Nintendo Switch

I can’t believe I’m playing Final Fantasy XII on a portable!

Backlog, I curse thee and I love thee!

Nintendo’s backup system isn’t that great. Yesterday I had to deal with tears after I informed my children that their Splatoon 2 and Animal Crossing data was gone. Both games don’t use the cloud saves feature and they are stored on the internal memory of the switch.

My switch has been dead about 6 weeks. It doesn’t charge. I replaced the battery but it still wouldn’t charge. It looks like there is some damage on the USB-C port. It isn’t under warranty and Nintendo isn’t do repairs right now. I was finally able to buy a replacement switch after setting up alerts on NowInStock. The new switch won’t even accept the SDcard without reformatting. I also had to make my new switch ‘primary’ so that my children can play the games I bought digitally. It occurs to me now that I can fully charge the battery in another switch and swap the battery to the dead switch and transfer the data somehow…but I don’t think I’m ready to go that far.

In all, I’m very annoyed with Nintendo and wish they would enter the modern era and be a bit more consumer friendly.

And there isn’t any transfer function of ACNH data, even if you have the two systems together. It’s locked to the console, pending a still theoretical future update

I wanted to start a 2nd island, realized I’d have to buy another Switch and I’m reasonably sure :) that the pro controller would have to be resynced every time I used a different Switch. Really friendly setup they have going on.

My copy took ages to arrive, but I finally just wrapped up Final Fantasy V on Steam (after having enjoyed so thoroughly the FF7 Remaster, I have just been itching to be back in this universe), and this morning thought I’d kick off FFXII and see how it grabbed me.

It grabbed me hard. I didn’t expect to be as into this so soon (well, three years I suppose) after playing it to completion on the PS4, but here I am two hours in and only taking a break as my boy is visiting and wants to play Magic and watch some movies.

I’m mostly playing on the TV, it look incredible, just as good (or imperceivably different with ought a side by side comparison) to the PS4 version I played in 2017. But I did play a little in hand held to check that out and I love it, it looks and plays great there, as well. I took a few pics:

The opening story/cinematic is so incredible here that it pulled me right back into this world, like it always does. The characters, the License system, how combat works/flows, spells and items and cool equipment, everything about this game is just perfect to me, and I’m beyond excited to get back to it all over again.

Yeah, there’s something special about this game (and FF IX). Wish they could replicate that magic.

I was playing the Xbox One version just last summer and got about 3/4 of the way through (same as I did when it released on the PSOne), and stopped to play some other games and haven’t resumed, but I happily started a new game. Think I’ll go with different classes this time. And focus on the hunts which I hadn’t really done last time.

So, I made a dumb mistake. I wanted to take advantage of the Gamestop sale this weekend (Buy 2 NEW games Get 1 Free) - and I got the following: Control $30 and Walking Dead Definitive Series $30 for Xbox and God Eater 3 $30 for Switch.

Thing is, I have no freaking idea what God Eater 3 is! For some stupid reason, I was confusing it with God Wars and didn’t realize it until later (in my defense, it was late at night and I was half asleep!).

Has anyone here played God Eater 3? I saw it’s some kind of futuristic Monster Hunter-like, which I guess I wouldn’t mind. Though I think I got a couple of those for the Vita I never even got around to (Toukiden and Freedom Wars).

@rhamorim is playing it at the moment.

I played some of God Eater 2 Rage Burst on Steam and it was pretty good. As you surmise it’s a well-regarded Monster Hunter-like, Anime style. Similar game loop, all a bit faster and flashier. I’ll probably pick number 3 up at some point.

It hails from a similar era as those other games you mention, I think it started on PSP.

Yes, it’s an anime Monster Hunter type game that takes place in the future. It’s not quite as grindy as MH, but it’s up there. It’s also a little bit jankier, but battles don’t take nearly as long.

Yeah, “anime Monster Hunter” is somewhat accurate, but sells the game short. First, combat is not as “meaty” as in MH, though you do have more options in terms of skills and what not. Second, there’s a bigger focus on story and characters. Third, it’s leaner and faster and it plays differently.

That said… I’m loving God Eater 3. I really enjoyed God Eater Resurrection. God Eater 2 I didn’t like as much. God Eater 3 is much closer to Resurrection in pace and gameplay, though with a few QoL improvements and some new features that are pretty cool.

Just don’t expect Monster Hunter. The gameplay loop is similar but the two games play very differently.

Which is a good thing, because Switch already has one of the best Monster Hunter games there is. :)

Leaner and faster MH, not quite as grindy? That is totally OK by me! I got Monster Hunter World on release and still haven’t put much time into it - just seems daunting, and I haven’t been able to find my groove with it. I played MH some years back on the PSP version and had a lot of fun with it, but that one seemed more streamlined (relatively).

Did the recent update add a filter for the ‘Deals’ page of the store? I only noticed it today and think there was an update yesterday or the day before. Regardless, it makes things sooooo much easier. If it’s been there for ages and I’m just seeing it, please don’t let me know how stupid I’ve been. :)

Ok. I won’t say a word.


I used to think the Xbox store was the worst possible implementation for consoles but then I bought a Switch.

Almost time. Reviews are out

And Digital Foundry reviews the technical aspects

I think (maybe?) that the Nintendo Switch has set a record recently.

Isn’t the Nintendo Switch the only video game system in history to go over 3 years from launch without a price drop?

I suppose there could be obscure consoles that just died in a year or two with no drop, so maybe this is just for relatively successful consoles.

The success of the Switch doesn’t entirely explain it, either. Even relatively successful consoles, like the PS2 and Wii, had at least one price drop before their 3rd anniversary.

This cannot last much longer, can it?

Given their REMARKABLE scarcity during the quarantine, I don’t imagine Nintendo has much incentive to lower the price. Supply is low, demand is high.

They did launch a cheaper SKU.