Nintendo Switch

No, I want to play that, never got that far in the original

I’ll probably play the XC remake, and the Capcom underwater thing could be interesting (metroidvania-y?). And I may pickup the panzer dragoon remake and Catherine Full Body.

I wonder if Bravely Default 2 is a good entry point. I missed the first one, and then…Second Layer? But I’d assume they’re making the new entry pretty seamless to pick up, given they’re probably trying to expand the market.

I think there’s room in the world for an arcade arena melee-combat game, but I don’t think that GungHo thing is going to be it.

I am dreaming it will be Everblue 3 (and not that cheap Wii knockoff whose name I forgot).

Okay Good Job looked fucking hilarious. Untitled Goose Game except now it’s Untitled Intern Game

Yeah Good Job was what caught my eye too. Eager to hear some hands on impressions.

Great update, thanks!

We also got a release date! May 29.

Apparently this has some weight behind it, people from Polygon and such chiming in with ‘not a rumor’.

IGN and Eurogamer have jumped in on the ‘true’ bandwagon, too.

I can’t get past the tutorial on how to use the gun in Luigi’s Mansion 3. A circle with the “A” button pops us and fills up with a green color and also there is an arrow pointing down (or sometimes up) on top. I’ve tried different timings of pressing the A button and moving the sticks up and down. How are you supposed to shoot the gun, I’m guessing at the dog? I’m using the pro controller.

In the new house we’ve put the Switch in the study attached to a 43" tv. I used to play almost exclusively in handheld mode, but now I play on the TV mostly. So I finally grabbed a Pro controller and it arrived the other day. OMG! What a great controller! Immediately became my favorite controller ever, over the newer Xbox One controllers. Wow! Its like a totally new system with the Pro controller.

Same here.

Paper Mario is probably what I’d be hyped about the most.

Yeah, it’s one of my favourites too! It feels so solid and comfortable.

So… crossing the streams here, but the lovely pro controller does not have analog triggers.

So how do you bring Mario Sunshine to Switch? That game needs analog control over the FLUDD device.

Asking for an F Zero GX fan

I was wondering as well if PWOTCH was need for Fluffy. I’m obviously a QV fan.

I don’t understand anything referenced in this message.

Nintendo Switch does not have analogue triggers, so it’s not really a specific pro controller omission. :)

If the rumours are true and Sunshine is being remastered (along with a bunch of other Mario games for 35th anniversary) I think they could just use 2 buttons for FLUDD, since that’s all the analogue trigger really did in this case.

And it will probably support GC controller for the more harcore.

I’m in the same boat. But it’s entertaining, nonetheless.

Good job is reviewing well so far.

During the Shelter in Place, my daughter, and apparently most of humanity, wanted to buy a Switch. They appear to be sold out everywhere I can think to look. Any tips here on how to pick one up?