Nintendo Switch

You should have no trouble, then :)

I do use Google Translate and it seems to do a great job.

I do have my JP region user signed in on the switch, but it shows up as just a separate profile as if I’d added another local or family user. I suspect that I can play the games under my original US user once downloaded to the switch, but I don’t actually remember which profile I select when I start up the games. I’ll give it a try later and report back

Thanks for the helpful reply! Let me know if you can have the switch save the password. Having to sign in and out but without having to reenter credentials makes it tolerable at least.

I just use a single profile to play all my games from the different eshops (actually my US ones, which is where I own very few games). It’d be an impossible headache otherwise.

Just make sure you aren’t using your accounts on multiple Switches if you don’t want to worry about not being able to access stuff on other profiles, but that isn’t usually a concern if you’re making an international account that you’re only going to use on your own Switch.

Looks like Wreckfest (Wreckless) on the Switch is on sale for the first time ever. Gonna pick it up, as I keep hearing how great it is.

It’s a cool game, but it’s infuriating. I hate it. But it’s a cool game. Hrmm.

What’s there to hate?

Omg it’s amazing. Like, I could be playing the PC version for all I know. My god.

I reeeeeaaaallly like Wreckfest. There is just enough predictability in moments that I occasionally do some awesome laps careening off the enemies.

And the way it’s so stupidly unfair sometimes to your health is often funny. I’d buy a Super Switch to run it at 60 fps.

Wreckfest is awesome. Been playing it since it was in beta for years. I got copies on every platform but the switch! :)

Yeah I own it for PC but I’m just astounded as to how well it works on the Switch.

So emulating Switch games is so easy and widespread that hey, here we go:

That’ll show’em, they’ll have to pirate them on real Switches for a whole week.

Yeah, but they’re also going to ruin the native games by including Denuvo so that they run more slowly & worse on Switch native hardware too… because the Switch has so much performance headroom that it couldn’t possibly be a problem and piracy is such a huge problem on the platform and software prices are clearly too low.

don’t you worry: Nintendo will be the first to put a way to block software running Denuvo’s stuff XD

I’ve put a few hours now into Immortals Fenyx Rising, and so far it’s working for me so much more than Breath of the Wild. I think maybe I just don’t like Nintendo’s aesthetics? In hindsight, I probably should’ve just waited for a Steam Deck.

I know what you mean. I adore Immortals on PC and when I got Switch I expected to love BotW which everyone calls the best game ever. But it left me somewhat cold. It’s unstructured. The combat feels very chaotic and equipment-based. The puzzle dungeons are a rare sight and between them there isn’t much to interact with. Every problem seems to be solveable with consuming food.

Approaching BotW as an Ubistuff collecthon is about as sensible as expecting to find D&D dungeon helping material reading Tolstoy.
Commandable effort, though, guys.

Nice to hear I am not the only one who didn’t get it - I am a huge Skyrim fan, and open world as well, and this game just didn’t do anything for me at all.

I loathe open world games, as they are strangely called, and their feeling of futility, and think both BotW and Shadow of the Colossus are brilliant, hours absorbing boxes of wonders.
Maybe they are not open world games.