Nintendo Switch

I keep forgetting Shiren the Wanderer is on the Switch! Have a physical copy for the Vita, but playing the Switch more lately so, bought!

I still get annoyed by Nintendo’s refusal to do deep discounts on their own games in the e-store, even after selling jillions of downloads. I don’t mind paying full price for games, I want to support the developers and industry, but with genres I don’t typically play and perhaps only have mild interest in, I like to wait a while for the discounted prices and they’re the only ones selling games at full price 2 or 3 years after release. And their “big sales” aren’t that big at all.

Seems like they even got rid of the multi-seller discounted price programs they’ve had in the past with other consoles where after selling big numbers, a game would go down permanently to $19.99, $29.99.

Back in the 90s, Lucasarts used to bother me the same way, hardly coming down in price at all. Tie Fighter is still $40 at the store? It’s been out for years! Come on Lucasarts! And then it was finally on sale for something like $10, but it was a classic title, and it was old as hell, and I wasn’t sure if my computer would even run a game that old anymore, so I never got it.

Anyway, lesson learned. Just pay the damned money and play it now. :)

To me that sounds like the lesson is if you wait long enough you can save 100% of the money and have one less game you won’t actually play.

Not the only one. I bounced off hard and have no desire to try again.

That’s my main issue with Nintendo as well. I payed full price for Link’s Awakening and I love that game and have played it several times. It was well worth it for me.

There are other Nintendo games that I would try out and tinker with a bit, but since the price never really drops I don’t wind up getting any of those “casually curious” games. It really diminishes the value of the Switch for me since there are not a ton of “must play” games for me.

I probably should just learn to not buy Nintendo consoles at this point.

I’m not a big fighting game fan, but I do tinker. I wouldn’t mind picking up Brawl on Switch to mess around with or play when guests are over. I doubt I’d get more than a few hours out of it. But it’s always soooo expensive.

Yeah, this is one of the reasons I picked up Kirby and the Forgotten Land physical: it was a bit cheaper but I can sell it for close to what I paid making it an easy buy and try. The demo sold me but the full game was so good.

I’m mad these great games cost a lot of money for a long time sure is a take.

There are a lot of great games that cost just a few bucks a couple of years after release. I’ve bought Mario Party cause there’s nothing else like that but I doubt I will ever play any of Nintendo platformer or sport Mario games.

Entirely concur with the point about expensive Nintendo games. It’s almost entirely the reason why I’ve never gotten back into their consoles (outside of Animal Crossing: New Horizons, which was my partner’s) and we have so few games on the Switch. It’s odd because I was a huge Nintendo fan back in the days of NES and SNES.

Now, I’ll just stick with PC gaming (with the occasional PS game) as they constantly toss games at me for free and cheap.

Maybe it wasn’t your 50 bucks (~100 of today’s dollars) you were spending on a single SNES game!

Ha! Sure it was and I do remember. But the competition was the same price. Nowadays, nope.

Other console games were somewhat cheaper in Europe and Japan, but the 8/16 bits computer games were the real low-cost offer in Europe. Oftentimes, for good (aka wrong!) reasons.

I think I only bought 3 or 4 games for the Super Nintendo, one of which was the most expensive game I ever bought (over 700 francs!).

Which one?

Please. No. Don’t ask. No.

I’ll even say that I sold my favourite shmup of all-time, PC Engine’s Spriggan, to afford it :O

Oh the pain.

At the risk of being further teased by @Left_Empty, I’m going to share the latest rumor:

Ooh, there’s something I might pay full price for!

A new Simogo title is not quite an instant buy, but it’s definitely something I’ll take another look at.

Harvestella seems like a nice Rune Factory, although the devil’s always in the implementation details.

Nier: Automata is a bit of a surprise, Persona trilogy less so, but nice to see. I might possibly play P3 Girls side, since I started but never finished that back in the day.

A pretty decent lineup, although there’s a bunch that are 2023.