find you. He will be pissed. You may not survive the onslaught.

It sounds like the new download-based holidays are in part meant to prevent date scumming, though it strikes me as a little silly to go to those lengths for what amounts to a bunch of cosmetic doodads.

The save system fragility is worrying to me - only one emergency port from one console to another in the case of console death? What about if I buy a Switch Pro in a year and don’t wanna lose progress?


The game looks neat and I’m excited about the idea of finally getting into the series, but Nintendo does some goofy stuff. Don’t even get me started on friend codes and chat limitations on this thing -.-

You can still transfer your saves from one console to another console. Just be sure to bring the new console home before you sell off the old one.

With the caveat that they haven’t given full details on this yet, I will say that they’ve specifically noted that AC:NH saves can’t be transferred console to console like other data, nor does it support the usual implementation of Cloud Saves through Nintendo Online.

Today’s video stated in small text that they will eventually launch a save recovery process in case of lost or stolen console that may be one time use only. It won’t be in place before launch.

I’m wondering if it’s a technical thing - they tied map generation algos to some unique hardware ID inside the chipset or something equally goofy, making saves fail across different devices - or if it’s all a part of their inexplicably pervasive exploit prevention mechanisms to keep people from, I dunno, duping rare items or whatever.

It’s probably just Nintendo forcing their control on every aspect of how you experience their games, thinking that by allowing players to do stuff like transfer saves it’ll make pirating easier.

That’s pretty dumb, but I guess it’s also true we don’t know of any new console models coming in 2021 or later, but we DO know nothing is coming this year. So the only way I need a new system is if mine is lost, stolen, or damage and in those cases they will restore my save for me.

But also a year from now I’m not likely to be still playing Animal Crossing, so if some day down the road I decide to play again and I get to start over with a new island, that will probably be the experience I’m looking for anyway.

It could be they are also trying to prevent folks from being able to modify their saves in some way, too. Maybe the inability to cloud save/transfer save is related to how the save file is protected somehow. Seems silly to me, but who knows.

I mean, it is basically insanity for them not to support their own cloud save system for tent pole first party franchise. When they designed the save system they knew it would need to work for AC, and when they designed AC they knew how the close save system worked and had the power to change it if they needed to.

So par for the course for them w/ saves.

They will probably release an amibo that can transfer one save game but also melts after the save is removed from it.

It’s because the game uses one save per system instead of one save per player like almost every other switch game (the one other exception is some yugioh thing). It makes system to system transfers weird because I guess you may not have the same profiles on both systems and it could potentially wipe someone’s save.

Wonder if the online features for AC will require Nintendo Online. Probably right? I’ve let it lapse, though I get the itch to play Tetris from time to time.

(Speaking of which, it seems a lot harder to win now than when it first started. Guess mostly aficionados are left. Glad I squeaked in a win early.)

Definitely. You’ll still be able to play local multiplayer without it though.

That’s not how waterfalls work!

Streets of Rogue finally has a discount, and it’s 50%! Ka-ching!

This is AU, so may also be in EU store - but probably not US. :P

On the other hand, US has good discounts on Ni No Kuni and Tales of Vesperia, at least! Mmm jrpgs!

The big discount on God Eater 3 is tempting me. But I’ve been holding off on buying Monster Hunter World Iceborne until I actually play the copy of Monster Hunter DX Ultimate Generations Mega Super on the Switch. I’ve been avoiding it because it seems like such a huge undertaking and I’m not sure I should jump on another game in this genre till I do. But you know… discounts… YOU GOTTA SPEND MONEY TO MAKE MONEY

Damn you! It was on the Canadian store for 50% off. For 12 odd loonies, I could not resist.

Ah yeah I forgot CA also usually has parity with the rest of us. You’re welcome! ;)

Anyone playing Bloodroots? I’m looking for something new to pick up for my holiday next week, and the reviews I’m seeing are encouraging, but there aren’t many of them.

I’ve been wondering same.

Reviews look generally good but suggest bugs and performance issues. The last could be a big problem on the switch version depending on the port.

Anyone played Pillars of Eternity on the Switch? I have been reading around a bit but it’s hard to tell how bad of a port it is. I don’t mind if it’s a little rough but if it’s like a trainwreck I will avoid it.

Just watching an old IGN review for the Switch it seems totally fine, but I don’t know if I’d personally want to play with a controller like that.

And also this, with the top comment saying some folks are experiencing bugs and other issues, but this is also a year old so maybe that’s been smoothed out.