Nintendo Switch

Yeah I play exclusively docked too.

I’ve only had the game one night so I’m not that far either. The troves are I think the first improvement you get from the House Contractor shade? Maybe the second.

They’re like the Diablo challenge chests, you get more rewards the quicker you kill the enemies.

I don’t recall the specifics of this event but yeah, lots of projectiles I suspect, along with the big red overlay they throw on screen.

I’ve done a couple of troves, and haven’t noticed any particularly notable slowdown on them.

Cool, so I shouldn’t expect it to happen every time then!

I can probably live with rare slowdown without regretting not getting it on PC instead. :)

I had a crash in about 3 hours of play today with Hades. Happened right when I was leaving a room. Luckily everything saved and I was able to jump right back in after a restart.

Haven’t seen any frame rate issues playing docked. Incredibly addictive game, with excellent voice acting and writing so far.

Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity gameplay

Also some Monster Hunter Rise gameplay

Seriously, no mention of this?

My two kids are going crazy right now. We haven’t spent money on any other Smash Bros DLC ever, but this one is a guaranteed Day-1 purchase.

I’m saddened to see Steve fight for more than survival.

Exact same scenario here. With the added expression of mild disappointment that there is no Creeper fighter. But even my kids understand that there’s really no way to balance a self-exploding character.

I know some similar… their two favourite things in one! Super cool.

Most of the Zaccaria pinball tables pack are on sale 60% off. Base game is free to try as Pinball FX established it.
It’s a pinball game I really enjoyed on iOS, but they sadly dropped support for it.
Tables are old school, based on real 80s ones, and often quite simple (excepting their fancy remakes). It’s got a lot of customization and personality to set it up to your liking, it features various modes, and of course leaderboards.
It supports vertical rotation, of course.
It’s also available on Steam, for both PC&Mac.

Here’s a new sneak peek of a few of the new (presumably playable) allies we’ll have in the game:

The hottest shooting action around is out on Switch in just under two weeks.

Did anyone end up playing Rune Factory 4 Special? @WarpRattler posted a bit before getting it, but not after. Does not bode well? :)

I hear it ain’t so great, something about tiny text and rather than doing a proper interface port they give you a zoom button? Is that real bad? I would play mostly docked.

I did love the actual game itself on 3DS and it’s on sale.

If you liked Rune Factory 4, there are enough advantages to the port that it’s probably worth getting on sale, but it’s rather bare-bones in some frustrating ways, and there are some weird issues with the script where they didn’t bother to change things like tooltips for the new platform (I even ran across a prompt that referred to the Circle Pad).

Thanks, it’s 21% off here - pretty tempted.

I’m having trouble understanding what the point of the hyrule warriors game is… Is it just mindlessly murdering a million grunt enemies that seemingly don’t even fight back?

If it’s like any Muso game, the grunts are a ressource you exploit to get the upper hand against the commanders.
Usually, the games are meant to not be a challenge until you push them to Hard difficulty onward.

You have to kill enough bad guys to progress certain things. And you aren’t just worried about them attacking you, but your allies in various forts and stuff as well; otherwise you’ll lose ground (or fail to take enough to advance/win). And there are bigger guys that can wallop you. There are time limits, meaning if you don’t kill enough to protect/progress/expand enough you will lose. The threat is often much more than your physical well being.

So we were just gifted a Switch and a Ring Fit Adventure! Yay! Any suggestions on an affordable second dock so we can switch it between two TV’s, please?