Nintendo Switch

Do we really need to link unsourced rumors? If there’s really new hardware coming, there will be an announcement long before that happens. And at least as likely, the rumors are made-up bullshit to get clicks and affiliate cash.

Am I the only one who finds the Ether Mine followed immediately by the swamp area a real slog to get through? The swamp ended my previous playthrough and I really had to force myself through it on my current one.

This is from a historically known and accurate Nintendo rumor source. Also, what’s the harm?

It’s a waste of time until it’s confirmed. -shrug-

A bigger waste of time than complaining about wasting time? :)

So far? Yes. But that’s the last I have to say on the subject, so as to not tilt that ratio any further.

Look, I’m the guy who always wants to play games in order, to an obsessive degree…but if this is your first time playing one of the 3D Mario games, Super Mario Galaxy is one of the best! There is a ton of content, and the entire experience is refined to a mirror shine. If you play Galaxy → Odyssey → 3D World, that will last you a good long time.

Mario 64 is an incredible design that still mostly holds up.

However it was doing things never done before, is 25 years old, and game design has evolved since then so there are definitely rough edges.

Most of it is great, but there are spots where the design falls short simply because they were blazing new trails.

Galaxy is a much more refined experience though, no doubt. And is incredibly inventive with its worlds. Honestly few games have ever had the breadth of experience that Galaxy has, and the planetoids and gravity altering gameplay is incredibly fresh and innovative still.

That general area is where I stopped my original Wii playthrough, for what it’s worth. Great game that did a lot of cool things but it had some pacing issues, even on the second visit.

Specifically, you could manually orient the camera in Super Mario 64 while playing, but there are some parts where it’s tricky to navigate the platforming and the camera at the same time. With Galaxy, the camera mostly works independently, and it’s really good at figuring out the best angles for whatever you’re doing. It’s really nice.

Got my knockoff Switch Pro controller. So far seems pretty decent.

Supposedly they’ll send me another one free if I give them my order info, email and leave an Amazon review that doesn’t show or bring up the offer but that feels shady and I probably won’t. I only really need the one anyway, and $20 or so was a fine price.

(It is wireless but can also plug in via USB.)

Out of curiosity, does it have motion control and HD rumble? $20 is certainly a good price.

Have to admit I paid for the Nintendo Pro Controller because it actually does hold a 40 hour charge. Have never seen such a thing in my life.

The only functional difference that I know of is that I believe only Joy Cons and the official Switch Pro controller can wake up the Switch by pressing the home button. Any other controller you need to walk over and press the button on the Switch, then wake up the controller to connect. A very small thing, but a subtle annoyance.

It lists having a six-axis gyro sensor and dual motor rumble. I don’t know what “HD rumble” is and haven’t ever used motion controls (Ring Fit aside) on the Switch so I don’t know if that’s the same as the official Pro or not.

I think most have motion gyros, but many don’t have HD rumble, or NFC (for Amiibos).

This one reportedly lacks NFC per Amazon Q&A. (And I guess it was $30, with a $5 coupon knocking it down to $25. still way more reasonable than $60). Fortunately I do not own or have any interest in acquiring Amiibos.

this is the listing if people are curious:

It also appears to be compatible with PC, PS3, and Android, though it only lists Android and Switch over Bluetooth and you might need a wifi dongle for the others? The manual just says it doesn’t come with a dongle. It’s definitely got Switch layout and buttons though.

It’s the same type of nice subtle variable rumble you’ll feel in the joy-cons. The newer consoles have it too. It gives a lot more range to the vibration.

Compare to the jackhammers in the older Xbox controllers!

Add to favorites. :)

Playing this on Switch was great for a nostalgia blast, but that camera is so godawful.