Nintendo Switch

One of my favorite Wii U games even!

Yeah, 3D World is my second favorite 3D Mario Game of all time, only behind the first Mario Galaxy. And if you’re looking for co-op, it’s the best 3D Mario game of all time.

This does look really cool - lots of new / improved stuff:

This looks fantastic. I take it it’s the Wii-U Mario 3D World but upgraded a bit (at least it looked better than I remember it looking) and with an all new expansion? I’m super in, in any case, it looks awesome and I only got about half way through this on Wii-U before having to return the console to my mother in law (whom I’d been borrowing it from :P).

Yet, what smells the most out of this is that headline.
Looking forward to journalitsmers realizing what they brandish in almost every game.

There’s a small sale on the eShop:

Does anybody have any experience with Unrailed? Is it a good couch co-op family game?

Does anyone have any experience playing the Infinity Engine games (Baldur’s Gate, Planescape, Icewind Dale, etc.) on the Switch? Especially in undocked portable mode.

I saw that they are all on sale right now, but I wonder if the Switch’s undocked screen is too small for the experience such as the size of the text. (1)

I have BG2 for my iPhone and while the Switch screen is larger, I’m not sure it’s large enough to really play undocked. At least not for me. Though having a controller to use rather than touch screen like my phone would help I bet.

Thanks for the info!

I actually think the controls are well thought out on the Switch from what I have read. I believe you can switch between 2 control modes with a press on the directional pad: mouse-like cursor controlled by the thumbstick or direct control of characters/party with the thumbstick (pull vs. push). The shoulder buttons rotate between characters and pressing both shoulder buttons selects the whole party. That actually sounds like the team did a great job of porting these older games to the Switch.

I do have a small worry about all of the text on the small screen, but maybe it isn’t that bad, not sure. I almost always play my Switch undocked and being able to play the Infinity Engine games in a portable manner has some appeal.

Genuine suggestion:

Pull up a Switch-based Let’s Play of the game on the Youtube App on your Switch and watch a few parts of the game being played on there, undocked. However the game looks for real won’t be any worse than whatever cropping/compression YouTube applies to the video.

If you can read all that comfortably, then the real game should be fine!

Great idea, that never crossed my mind. Actually, I confess that I didn’t even know there was a Youtube app on the Switch! I will try that today. Much appreciated.

Wtf, there’s a YouTube app on the Switch?!

Youtube App?, they put that shit on everything!

Except for Amazon tablets!

It’s better than the Roku App in some ways, because at least the Switch version understands that my Google account is tied to two YouTube sub-accounts, one under the email address itself (my Armando Penblade pseudonym), and one tied to my real name (from the dumb old Google+ days when they enforced that rule for YouTube commenting) that I never merged. 99% of my subscriptions and history are in the email-name sub-account, while the real-name variant picks up its suggestions from my Google searches + the stuff I occasionally pull up in the browser I keep open to YouTube TV (which only works on the real-name sub-account, so rather than switching back and forth between them, I’ve designated Firefox as my “real” YT-using browser, and Chrome as my YTTV-using browser, because technology is fucking stupid). And, of course, whatever inane stuff YT tries to push to its own front page if you don’t have any subscriptions, I guess?

Long story short, Roku only recognizes the real-name sub-account on YouTube and so my suggestions on there are next-to-useless. Like, it thinks I wanna watch interior design videos and interviews with some Russian gymnast-turned-Instagram-thirst-trap?? Whereas YouTube on my Switch goes to the proper Armando account and delivers the steady diet of Indian recipes, classic cocktails, and Drawfee back episodes I require to maintain my precarious mental state.

One thing I like about the Youtube apps on both Xbox and AppleTV is that you can use it without logging in. So my wife can watch Indian movie music videos and my son can watch toddler videos, and it doesn’t infect anyone’s profile with that algorithm of recommendations. Instead the “unsigned” youtube app continually does recommend kids stuff and Indian songs on Apple TV and Xbox. It’s pretty cool that they did it that way.

Yeah, I think I can choose to use it in either place un-signed-in, but tbh, I want the stuff I watch there to contribute to my watch history (and both Roku and Switch support multiple Google accounts, so my partner can switch to her name if she wants to watch stuff). I don’t really differentiate between what I watch on the PC vs the TV, except that I might not make my gf endure Drawfee anymore (she kinda hates their voices, lol).

I think you can cast to Roku with a mobile device, which would get around that. (If not help with what I want, which is to take the adblocked version of Youtube and Hulu I get on my PC and send it to my TV).

But also I think you’re weird for browsing Youtube instead of going there from links/checking your subscriptions for new content. :P