Nintendo Switch

This definitely doesn’t go in the bargain thread.

Nice colors though.

I really need to get those Hori things one day, if only to get rid of the horrible colours.

I bought the physical cartridge in a used sale on Gamefly.

Now I have 4 Switch games, one physical.

I’ve played 3D World + Bowser’s Fury a bunch, and I’ve barely even touched the 3D World part. The open world of Bowser’s Fury is just so much fun! Definitely recommended, if only to see what future Mario games will probably look like.

Switch update landed in, and I had my heart stop for half a sec when I noticed it allowed Bluetooth audio connection… But of course, no Bluetooth mike connection. Issue still not solved, @Chaplin!

Oh, nice! I basically don’t have any wired headphones at this point, so I usually play Switch with the sound off, at least in public.

I have a wired headset in the bedroom nightstand that is essentially my Switch pair currently. I have a Bluetooth set for docked play, which has a mic, but as @Left_Empty points out, I can’t use the mic that way. Unfortunately the Switch, while super cool, is at least a decade behind for social gaming elements. On a Switch, it takes some wonky setups and/or high tech solutions to do what could be done on an Xbox 360 or PS3.

I had to play Rise with my phone connected to Discord with an earbud mic while listening to reduced (and hopefully noise canceled) game audio via speakers.

I haven’t done any meaningful amount of online multiplayer on Switch since about a month after Splatoon 2 came out, so I don’t really care about the microphone issue.

I know this pain all too well.

There’s not a cheap solution to wireless audio plus mic support… but there’s one that’s fairly simple:

Homespot Pro
Headphones that support AptX LL codec

You have low latency audio from your switch (docked or not) mixed with a BT connection to your phone for Discord or whatever.

I was in the market for headphones anyway, ended up spending $150 on Avantree cans and $50 on the Homespot Pro. But I get to feel like I’m a real online gamer when I do it.

I haven’t tried the new BT option in the Switch, but Nintendo has confirmed it’s just the SBC codec, so I’d expect a bit of latency. But hey, BT audio support finally.

I haven’t used my Switch in over a year, entirely because I’ve been mostly stuck at home for the usual reasons. So when I had a job requiring a couple of nights away I jumped at the chance to bring the Switch along. Better charge it first, I thought. Power on… good sign… 100% charge. After all this time. I know I once left my Gameboy in its case for 2 years and came back to find it still fully charged and working fine. What wizardry is Nintendo doing with its batteries?

Of course my immediate fear is that the battery is now compromised because I forgot to cycle it regularly, but it seems to be doing fine so far. I have more trips coming up soon, so time to get back into the Switch and figure out what I may have missed.

That’s amazing.

I leave my PS Vita alone all the time. Sometimes for one year, sometimes two or three or four years. The battery is always dead every time I come back. So then I charge it, and by the time it’s charged I forget why I was charging a device I never use and put it back in the drawer.

My fear is that the battery has indeed lost charge, but that the Switch is misreporting it as 100% (or 100% of… whatever its max capacity is now!). Either way, it seems to be working as intended so far, but I need to cycle it a few times for safety.

You mentionned a Gameboy, I experienced this back in the first fat DS days already. A far cry from the average electronics, especially Sony’s.

I wonder what whacky new controller or peripheral Nintendo is coming up with now.

Maybe it’s something new for a new Ring Fit adventure.

Don’t get my hopes up!

Ring Fit Adventure is an incredible thing in a lot of ways, but unfortunately it can’t hold my interest long-term to benefit from a consistent routine for getting in shape. I do love exercising with it, but as a game I find it mostly a boring slog. My dream is that they take all of these exercises and the basic combat mechanics and turn it into an addictive roguelike that will keep me wanting to play it every day. Collect a randomized set of exercises on each run, maybe some Slay the Spire deckbuilding. There’s a lot of potential for really engaging gameplay combined with the exercise systems, but I just can’t bring myself to keep coming back daily to read uninspired dialogue, fight the same dragon boss repeatedly, and jog through levels that never offer me anything interesting to do. The music and spoken dialogue also drives me nuts pretty quickly.

Thank you for the long term review of Ring Fit Adventure! I’d only heard good things up to now. Good to know that things get repetitive after a while and de-motivating. That’s not normally something I consider important what with huge backlogs and such, but for an exercise game, it sounds pretty dang important to have long term appeal for exercise.

Dammit now I want this game and I’m already frustrated that it doesn’t exist! A roguelike would be the perfect way to implement a workout program with randomized exercises! Then add in a meta-game a la Zombies Run and you’ve got yourself a long-term workout plan. Genius!

I wonder if there’s an API for the Ring Fit…someone could get on that!

If there was I would be tempted to quit my job and build this thing. But since this is a Nintendo game, chances are slim as heck that they made this stuff reusable and developer friendly.