Nintendo Switch

What happens if you turn off the wireless on both?

Then my daughter won’t be able to play Splatoon. I dunno what happens if I just turn it off on the secondary, but I’m guessing it just won’t let me play any d/l games at all.

You may be able to get around that by starting the game on the secondary switch first. I’ve done that in the past so I could trade Pokémon with myself. Because I’m really cool like that.

Actually, I had already been playing for a while when my daughter started playing and I got kicked off.

All this would have been avoided if I’d just created a dummy profile on the 2nd switch to play on. But I didn’t know. And I’m not starting over again.

Yeah it’s really stupid, and it logically fits the ancestral Nintendo customer approach, that is that we are all presumed to be criminals for purchasing their products.

Make your daughter restart Splatoon 2 with her own account.

Haha, she’s like level 40 or something. It’s months of effort in that save.

Well, what do we have but inside time??

Just so you know, Xbox LIVE, PlayStation Network, and Steam have similar limitations on having the same account online and playing games on multiple devices, including for games without a network component. (No one is getting caught with their pants down anymore the way Sony did during the PS3 era, when game sharing was rampant due to them allowing digital games to be installed and played on up to five consoles with no restrictions.) Also, a paid Switch Online membership works for every account on a single Switch (which is why setting up a Japanese account to access the Famicom and Super Famicom apps works), and the family plan is offered if you want one membership to cover multiple Switches.

This didn’t work for us and Animal Crossing. My girlfriend couldn’t go online with her guest profile despite me having a subscription. It was either two subs (the free month trial worked), or a family sub.

I’m going to chime in with a positive vote for DQ11. It fixes just about every one of the things that are always wrong with JRPGs. I had a great time with it.

PSA - Everyone gets their own account. Email, Facebook, game systems.

Everyone. Gets. Their. Own. Account.

Ok so question.

I am getting a Switch. Only one. Is there any reason not to just have a single account on there?

Save files in games for different users. Some games will have multiple files available to save into when you sign in as a single account (e.g., Hades). With others, you’ll need secondary accounts for each new user to get their own slot/game (e.g., Animal Crossing).

Also, friends lists and game playtime tracking are saved on a user account level.

Ah that’s good reason.

I’m assuming there is a way to share digital purchases between accounts?

On your purchasing account’s “home Switch,” the games are all shared. There might be some weird exceptions there (I’m not positive that other accounts could access exclusive games offered with Nintendo Online membership, if only the primary account is subscribed to the service), but it mostly works very well in a single-Switch scenario.

Oh they can. Not only that, but if you create the other accounts in various regional stores they all can access the Nintendo online downloads there.

Thanks @MrTibbs!

After watching a 3 hrs Doom “review” by Tim Rogers I looked it up and the original Doom is available on the Switch. In my youth, I only had the shareware version. Didn’t even know that it was a shareware version. I think I made it to level 3 on the keyboard, no mouse. It was kind of hard at that time. The 1st FPS for me,never even knew that a new genre was born. (didn’t play Wolfenstein, don’t think it was available in Germany).

It’s perfect on the Switch (Lite). It is so much easier with the analog sticks than with keyboard. Also, I need to find the secrets. They are really secret. The game holds up pretty well.

Doom 64 is pretty good on Switch too, which was kind of a sequel to Doom 2 released on the Nintendo 64. They’re all on sale right now.