Nintendo Switch

Is this in Europe maybe? It’s not showing up for me on Deku Deals

Can’t vouch for the Switch version, but the gamepad controls on the XBox were great.

It was fine to me, with one exception being the inventory management. That was quite spoiling my pleasure, so I put it away until i get the pc version.

Yeah, probably just Europe. DekuDeals is great on hiding those regional specifics.

I’m seeing it listed on dekudeals. Based on the time of your post I don’t think it showed the discount yet. I think the eshop updates it’s sales at 11am central time so you just checked a bit too early. But it’s there now.

There it is! Very tempting. I have to check and see whether I have this on the PC already. I know i have something, but maybe it’s the first game.

Anyone played Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3? Is it worth getting? Read a bit about the game choking occasionally, but the kids have been playing a fair bit of Hyrule Warriors recently, and I’m thinking this might be right up their alley.

It’s so good. It has some weird difficulty spikes but other than that it is a sheer delight. One of my favorite Switch games.


This looks like a wholly original property /s

I’ve imported a couple of SHMUPs using the Japanese digital store and it worked seamlessly (just gotta set up a JP regional account with a different email and use a giftcard purchased for the JP eshop.)

One thing that hadn’t occurred to me, as an anglocentric first-time digital importer, was how difficult it was to find the game I wanted on the JP eshop. I had just assumed that games would be searchable by their romanized names, and some definitely were not (including the Aleste collection.) I had to painstakingly locate the correct kanji letters to enter into the search box, which was tricky for someone who can’t read any Japanese.

I will also mention that the visual translation apps for phone cameras made actually decoding the in-game text a snap versus looking for menu translations in GameFAQs back in the day.

Oh I studied Japanese for 6 years so I’m mostly OK nowadays. Do you use Google Translate or another app?

I assume you have to sign in and out of the account on your Switch when you want to play those JP eShop games?

You should have no trouble, then :)

I do use Google Translate and it seems to do a great job.

I do have my JP region user signed in on the switch, but it shows up as just a separate profile as if I’d added another local or family user. I suspect that I can play the games under my original US user once downloaded to the switch, but I don’t actually remember which profile I select when I start up the games. I’ll give it a try later and report back

Thanks for the helpful reply! Let me know if you can have the switch save the password. Having to sign in and out but without having to reenter credentials makes it tolerable at least.

I just use a single profile to play all my games from the different eshops (actually my US ones, which is where I own very few games). It’d be an impossible headache otherwise.

Just make sure you aren’t using your accounts on multiple Switches if you don’t want to worry about not being able to access stuff on other profiles, but that isn’t usually a concern if you’re making an international account that you’re only going to use on your own Switch.

Looks like Wreckfest (Wreckless) on the Switch is on sale for the first time ever. Gonna pick it up, as I keep hearing how great it is.

It’s a cool game, but it’s infuriating. I hate it. But it’s a cool game. Hrmm.

What’s there to hate?

Omg it’s amazing. Like, I could be playing the PC version for all I know. My god.

I reeeeeaaaallly like Wreckfest. There is just enough predictability in moments that I occasionally do some awesome laps careening off the enemies.

And the way it’s so stupidly unfair sometimes to your health is often funny. I’d buy a Super Switch to run it at 60 fps.